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Snorkle in or out

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Jay Styron

New Member
Aug 31, 2001
Hi Guys,
I started a new thread for this subject since we didn't want discussions on the saftey thread.
I was just thinking about Eriks tip on not putting your snorkle in on your way up. I'll admit I do it. From what I've read, heard and been taught. When a person is in a near drowning/drowning situation when the water touches the back of the throat laryngospasms usually occur thus shutting off the air way. Actually this sometimes gets in the way of resuscitation on the surface because the larynx will remain shut and hinder the opening of the airway. Also on the ascent air is expanding and should help push H20 out. I believe when you black out H2O will probably enter your mouth anyway. In my opinion thats why we have the laryngospasms as a built in reflex. True that even a small amount of H2O in the lungs can cause a disporpotional amout of damage. But I don't think the snorkle would be a conduit stright to the lungs. W/ my snorkle in on ascent I can put a small puff of air in my snorkle just before surfacing, the expanding air will clear the snorkle so I don't have to expell air as hard. Also I can roll on the surface and keep my eyes on the bottom where I'm tracking fish. A neccesity for spearfishing. This is just my humble opinion so hack away.
deep snorkel

True enough Jay.

While you surmised the physiological points of water entering the body, you also laid the practical aspects out there too. Vey nice.

If I'm going to go deep, and especially after more than a few dives to that depth, or I'm getting tired, I'll lose the snorkel. I have seen others and have myself hit the surface sputtering and awfully glad I didn't have anything in the way of my sucking down that first breath. Yeah, I know, I should have terminated the dive earlier, but... I also am a big advocate of letting in a little air into the snorkel on the way up and letting expansion do the work for me- it's a second nature thing.

I've been looking getting into more blue water, or open water spearing, so have been reading and talking to anyone that has some time in to pick up tips on their successes. Most have been spitting out the snorkel, saying that the drag, bubbles and noise of it in the mouth scare the fish. OK... :confused:

So I guess the end result of all this is to do the SCUBA thing where you do the plan your dive thing and be aware of your physical state, the state of your quarry and keep your hand on your release buckle.

Snorkle in/ out

Hi Sven,
I do take my snorkle out when I leave the surface(cause I learned that way) but it goes back in when I leave the bottom or shortly there after. Whether it scares fish of not- who knows, it's not like they don't know we're there. I've also had those dives when I surfaced w/ no air left and had to spit my snorkle out to get that first breath. Stuff happens. That was just my two cents worth. Good diving.
Agreed. I thought I'd add a couple cents, (sense?) and make it an even nickle.

Hey check out my thread about solving my speargun sling dilemmas and let me know your take on it.


For almost 50 years I left the snorkel in. Now I think that spitting it out is better.
I was taught to hit the surface, clear, take a big breath and hold. It'll work great on sambas but, it makes buddies very nervous now when your mouth goes under with no snorkel. I think two hook breaths every time is better.
The technique of exhaling before you surface works for some. The sharp blow to clear seems to work better here, like a cough to kick the heart up.
Spearfishing in warm clear water is a lot different than Calif. I spent a few hours yesterday observing the 'Hawaiin' way. One of the divers that I watched didn't have to kick on the descent. Not even to get off the surface.
Too soon old, too late smart.

sven needs a girlfriend

i've never seen so many subliminal messages from one person in my life! full tanks, eh? need to get them to free flow more often, buddy. rofl

snorkel in v. out...

i was taught that having the snorkel out exposes more nerve endings in your mouth/on your lips. i think this puts you in better tune w/ your current condition and helps w/ the dive reflex.

putting the snorkel back in on the way up is another thing, i believe. i know i do this when i'm following a fish. i don't see the cons on that action. :confused:

Re: sven needs a girlfriend

Originally posted by andrsn
i've never seen so many subliminal messages from one person in my life! full tanks, eh? need to get them to free flow more often, buddy. rofl

Yeah, I need to hear that from you.:hmm Remind me to keep you down current of me when I need to flush my suit :p

I'm down in SB right now hanging with more beautiful people than can possibly be legal. No one's been bringing any decent fish back to the beach, but the weather is definitely bringing out the snappah.

subliminal sven
what's the water temp like? my first girlfriend ever went to ucsb. she ran cross country. i wish it was literal cause i was still in florida :( yeah cute to boot, they are out there. :p (and no it wasn't only a few years ago, sven :naughty )

how many snorkel savers do you have on that farallon? :D i bet you have trouble convincing yourself to spit it out, eh?

enjoy the snappah out there. i should come out just for that :cool: the ones here have dreads and hair under their fins. ;)

hasta luego, muchacho,
Hey Bill, I was wondring where you were out lurking. Yes, being able just point your body and dive san skicking sounds almost mythical, or really heavy. The warm clear water thing too sounds like a completely different learning curve- here with the turbulence and all, being somewhat noisy and well, a trainwreck in the water, isn't going to send the fish into the next county. Interesting stuff as I was reading, OK, looking at the pictures of the latest issue of Hawaiian Skin Diver. Different to be sure.

Anderson, the h2o T was 53F yesterday but still inviting enough to jump in and stroke out past the miniscule surf line. Absofrigginglutely sweet- Sun, no wind, relatively warm water. Wish I could get the damn committee in my head to let me enjoy it. :duh I've got my Camu bottoms in at the Blue Water Hunter to have them add a knife pocket to the inside of my leg- hope they don't botch it as with my Commercial.

Yep, lots of different stuff swirling around here...


enjoy the snappah out there. i should come out just for that :cool: the ones here have dreads and hair under their fins. ;)

hasta luego, muchacho,
anderson [/B]

Andrs- aren't those called goat fish?? rofl

Hawaii kine

Secret spot. No wind, no current, easy entry, park at water's edge, two ropes 200 ft deep and less than 300 ft from the car. Location known only to a few thousand select locals and every tourist that rents a snorkel. Dolphins show up every other Sat and the Humpbacks sing all winter.
Compared to a 'normal' Calif kelp bed bed the water is devoid of life but, 75 degrees, blue and 75 foot, it sure makes you lazy.
You cannot believe how much lead some of the good fish stickers wear. Neutral at less than 10 feet. Almost seems like you shoot on the drop or you don't get a shot.

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