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Sporasub quick release drop weights

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Mud Puddle Diver
May 20, 2002
I'm trying to find a place that might still sale a belt attachment that sporasub makes that allows you drop or add like 1.5 or 1.75 lbs. of weight. You can use them when your spearfishing in a range of different depths and need to trim your weight to meet the depth your in at the time.

It's basically a plastic holder that slides on to your belt which allows you to disconnect the weight.

I saw them at Piratesuba at one time but didn't really think about getting them at the time. I've checked their webpage and don't thin they carry them anymore.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

BladeRunner OUT

Not sure if this is the same thing but On a new spearfishing video of mine there is a weight of 3-5kgs attached to a rope and bouy, it then looks like he slides this on or tucks it in under his weightbelt and uses the extra 5kgs for descending then dumps it on the bottom and has a way easier trip to the surafce, he then pulls it up after each dive and uses it again.

Is this the same thing you are talking about.

Blade, is this what you're looking for? Both Piratescuba and Scubastore used to carry them. I ran over my popular sites and couldn't find em anywhere. Maybe I have a collector's item now, eh? ;).

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Hope the picture comes up this time!!!
Is this it


  • cb-drop2.jpg
    8.9 KB · Views: 401
Oh Oh Oh That's it That's it TED

That's just what I need! You wouldn't be interested in lighting your gear bag for some green would you! I could really use those! How much does each weight

BladeRunner OUT

p.s. Your right about the Striper here in Georgia but I will pm you soon to discuss that more in detail.
I thought I found em here for you Blade [ame="http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=sporasub+quick+release+weight"]sporasub quick release weight - Google Search[/ame] (click the pirate scuba link) but it appears to be an old, dead link. Still, I would give Piratescuba a call, and ask Matthew if they have any stragglers left in the basement.

Do you just need the plastic holder, or do ya need the whole unit?

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With the unit shown last, the green one, there is no plastic extra bit. There is however a stainless clip at the back to hook onto the belt.

The green bit you see is in fact a lever, which pulls out to about 45 degrees. This activates some plastic "teeth" which bite into your belt. They are no good for the OMER Marseille belt though as it is to thick for the mechanism to accommodate.

They work very well indeed on nylon belts or even better on the Sporasub super stretchy rubber belt.

I have to say the weights are absolutely ace and feature, as you can see, a handy ring to clip them to your SMB when not in use. They weigh 1Kg each.

The two piece one can be fitted to a belt but is in fact made to attach to the bottom of Sporasub fins using the blade screws. The weights being easy to remove if needed. Those weigh half a Kg each though.

I have never seen them for sale in the UK but bought one in Greece and one in Spain.

Try www.scubaland.fr - they have loads of spearo stuff.
Thank you for the help Simon but I've tried to order things from scubaland before and they won't ship to the US for some reason. I know when I tried to order something online I didn't have shippment choice to the US and it wouldn't let me go any further that with the order!!
but thank you for you great help though!!!

BladRunner OUT
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I would call pirate scuba. Mathew, the owner, is always admitting that their web page is behind. If he doesn’t have them, he will probably know where to find them.
Hey Ted thanks for getting back to me with the great info.
I also contacted Piratescuba and they said the could order some for me and I can get them in about five days. So you don't have to worry about selling yours to me, I appreciate it though!

Are you using a digital camera to take those pics or reagular film camera? You have those cool little pics on the left side of your posts under your name. I was looking into getting a good entry level camera. I was interested in getting a digital because I've heard you can almost always get good underwater pics with them.

BladeRunner OUT
I took that picture of Ted with my Olympus C5050 digital camera. I shot film in the past, but the digital cameras are just a whole lot more fun. We can go back and forth bewtween video and stills. I can shoot a bunch of shots of him on a dive and then depete all ofthe junk out later on. Ted just bought the same camera and housing set-up. I also just picked up a wide angle Inon lens, per Cliff's suggestion.

The shot was taken in Lake Wazee in norhtern Wisconsin.

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That's really cool pic! I was looking up info on Lake Wazee and have added to the places I wanted dive. I have plans on doing some sea kayaking around the Aposle Islands during my next vacation and of course do some freediving. What other places do have to dive up there in wisconsin?

BladeRunner OUT
Acutally, the Apostle Islands would be pretty nice if you have a warm enough suit. I have kayaked, and camped, up there in the past and there are a number of shallow shipwrecks that you can see from the surface. There are also many seacaves that you can paddle and swim through.

Just south of the Apostle Islands are a few lakes that are very nice for diving in. Ted may know about someof the smaller ones, but Lake Owen is one of the larger ones. She is a long thin lake that goes down about 105'. THe water is fairly clear, but there is no spearfishing allowed.

Lake Michigan and Lake Superior have many nice wrecks, bays, rock reefs and other things to freedive on. The vis is almost always 40' or more. You can spear rough fish but not panfish.

Another place to look into is Gran Maries up on Superior. The water is crystal clear and the have a huge kayak symposium up there every summer. They have a nice campground and a great little micro brewery too.:cool:

Munising Michigan is another one to look into. She is a city on a bay that is almost completly protected by a large island, Grand Island, so that you can always find protected water. It is great for kayaking and there are some nice wrecks to freedive on. They range fom a completely intact 100+ year old sailing schooner in about 25' of water to others around 65' and 90'. The kayaking is really nice as it is situated right next to the only freshwater national seashore in the country- Pictured Rocks. Imagine tall rock pillars, waterfalls and 100'+ sand dunes on a huge body of fresh water that you can acutally drink when your thristy. Water temps in August were in the mid 70's last sumeer, down t a depth of around 50'.

I don't have any shots of Superior on my computer, but here is a photo of my wife and I kayaking in Tobermorey. This place is awsome and I highly recommend it. There are wrecks in all depths ranging from sticking out of the water down to 150'. We dove a number of wrecks that started in 20' and ended in 90'. You coould always find a depth that you were comfortable with. The water was a good 72 degrees down to 60' last August. There were a lot of islands to kayak to and everything was about 30% cheaper since its in Canada.:D
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I've been find some great info and reviews of diving Tobermorey.
I'm very interested in this area. Jon were you doing shore dives or were you using a boat to do the freediving. I will be limited to doing shore dives but i can get my gear to the different islands to camp and dive from. I hoping the diving along the shore is just as good as the wreck diving. I still need to do some more research but this place sounds like a winner!!

BladeRunner OUT
Ok Ted how much are you asking for the two sporesub drop weights with holders. It's going to be a long wait if I get them anywhere else! If you changed your mind on giving them up, it's no big deal.

Sorry Blade :waterwork,

When you passed, another anonymous dber stepped in to claim the prize.
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