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speargun for Mediterranean

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Feb 11, 2018
I am interested in a recommendation for speargun length and diameter of the shaft that is suitable for diving at a depth of 5-10 meters in the Mediterranean.
Depends what you want to target and in what kind of environment. 5-10 meters between rocks is a whole different world from 5-10 meters on a sandy bottom or in a patch of seagrass.

I use a MVD 82cm invert roller (good gun, horrible spear), which gives me a good balance between usability and compactness for transport. I fish in South Crete, in rocky areas with big boulders, at a depth of 1-15m. I mostly hunt reef fish like bream, parrot and spinefoot (and lionfish ofc). I don't target groupers and most other species I came across was when I didn't have my gun with me, but only rarely I don't manage to get the fish in range.
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I use these omer Hf 90cm double sling OmerHf 100 cmdouble sling Omer 110 cm double Sling Home made in padac timber wood a 82 cm double sling with seac power green proressive gum 16 mm per 73 cm with a 74 cm for company on a double banded gun,.Shallow water or murky a Mares phantom fv 75 ,.For octopuss or Shooting at close or in rocky holes range a 50 mm arbalete or a air compressed 70 cm depends on location depth visibility i.e shooting in decent try youtube or google map or await responce in deep blu forum., What suit mm space shall you wear a what time of year its a juggle of a decision
I plan to spearfish from a kayak about a mile from the shore.
I'm undecided between 90-120 sizes.
I guess there will be a combination of a rocky area and an open water area.
Looking for a size that can fit both types of fishing as much as possible.
I think I'd go for 100. But I don't fish the Med.

Rather than try and do everything with a single speargun (e.g. 100cm), you could consider getting 2, ideally the same model, one short and one long. For example one 90 (80-95cm) and the other 110 (110-120cm). Ideally, I think, you want at least 15cm, 20 cm might be better in this size range, between short and long to make it worth switching.
I'm only a beginner so others have more expertise, but I can share what I've done so far.

I started with a 75cm in shallows and was able to catch breams and grey mullets. I just got a 90cm and reel in case I see a dentex, big bream, grouper or medium-sized amberjack. I almost got a 100cm but felt it would be too cumbersome for fish in the shallows. Even with the 90cm it feels awkward to target goatfish. The brand gun is pathos laser.
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In the Med. I use a 75cm with 6.5mm spear and 2X16mm bands around reefs, inside rocks and caves. I change the number of bands used in the shot (1 or 2 16mm bands) depending on the size and distance of the fish I am targeting. I have used it for smaller reef fish, groupers (big ones) inside big holes. If I am going to deeper waters and/or hunting mostly in "open water" around grass, I use a 105cm (I also have a 90cm for in between). In short, you will need at least two different length guns with different power. Eventually, I'll get a 115/110cm gun for strictly open water fish (7 or 7.5mm spear and 3X14mm bands).

In summary, start with a 75cm gun for reef/cave diving to catch reef fish (including big groupers hiding in their holes/caves) and go for a bigger gun 100/105cm later when you are ready and see the need for it.

Note: I haven't been able to catch a dentex with 75cm and had to use the 105 to be able to catch it. For amerberjack, same thing, 105cm. They are too fast and big for a 75cm gun. Groupers are generally stupid and hangout in their dens waiting for you to see them.
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Spear diameter is usually (?) chosen to suit the band configuration/power and size/power of the fish targeted. Speargun manufacturers usually make that choice for you.

E.g. 1x16-18mm => 6.1-6.7mm -ish
1x20mm => 6.3mm-7mm - ish
2x14mm => 6.5-7.5mm -ish
2x16mm => 7-7.5mm -ish
3x14mm => 7-8mm?
Roller spearguns usually justify a thicker spear for a given configuration.

Rob Allen has done quite a lot work on this. I like the way they spec their spear diameters to match band configurations but their railguns are tough for big fish and their bulk rubber loops powerful, so their diameters are often a bit thicker than euro makers.
I wouldn't recommend it for a first speargun but a single 80-95cm roller speargun (or equivalent size pneumatic) could in theory cover the entire range. But...
I wouldn't recommend it for a first speargun
I would recommend it, if one knows he would not practise spearfishing as a temporary thing. 1000 hours of practice with one versatile gun makes you a better shooter than 500 hours with with two different guns.
I wouldn't recommend it for a first speargun
I would recommend it, if one knows he would not practise spearfishing as a temporary thing. 1000 hours of practice with one versatile gun makes you a better shooter than 500 hours with with two different guns.
Perhaps. I mentioned it because there may be people that it could work for. But, in general, I think a new spearo has more chance of enjoying it and therefore sticking with it if they choose a regular band gun, of appropriate length for their diving conditions, with a single band and a single wrap. But that doesn't mean other options aren't viable. I met a former spearo who only ever used a 50cm pneumatic and had considerable success with it, diving in Dorset.
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