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Sporasub Viper Elite 130cm

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New Member
Aug 10, 2002
i was in a dive shop today that ive frequented for the past few years, and ever since ive started spearfishing (2 years about now) ive noticed the HUGE gun in the top rack...well its been there a long time...so long that they needed to clear it. so when i walked in today, the normally 300$ gun was selling for 40$...i couldnt believe my eyes, and i bought it, cause i mean, a gun for 40$, brand new...and a 130cm no less....now i know svens gonna go apeshit on me for buying a euro but this thing should be smoooooth on the calico bass in the kelp...anyone have any experience with this gun? im hearing all good things so far...
Like Fuzz I want to know if they have anymore. I am in your neck of the woods so I probably know the dive store.
Great Buy

The Viper elite is the one with the rail right. Those guns are owned by lots of spearos here in Europe. Can't go wrong with one of them.

Has it got the green floater on the barrell, or the loading contraption? Each of them has its uses but the floater allows you to balance the gun when using different shaft thicknesses or reels.

A friend of mine has one fitted with two 16 mm bands and its a cannon (eurogun standards of course).

I think you've made a great buy.

Happy new Year.

no, sadly they dont have anymore, they were pricing it to get rid of it....

its got a rail on the barrel, but only the black viper has a floater im told...

i want to know if theres a reel mount available for it, how to put more bands on it/what size? and any ones experiences with the gun
Not familiar with sporasub, but a good bet for a reel is one with a clamp that will go on the barrel.

I use one like that on a 140cm at home. Unfortunately it sits around a lot because cocking it is such a pain in the butt & it's unwieldly to use in Hawaii's surge/current :(
just took it out for a test run today in some pretty miserable conditions...im pleased though

it does however, need:

a) either three wraps of line+ bungee or a reel

b) new band (s)

c) a new flopper for the tahitian shaft

the thing is ACCURATE, not too much on the power side, but accuracy is sweet on it. its a little unwieldy in the shallow water i was in but it should shine in kelp/bluewater once i put a reel on it and some heavy duty bands

one question though? is the tubing that the body is made out of supposed to fill with water? or is mine leaking, cause i can hear some water splashing around inside the tube right now? i rationalized that the gun might suppose to fill with water to become neutral, but im not quite sure
Take it apart(i.e., pop the muzzle off) & have a look. Some guns like my Omers have plugs. My Esclapez I cut down from a 90 to a 55 only had foam inside of it and water could go around it. If you so desire, you can always make your own plug with some silicone & foam ;)

Why would you need 3 wraps???
fuzz...better to have more shooting line than less, right?:D this thing is pretty powerful with one band, and when i put two on there its gonna kick...look out WSB and yellowtail, here i come!

additionally, my tricked out AB Biller 36 special with three 5/8" bands shoots three wraps of mono and maxes that out, so the more line, the merrier...
I just don't like when you miss a fish(it happens once or twice a year :hmm ) & your line gets tangled on/around a kelp stalk or on a rock, etc. Rather use my floatline for the added length ;)

As far as maxing out the line... 3 wraps is 6*1.3m. Add that to the length of the shaft between muzzle & trigger & the length of the line from muzzle to back of the shaft and it'll come out to ~8*1.3m or 10.4m. I can't read metric, so convert it & it comes out to roughly 34+ feet from the muzzle! Even with some souped-up bands, I think the trigger would have problems or the barrel would have some serious flexing issues before you can get those kind of distances :(

Not trying to be a downer, just trying to put it in perspective when compared to your biller example :)
It is famous that the "viper" had problems of watertightness. but the new ones are fine. you mustn't have water in the gun, it happened on my 115cm viper and the gun became too heavy. I put glue to solve the problem:D
thanks a lot matthieu! that explains why my gun was taking on water during that dive...:duh im fairly new with this whole euro gun thing ( im more of a wooden gun guy myself) so if you wouldnt mind telling what kind of sealant you used?

i just took the whole gun apart and dumped out a LOT of water:head

one of the staff at another spearo-oriented dive shop is probably going to mod my gun for me. he has a similar viper, but a 115cm set up with a custom shaft that he welded himself with sharkfin tabs on it and he has two riffe bands with cable wishbones on it...should be fairly powerful, probably more than stock, and im going to put a reel on this one so it should be nice, once i figure out this sealing issue...any tips?
fuzz, where specifically did you seal the gun....just at the muzzle, or at the trigger mech too? cause during the dive i saw bubbles escaping from the tube at the joint near the trigger mechanism. i understand the silicone sealant part, but could you elaborate on the foam?
I've sealed my guns before by just adding some slicone to both the joints where the barrel/muzzle and barrel/trigger mech. meet. There is one main drawback - while the quickest way, if you ever have to adjust anything, you'll have to reseal it. It works great; however, on guns that I have modified with open muzzles since I epoxied the muzzles on permanently. On my oldest one, I removed the factory plug & the open muzzle acted as the new plug.

In my esclapez concept silent there are foam insert sections throughout the barrel. Water still went inside, so I simply added a healthy dose of silicone around the end foam pieces & this created a plug that would not interfere with any maintenance of the gun.

I know Florida freedivers sells barrel plugs in their catalog, but you'll be pretty well off to use some adaptation of a fitted section of foam & silicone. Synthetic foam would be a lot nicer as it's a little more pliable & you can easily use a section slightly larger than the barre to ensure that it's wedged in tightly(and secured with sealent). If you can't find any around, I got tons of the stuff lying around here ;)
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