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Spearfishing Photos

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Jun 21, 2002
I have an huge collection of spearfishing pictures that collected from the net. But it seems there is nothing left to collect so i decided to post my favorite pictures and i hope you want to share your pictures as well. By that way all of us will have more beautiful archive.
Still my Favorite - from Terry Maas's site. It's the background on my comp. one day, one day...

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GREAT thread ! :D
Here is my first Marlin


  • first marlin copy.jpg
    first marlin copy.jpg
    34.2 KB · Views: 3,179
I hate you.......

:waterwork I WANT ONE!



They need any NAUI Instructors in SA?
Hi Willer ,
In app. 14 years of spearing in Sodwana Bay I have encountered seven marlin up to 200 kg. , the other five would have been "bad " shots . Will write story next month about the other that didn't get away :D
Here are some kingies , very common in Sodwana .
Caranx Ignobilis and C. Fulvoguttatus . Both weigh 12.5 kg.


  • kingies copy.jpg
    kingies copy.jpg
    31.1 KB · Views: 2,944
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Wooaa! ! !

This guy really knows spearfishing.Hey Abri i have some wonders about Marlins. Is it true that they attack you with their spears if you don`t stone them?

BTW the guy in the YF tuna picture is not merofl :duh :duh :t :t

Here is my another favorite
Drool Drool Drool.


Can I send a truck load of dynamite to ur place ? You first bomb all the great white, bull, tiger and whatever sharks which can bite my ass......then you invite me spearin in SA.

Sorry can load up my photo with the Giant Trevally/Ignobilis, my face already too famous:D :D . Let me learn to edit photoshop and change my face to Bradd Pitt's then I will post some. He he he. Sorry no Marlin photo, Miss Marlina maybe...in bikini.

Nice fish Abri.....Hhhmm.......when will I ever see and shoot one...but I am afraid it will cut me into pieces with the bill ????? I wonder if those other five Marlins will still be alive if you own an Metal Tech #4.... I am serious.

BTW, how close must you get to that Marlin ( let me guess the weight ...... 65kg ? ) to get complete penetration of ur 145cm RA with twin 16. What's the shaft diameter and is it Hawaiian single flopper ?

I'm waiting:naughty he he he he

Hey Iya you don`t need to send your pic. You can just send some of your favorites to upgrade our archives:head
hi murat

fine fotos, esp. the Terry Maas!

check out my website:


click on Fotos,
scroll down and you'll find
my 200-plus kilo black seabass -

- observe the humble arbalete I got him with...
(he dragged me around for a while - sort of like waterskiiing behind a slow freight train!)
perhaps you want to download it,
I don't know how to transmit it to you.

have fun!

Hi Iya and Murat .
As to speared Marlin turning on divers , I have often speared with the likes of Jimmy Uys , The Nielsen brothers and Allan Heydorn ; all current or past Marlin and Sailfish record holders . Have personally speared two Marlin and six Sailies . I have never heard of a case of a billfish turning on a spearo .Have heard of it happening elsewhere , but no confirmed instance , maybe someone on the forum knows of a confirmed case ?:confused:
Iya , am embarrassed to admit the marlin only weighed 60 kg.:eek:
I speared it with a old RAILLESS 130 cm with a SINGLE 20 mm. band . 7mm spear and single flopper . rofl
True , with a longer reach I might have landed some of the others
but all present billfish records were speared with similar equipment to mine . Some you win....;)
hi abriapnea

that's a fine marlin - any fish of 50m kilos or more ain't small!

I was attacked twice by the same
broadbill swordfish
BEFORE I even thought of spearing him.
Had to frantically fend him off with my flippers and then hightail it to the boat to
get my gun.
this was in the 70s in the Sea of Cortez(Gulf ofCalifornia),
I'd like to hear(see!) more of your stuff...

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Hi Peter ,
Had a quick look at your site , man , you are living out my dream !:waterwork
Have always wanted to own a small yacht and just go with the gales :D , spearing and diving , exploring our oceans .
BTW , nice fish , I've had more fish stolen by them than ever taken by sharks . Lived in a marine reserve so not allowed to take them .
sehr schon Herr Kittel.

I've seen black bass that size and larger here off the coast of California. They are characters!, much like a dog too big for the room. Here they are rightfully a protected fish.

SA Boys

I am wondering how brave is these South African boys. They always potential dinner to the whites and all others. Hey abri can you share your shark experiences? May be big ugly great white like shown below?:D :D
Here is an another nice fish from Jay Riffe
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Thanks Murat ! Your G.W. photos have brought back memories I had hoped never to recall :blackeye
Will post a story sometime of a close call with a whitey ;)

PS have a new spearing story out.
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petrek - that was one hell of a fish - back in the day when there were still enough of the bigboys to shoot! Thats a BBQ/fry I would have liked to attended!

Murat - where did you get those white shark picts? My dream - freedive with whites - have to find out more! (I know - foolish - but I'm a bit of a shark nut)

I'll see If I can dig up a scanner and get some KSA photo's up.


Hmm, my guess is still not bad...5 kg off only for the Marlin. I'll settle for a 30KG and will smile till the next week.
No way I am going to face a Great White....... NO WAY !!!! You may call me a chicken....do that........NO WAY..... I have a good live... he he he he:D :D

Honestly my shark encounter is still very limited. Since my area is poor of fish, naturaly no sharks too. If I do go to the Indian Ocean side of my waters, White Tip and Black Tip I can live with and in most cases, they flee when they see me...........must be my offensive small Riffe..... he he he he:D . If I see a Bull, I flee instead. The very first time I seen a white tip, I climbed the rock just to avoid it, it kept swimming under me, so I thought he might "jawed" me...wha ha ha...what a laugh I had. That was some 8 years ago. Later I seen them more often and I think they are OK, I spear fishes even when White Tip around ( if ony 1 or 2 ) as long as I have a buddy standing by with a loaded gun.

If I were approached that close to a Great White like Murat photo, I will un-sheath my knife.............. and cut my own throat.....hoping for a faster death......wha ha ha ha:D :D . I won't let it take pieces of me and let me die bleeding hours later. Sorry, I dont have iron balls like the South Afrikan, mine is the new model polymer type...wha ha ha......shrink under pressure.....:D :D

MURAT, nice photos..................should I cancel my planned trip to that Indian Ocean sea mount ???

PETREK - U must have a lot of patience and endurance to sail that long and solo. Must be very interesting. I seldom meet sailors, mostly powerboat guys. Well done !!!! Sworfish being that brute is quite well documented. I have a fishing classic book that shows one ramming the side of the boat hull, same thing with Mako shark.......so I read.

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