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Sporasub vs. OMER foot pockets

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tropical wuss
Sep 16, 2002
Hey all,

Once I tried sporasub pockets, I never tried anything else. They worked! So why bother looking down other roads (I apply this same rationale to my sweetie ;) ) . But now I'm considering buying a pair of the seabak stereo pro fins, and these come mounted with omer pockets. I tried a few searches on db to find a comparison between the two and either got skunked or wound up with too many dead ends.

So..... Does anyone have experience with both [Sporasub and Omer] foot pockets? Could you give your opinions of each please. Also, do the sizes match up (eg. is a size 40-42 in sporasub equal to the corresponding omer pocket)? The Omers look a little thinner than the sporasubs :hmm, but that could just be camera angles.

Anderson? You've used both haven't ya?
Sven? I know you have a pair of ice fins (and usually have some experience with just about every piece of gear known to exist).
Skin? Abri? Fuzz? Aquilles? Bill? Willer? Jim? Erik? Sam? Pez? Fred? Jay? Shadow? Rig? Jon :hmm? **


Thanks guys and gals,


** I can't list all 1800 of ya :eek: .
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I have not tried the Sporasub in the water but did put them on in the shop. First thing I noticed is the heel felt really wide. My foot slid around in the pocket a lot so I ruled these out. I got the OMER millenium pockets and even though the heel is wider than the Cressi, it is not as wide as the Sporasub. I also noticed that the OMER has a reenforcing band coming across the top of the footpocket and merges in the middle where the OMER decal is. In the water this helped to minimize pocket flex and translated to more power being transfered to the blade. I actually like this better than the Cressi pocket even though the heel is a little wider. Not exactly what you were asking for but I hope it helps.

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Thanks Brad. Having used Garas, I understand what you're saying. It seems that the width of the omer pockets lies in between the cressis and sporasubs. Yet, from what you are saying, and from other testimonials, the omer pockets are just as sturdy as the sporasubs. Now about the sizing.... Any comments? My cressi fins have significantly smaller footpockets when compared to the same size sporasub fins. I wear a size 7 US, and can fit my foot with a 3mm or 5mm sock into the 40-42 sporasub pockets with little difficulty; yet I can barely (not to mention uncomfortably) stuff my foot, wearing a 3mm sock, into my cressis, and a 5mm is out of the question.
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If you like the Sporasub foot pockets, couldn't you mount the Pro Blades on them? That way you could use the pockets you are already comfortable.

I am not sure if the blades come pre drilled or not, but I am sure you could work with Jyri if you would rather use the Sporasub pockets.
Austin, I've considered that, but:

1. I've been wanting to try out the omers (sporas are good, but not perfect).
2. The price is right (only 50 bucks more for the omer pockets).

I just need to know that a 40-42 omer = a 40-42 spora ;). I'm still on the bubble when it comes to which 'new' fin I'm going to buy (sebak or omer bat). Just trying to make sure that when I do finally buy my fins, they will be the right size.

Ted :)

I have no idea about the foot pocket size since I have only used Cressi and Esclapez.

Which Sebak fins are you looking at? Also did the Bat fins have the angle? Or is that still unknown?
I'm looking at these sebak fins:


Jyri says that they come in transparent. I'd be very interested to see what these look like. Based on how he said they are manufactured, I can't see how they could be truly transparent. Probably translucent :hmm. But then, I'm working with very little info here :eek: . All this new fin technology is as confusing as it is exciting.

And I still don't know the verdict on the angle of the Bat fin :confused: .
small feet


Check this out, I comfortably wear a size 8 1/2 shoe but am using an OMER 38-40. Why so small, because of the foot pocket. Like you said, the Cressi footpocket is very narrow and I used the smallest size Cressi (40-41) with 3 mm socks comfortably. I use the same socks with the smaller OMER pocket. I get away with this because the heel and toe areas are wide. My toes stick a little out from the pocket, actually touching the plastic plate on the front of the pocket. The fit is tight but not tight enough to cut off circulation to my feet. I have dove with these for over four hours with no numbness or pain. I like the tight fit because any extra movement in the footpocket results in lost power and wasted energy. I had this problem when I used fiber sole boots in a Cressi 42-43. The lost power was minimal but I did feel my feet sliding around in the pocket. I can hoestly say that I like the OMER much better than the Cressi pocket becuse of the solid feel and fit. It is a little bit of a struggle to pull them off of my feet but at least they won't get pulled off in heavy surf. Come to think of it, I did use a Spoasub pocket of sorts. They were on the very first pair of longfins I had, Sporasub Escade. These fins were really soft and wimpy so I really can't say how the pocket performed. What I can tell you is that I also used fiber sole boots in a 40-42 pocket and they fit. A little loose in the heel but they did fit. If you fit the Sporasub 40-42 with both of your fin socks, I don't see why you wouldn't fit the same size OMER. The pockets are a lot roomier than the Cressi.


I am getting a few different blades from Sebak in a few weeks to try.

One is the Pro Blades which you are interested in. I think I am getting the transparent. I better check with Jyri to make sure I get the transparent. I can take a picture a post it when I get them. If you can wait that long. ;)


My Cressi fins are a little tight. I just hope the Omer fins are not too loose. I do not want them coming off during surf entrys.

Those fin holders look good. I think I should start using them every time I dive. You never know when the surf might pick up. Plus looks like it will keep the heel from slipping and taking power away from the kick.

I will be posting my reviews on 3 different fins.

Classic (No Angle, Fiberglass)
Pro (Angle, hand-laminated multilayer mixture of resins and other chemicals, which are vacuum processed)
Hybrid (Angle, Carbon/Kevlar)

It will be a few weeks before they come in.

You sounds like you got a major hook up going. Any chance you could hook up a fellow hawaiian?:D Just kidding. Because OMER has a roomier footpocket, I opted to size down. Luckily I got to try them on in Blue Water Hunter before buying. Does Hanapaa or Maui Sporting Goods carry OMER fins? If so, try them on with with fin socks, tabis, bare foot or however you normally dive. As far as the fin holder, I have never used them but I do know some people that swear by them. I have been fortunate enough to always have fins that fit pretty well. Either way, size down or stay the same, I think both you and Ted will really like the OMER pocket.


I will try them on at Maui later this week. I think they will be a little loose, but I also think going smaller will be too tight. If it is loose I will pick up the fin holders. The Omer foot pockets seem good. I kinda wish I bought Omer instead of my cressi. Then I could have just bought the blades.
Try on a few and you will find one that you like. Good luck and keep us posted on the fin tests.

I just checked out Sebak's website and they got a pretty good deal on the stereo fin for 99 euros. This one comes with OMER footpockets too. The fins appear to be white and have no angle. Their pro models also look really nice with the camo and angle but cost almost double. Gotta see what Austin's test show. Can't hardly wait.

Brad the Pro model also comes in transparent.

Jyri Said:
Transparent blades- transparent it is like "chameleon".
In blue water they are close to blue color etc.

I will take some pictures in the water to see how well they work as camoflauge.

Jyri also said the site will be getting some new images up in a few days. I will let everyone know when that happens.

Haven't been in the freedive section in a while. :eek:

Real quick... I'm not a fan of sporasub's footpockets. I wasn't a fan of OMER's either until I had to use 5mm booties. I have always worn cressis and for warm water diving, I don't know what beats them. However, I picked up a pair of winter milleniums in a size smaller than I'm used to wearing in OMER and they're stellar. Very solid. However, they're quite heavy compared to the cressis, but when I'm wearing a 5mm suit, it all washes out. ;)

Just make sure that the footpocket is tight enough. Otherwise, your heals will suffer. :blackeye And yes, the sizes from sporasub to omer are pretty identical.

Good luck,
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Did he say stellar?



Actually I've never been able to swing a pair of Sporasub footpockets owing to massive, huge and turgid size of my... feet. I know everybody else uses them and raves about them being, uh... stellar, but they just don't fit me. :head

My latest pair of omer footpockets have the Millenium Comp stiff blades and when I used them at the Kraze, they did everything I asked of them and they never slipped or slid. Of course I had to use my suit lube to get them on... I guess if you can score a pair to try, go for it.
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Sorry guys, a bit confused. :confused:

Which pockets' the stellar? The Omer's or the Spurasub's?

I want to go with waterway+Omer or the Matrix+Spura.. Tough choices. :hmm Any recomendations?

Thanks! rofl
yeah... whichever fits you.

From my looking at them, the Millenium pockets have a slight downward angle built into them and that translates into being more efficient at the surface and kind of cocks the fin into the kick rather than the sporasub pockets that are pretty much flat.
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I'm not sure if there is much of a difference. From looking at the Matrix fins pictures, they look almost identical to the Waterway blade. Color, cut away blade tip, elevated rubber side rails, even the hand cut taper on the bottom of the fin. All I have found is that you can't go wrong with the Waterway + OMER setup.

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