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"special" apnea

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New Member
Jul 21, 2004
Ok, I'm prepared to get flamed for this post, but it's not my intent.

It is related to apnea, so I think this is the correct forum.

The recent post about drug use and freediving sparked a thought. First let me say that I don't condone drug use and ESPECIALLY NOT mixing it with freediving, and this post is NOT about the latter, but it is about apnea.

The other day I had an opportunity to partake in the ritual inhalation of a certain herb which has recently become well-known for its "medicinal" qualities. It is traditional in this ritual to "hold" each inhalation for 10-15 seconds. Well, since I had been freediving earlier that day, and still had apnea on the mind, I had the brilliant idea to hold a few inhalations for 1 minute each.

The result was something somewhat different than what I've experienced before. I still received all the usual "medicinal" benefits, but my thinking was much more coherent. I was able to hold a train of thought and was social and able to have conversations. It felt closer to an alcohol buzz in some ways, but still not nearly as "heavy".

The purpose of this post isn't to brag about my substance use. I was just curious if anyone else had ever thought of this idea, or tried it. The people I shared the medication with... I doubt any of them could perform a static 1:00 breath-hold... none of them were in shape or freedivers. I'm also curious if what I did was stupid. :eek:

Food for thought. I apologize if the thread is inappropriate, but I don't think it is. :D
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I've been doing it for a while and I'm pretty sure it helped both the wanted effects of this medicinal drug and also my static apnea time.

Rock on!
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Not a PHD or anything but......
Holding your breath for a full minute means you were not able to grab those 3-4 extra tokes you might have normaly taken.
Reduced inhalation = reduced effects?
Probably not a good idea to get THAT relaxed before you get in the water.
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There are others who sleep underwater as well, most often during statics.

Not to mention that elephant seals will sleep up to 800m underwater.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Originally posted by efattah

There are others who sleep underwater as well, most often during statics.
How is this possible, or safe?

And... "most often during statics"? (But sometimes during dynamics?) :confused:
Hey I NEVER said it was safe.
But I get VERY relaxed in the water.
gee....... now ive gotta type this whole story into my profile dont I?
grumble grumble
Originally posted by The111

And... "most often during statics"? (But sometimes during dynamics?) :confused:

I have relaxed to the point of lying on the bottom of the pool during a dynamic! I was tired and got distracted, and took the idea of relaxing a bit too far. It was definitely not a blackout, as I soon realised what I was meant to be doing, did a few metres more, and surfaced feeling perfectly fine!

When you exhaled after the minute did any smoke come out.

Or was all that crap absorbed by your lungs?

Think about that next time ;)
yeah but my friend had this trick were he inhaled nearly half a joint, held it in for ages and no smoke came out.

It was quite horribly to think of the consequences really
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Originally posted by shaneshac
yeah but my friend had this trick were he inhaled nearly half a joint, held it in for ages and no smoke came out

Sounds awful! Very considerate to other people though.....

To 'somebody else' :
Yes, i remember when i was a young student, me and some friends had breathhold games around what you call 'medicinal herb'. One of these, called 'the lift', consisted to sit down on the floor, then exhale and maintain the breathhold without air the longer we can, then inhale a great amount of smoke and stand up in the same time, then breathhold again with the smoke in the lungs as long as possible. The goal was to try to increase effects of the... plant. The result was not very convincing, but we had nice time together (later, we discovered we didn't need any medicinal substance to have nice time together). Don't try this alone, because of the risk of passing out in the lift phase.
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