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spearfishing in river..

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neoprene dreamer
Aug 22, 2001
I have question to you spearfishers who might have been spearfishing in river, any experiences?
Why am I asking...Well I hope I end up fly fishing up north next summer and as I think happens that the fishes are not interested in my home-tied flies, I think I'll go and get wet.... I would like to know how that works...do you just drift with the current not moving?
The water is cristal clear, but the current is fairly strong..
Any suggestions/ experiences would be appreciated:confused:
River hunting

i use to hunt a lot in river when i was in Quebec. The big difference is that the fish can only evade you going up or down the river. This call for a different type of hunting that i would call skeet shooting. Basicly (how do you write that) you go up the river and shoot at the fish when you see them. The river i was hunting in was 2 m deep and 10 m wide. In a river, most of the fish will have a spot where they return all the time. So if you miss the fish, you go back to where you saw it and bye bye:p

You need to go up the river so if a fish pass by you, it will be easier to turn around,engage pursuit and accelerate going downstream. Also, it's harder for the fish to outrun your arrow when they have to go upstream because danger's coming from downstream. :D

Since most of the shot are point blank and fast, i would recommend a smaller gun.
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Oh Upstream....I don't think so..well perhaps in the calm spots...We'll see..
Any other techniques? I am complete beginner on this spearfishing...but I'll try it out....next summer..zzz
Yeah..and the river I am planning on diving is about 3m-8m deep and perhaps 20-30 meters wide...I can't be sure but I know that I don't want to get caught in the whitewater..that would hurt..
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You take care in those rivers young man - you hear me!!!

UK River Spearfishing.....

Is probably illegal.....

And could be dangerous due to wiers, hidden rocks e.t.c e.t.c.....



If done properly could be great fun!!!!!

Things to remember.....

1. Do that all important reccy first.......Walk up / down the river on a calm day looking for any hazards / currents / whirlpools...and more importantly exits from the water, there's nothing more dangerous than not being able to exit the river if something goes wrong.....

1.a. Tell someone what you are doing, and what time you will be back, this goes for sea as well, but in a fast flowing river you can be swept a long way.....

2. Don't do rivers at night, you don't know whats moored on them.....

3. Use a short gun...

4. Dont do it in a river with boats on it!!!!!!

I know a certain someone who shall remain nameless who intends to do this in the summer because he has a river near him with a lot of sea trout and BASS - yes BASS in it, he may have to go deep undercover because of the river baliff, but he will post to the board the results of his skirmish ;)
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Spearfishing in River

I have also done a lot of river spearfihing and it can get quite hair-raising at times especially in dirty water in a area with Zambezi Sharks.
All rivers I speared in had a very strong current and I can give you the following advice..( I wont say that's the only way to do it, but it tends to work for me)
1) Use a cammo or black suit...mask fins and gloves because bright colours do not work in the river and the fish usually see you long before you see them.
2) Use a shorter reef gun, because you cannot move a long gun quickly enough in a river and the current tends to make the rubbers vibrate scaring the fish.
3)Keep your gun tucked under you only extending it for the shot...and try to extend it in a controlled flowing movement. Your shot must follow immediately.
5)Try to keep your buoy-line as short as possible...if there is too much line trailing behind you in a strong current and it get stuck on the bottom after you surfaced it will pull you under because of the current. I always use a buoyto avoid a possible boating accident.
6) I found it easiest to go down, find myself a good spot and face upstream lying completely motionless on the bottom. (Holding on too a rock so I do net get washed away)

Thats basically it...happy hunting

Ps I do not recommend river hunting for legal reasons...but it is great fun:eek:
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legal issues...
Wonder how it is in finalnd..is it illegal, or is it something worldwide rule that spearfishing in river is illegal.. Well thanks guys for information I'll try to keep all that in mind while nailing them sea-trout with my gun...:t
And I think after doing some of that I'll go to the Polar sea and do some spearfishing in there as well..:)I hope...:p
Hi pekka,
I think you'll find spearfishing for anything in a UK river is illegal (mind you things could get complicated in an estuary!) especially if you shoot anything described as a course fish (bream, pike, carp etc.) mind you I wouldnt eat them anyway! If you shot somthing like a trout or salmon you might get away with it especially if no one sees you. (although obviously im not suggesting it or anything!;) ) As Crisin put it I also know a man who tried similar things twice and had a night in a police cell for both (but no charges brought). A campsite on the Gower in wales was too near a nice river and the trout were too tempting, the said man was caught in full gear with a trout wandering back to the campsite by a passing bobby. :duh The other occasion has no excuse other than to say it was very irresponsible and became the climax of a stag night. The ornamental lake outside said stag night location where a speargun happened to be located was teeming with big fat goldfish. Nuff said, owners were none to pleased.
Please be careful, dont get caught and dont do it naked, fish bite, and so do fishermen.
I don't know about Uk, Finland, etc.... but all the fish I've seen in freshwater are basicly retarded. All the dives I've done here in Canada, you can reach out and touch the fish (literally). Besides being very boring, it's carries a really heavy fine, well unless you're hunting carp - who wants to eat a carp?

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A friend of mine lives in a middle-class neighborhood of New Delhi, one of the richest cities in India. Although the area gets a fair amount of rain every year, he wakes in the morning to the blare of a megaphone announcing that freshwater will be available only for the next hour. He rushes to fill the bathtub and other receptacles to last the day. New Delhi’s endemic shortfalls occur largely because water managers decided some years back to divert large amounts from upstream rivers and reservoirs to irrigate crops.
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