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Some Frankengun photos ....

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Desk Driver
Dec 6, 2001
I finally got my hands on a scanner and got my photos developed. Some of them leaves a lot to be imagined, I won't hog server space with them, they're not worth trying to decipher :eek:

So, here goes ....

This is my trusty cave gun ....


  • f1000020.jpg
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Can u take photo with a clean background and rather close up. I almost thought that Bosch Drill is the cave gun :D :D .

I want to see details.....details !!!!!!

Well somewhere in there is my trusty cavegun

grins .... :D

Here it is stripped down to bits an' pieces .....

The extra bit of rubber I've got no idea where it came from .....


  • f1000021.jpg
    69 KB · Views: 733
It's coming, brother ...

be patient. I'm getting old ... and at the moment I'm drier than a nun's nasty ... which means that I need to get in the water PRONTO !!!!!!
Here's the six-gun barrel I was talking about ....

He he he .... When this thing was 'tested' in the pool, I realized that I'd made an error in judgement ... the bloody thing has got no air inside, everything's open, and it SINKS .... next shot will be a full frontal of the barrel ...


  • f1000022.jpg
    51.5 KB · Views: 649
Frontal ....

Lookin' down the barrel of a gun ..... Not a very good photo, but I've got no other photo showing this angle off ....


  • f1000024.jpg
    77.2 KB · Views: 659
And the finished product ....

Minus the clip that holds the barrel from spinning on it's own. I've taken two or three close-ups of this part, one came out, and you get the same view as when you put your head inside a 'lady of the night's' handbag .... dark, dim and dingy ....

I'm getting my brother's digital camera next week to take some more photos, and I'll post the clip - pic then ....


  • f1000023.jpg
    77.4 KB · Views: 672
And just to get Sven revved up a little ....

Here's Mr. Frank Senior .......


  • franksnr.jpg
    86.5 KB · Views: 700
Hi SA ;
Big gun ; bungee floatline ...guess there is a spearing trip in the offing to properly test everything :D
Holy Cow SASpearo!

How many teak trees died for FG1?
That thing is a bloody log with a trigger housing!
Greenpeace would get you on two counts: Logging the Amazon and Whaling! :D

One question on the revolver gun, aka "The SA Peacemaker", how do you attach the shooting line to all the shafts without some serious tangling?
Frank Senior is ... well, it's ....

It's straight from some proverb. It's a 10 foot tar pole :D with a 3.2m 10mm mild steel rod on top, with only some scrap metal bits lying around to make it look like a gun. It's DEFINITELY not functional and WILL NEVER be functional. It's a joke.

Anyhoo .... question on the 8-shooter ....

Kinda a mission, once again, to attach any kind of line to the shafts. The whole shaft (except for the part that goes into the trigger) is housed inside the barrel. I've thought of making a small protrusion on the muzzle, same size as the barrel, and then slip the line over there tensioning it with a short bungee, so that when it's fired the tabs on the spear would catch it and pull it off. But hell, I've only played with the idea and the gun for about two weeks - it's not all that serious. The more serious bit is the rollergun attachment I'm making for my RA gun ...... hee haaaa !!!!!

Abri .... yeah. Going to Ramsgate / Margate / Wild Coast for a week - that's in 2 weeks time.

Check mah rig :


  • ra120full.jpg
    49.3 KB · Views: 621
Hey SASpearo,

How does that ring hanging off the handle clip work?

Is it to tension the bungee while a fish is pulling? :confused:
Ring .... ring

The spear is held onto the gun with a short bungee, tensioning the mono to the line release. The bungee runs through the ring, so that once fired, the spear is only connected to the bungee, then it runs through the ring. I can let go of the empty gun, as it wil float, and the ring keeps it close to the float. I can also just clip it off and let it go (The ring, that is)

So it just serves as a guide for the bungee / gun. It also keeps the bungee away from the handle, but close enough to grab if a smaller fish is shot. Works pretty well. I stole it off an old hammock :D

So Mr Spearo... if i understand it correctly your shooting line does not attach to the front of the gun. Rather it makes the return trip from the muzzle and ends at the line release where a short bungy holds it in place.

If so then you lose the line from the line release up to the muzzle again where it is usually anchored. You lose 1-1.5m of shooting line.

I understand that the buoy line is attached in series to the shooting line and that in theory you have unlimited range as the bouy line is free to run through the ring but i think that the drag created by the bouy line will slow your spear, and even wrench it off course as it is tugged severely limiting your useful range.

Watcha say to this ?


And now that i think of it... your shooting line cannot go through the muzzle with the spear as usual either....?
Yeah ...

I lose around a meter of range if I don't double-wrap .....

But it's not a huge loss, I've got the line from the back of the spear through the muzzle, back to the line clip, back to the muzzle, back to the line clip. So I've still got over 4.5m of 'normal' range, and I've found that the bungee is streamlined enough to make the shock of having to trail it fairly inconsequential.

Why do you think I can't get the line through the muzzle? It's attched to the spear, runs through the muzzle, and then to the fastening point if you're using a normal setup ... same here. It's just not tied to the gun ...

It's a schweet setup, I've gone over to this system about a month after I got the gun. Haven't used anything else except straight spear-line-gun setup on cavegun.
He he he ... thanks dude.

I suddenly feel OLD this morning .... Just look at that GUT ... urgh.


  • spearo.jpg
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happy birthday bud, volgende week moet ons 'n lekker vis op die braai sit.

(not too swak for a durbanite hey?)
Veels geluk met jou verjaarsdag , Boet !????

if this mean happy; birthday same from me:D :D :D :D

Blonde African boy interesting :hmm
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