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Suits you sir?

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New Member
Jan 24, 2002
hi , i was wondering what suits people are wearing , i notice that from the pictures posted lots of people wear picasso, i can get these in new zealand ,so far so good, but i was wondering about the merits of a smooth finish as opposed to the off the shelf spearo suits which dont have the smooth finish. i have heard the smooth ones can tear easily.
at the moment i have the worlds oldest and worst us divers scuba suit (think it was Jaque cousteau's) and I know it doing me no favors. before i part with more money i would appreciate some advice, links or brands worth checking out. it gets pretty cold here in winter too.


oh year, I do beach dives and crawl over rocks from time to time
Smooth suits good but too fragile

Hi Paul,

I got a 2 pce 5mm Picasso smooth Gold lined wetsuit almost a year ago. It is an fantastic wetsuit, so much warmer and stretchy then a normal wetsuit. However it does not have any nylon on the inside or out so it rips easy. I have put 5 huge rips into already and luckily have been able to glue it without a problem. These are really only designed for comp use, I think you get slightly better streamlining but I don't think I'll notice the 1% less drag. ;)

I do have an older 1 pce 5mm picasso wetsuit which I don't recommend because it lets in water (Backzipper doesn't seal well) . This one does have Nylon though on the outside but I don't find it any less flexible.

I would reccomend getting a 2pce type WITH nylon, specially if you spear and "rock crawl". Don't know what you define as 'cold' but I am able to get away with using the 5mm Picasso top and 3mm pants, and stay plenty warm in around 17 degree water.

This lets me dive with a bit less weight, good for deeper diving. I find I usually get cold more on my upper body then my legs. While freediving my legs stay warm from the kicking, but my arms don't get much of a workout......
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Hey Paul,

I always wondered who bought my old suit...

Seriously, you can do a lot worse than getting a Picasso or an OMER. Here in No Cal, the terrain on the beach and in the water are pretty similar so I feel comfortable in making my recommendations. My personal suits are currently all Picasso, all 7mm and I'm just nuts about them with one big exception, which I'll go into in a minute.

They are both 2 pc, farmer john style with the hood attached and no zippers to jam leak and tear off. They're both nylon exterior and also bare rubber or open cell on the inside. One is their Commercial model that has a coating of the glue at the knees, elbows and on the seams for abrasion resistence and water-tightness and it also has their Termic coating on the inside which is advertised as anti schmeg and easier to put on. I agree. It also has bent arms which is a real blessing when you try on a suit that just has straight arms and legs. A damn good suit.

The other is a Camu model, with this funky green/brown pattern that fools the fish into thinking I'm there to feed them. Just ask 'em! It is a basic wetsuit meant for basic fartin around, nothing special- no interior coating so it takes a bit more soap, (or lube if you're with Anderson..:hmm ) to put on and the sleeves are cut straight, so at the end of the day, your elbows are a bit worn out. But it's real comfy and has held up great. You can see my camo'd legs in it at the "It's a contest!" thread. Pretty sexy. Leave an entry while you're there.

Now the bummer...:waterwork The rubber that they are made from is real stretchy and flexible and soft. Not a bad thing. But those features mean that the rubber tends to compress more at depth than a conventional rubber, so you feel the cold a bit more sometimes. I was in 50 F water last Friday and after about 30 minutes at 60 feet (OK, I was wearing tanks...:duh ) I was getting ready to head up for some Sun. But when I'm freediving and working a bit more, kicking, going up and down, and all that, it's a non issue.

Henderson and some others are bonding titanium, krypton and diamonds o their suits to help keep you toasty and all, but the physics of that is beyond my belief. Thing is though that the rubber they and I think Xcel and the like use, Rubatex or whatever, is a bit stiffer, and less prone to compression. So there you go. If you're looking for a basic, trasher suit, I'd go with the Henderson or whatever, but you'll be waaay ahead in looking into getting a Picasso or OMER. I think you can order them online from some sites other than theirs and maybe save some schekels, which I guess is the only other bummer- they're both pretty proud of their pricing, but I guess you get what you pay for. And a good suit is still less than a really good gun, and a lot lessthan a so-so woman.:blackeye

(here goes...;) and you can post your photo holding up your fish on the site and get real style points...)

I've seen the French divers and Herbert Nitsch using the Sub-Marine suits, but never in person. I'm sure they're a decent suit: the price is right! The only question is whether they are Yamamoto 45 rubber or not. I suspect that at those prices they're not, but don't quote me. I have a Yamamoto 45 suit and a regular rubber suit, and the difference is worth any expense necessary, in my opinion. I dive in a 5mm Yamamoto suit anywhere from 2C up to 20C, and would not go back to a regular rubber suit.
I also agree that the thing to but is an open-cell interior suit with a nylon coating, or the suits that have the nylon layer sandwiched between 2 sheets of rubber, like the Chicle sandwich from Picasso, and the OMER equivalent.
Erik Y.
naked no longer

thanks for the feedback!! decided to go for a picasso suit but which one could some one maybe give me an opinion on these 2 models

1. picasso mimetico 2 pice long john no zips etc, gold biotech lining $750NZD
about $350 US

2. the other is a picasso apnos 5 mm with Yamamoto 38 neoprene
open cell inside nylon outer cost 580$nzd $250US which is cheaper but
whats Yamamoto ? is it as good

sorry bout the question but my mum told me it pays to shop around
Mother knows best.

If you've got the coin, go for the Apnos, as it's made of the Yamamoto rubber, which is just incredibly flexible and stretchy. It'll spoil you forever. There's guys here like Bill and myself that have had suits that were like cardboard when worn, and the Yamamoto is just nuts!! The cost savings is pretty tasty as well.
You can see how handsome you'll look in it if you go to Anderson's looking for recipes thread, and look for my posts. Damn dashing!

The Mimetico is also a damn good suit and it has the Termic lining which adds some strength and the lubricity/anti funk factor. I like the camo pattern on the 2002 model also, but don't think it's light/dark enough to break up the mass of the diver as they say. But for a starter suit, go for the Apnos and be the warm envy of all your buddys.

Go to Picasso's site: picassoamerica.com and see all the wetsuit info. And while you're there, leave a message asking Roger to come up with a larger size foot pocket...

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Good choice of companies! the yammy rubber will spoil you for everything else. I will vote with Sven, the Apnos is a great suit at a fair price. Rod, my dive partner, has one and he really likes it.
In terms of the camo pattern, I''m not sure where you are from, or what your water conditions are, but in the green water here Rod disappears way too fast. So fast that unless we are spear fishing we usually use lights pointed down our legs so that we can see each other, and usually our viz is about 40'. I don't really believe that the fancy coating makes a big difference. I dive in a 7mm Commercial and while I love the suits construction and pads etc., I had to start using suit lube after only 30-50 dives. The Apnos is a great choice and as I remember the last time I looked they were on sale.

Best wishes,


In Ibiza I saw the French team outfitted in washed-out yellow suits made by Sub-Marine. Herbert Nitsch wore a black one.

I couldn't tell if they were yamomoto--definitely nylon on the outside.

But aside from Herbert's dives in cold lakes (in a 3mm I think) I've never seen Sub-Marine suits in cold water.

Stick with japanese open-cell rubber.

and being young and not rich i wonder what good suits there are out there that offer a really good value, i dont mind paying more if the suit is gonna last 10 years (well that a long time but....)
right now im lookin at the omer suits, any opinions would be greatly appreciated

OMER Suits

Hi Vince,

My friend Elliott Marchant just got one of last year's at a very nice price, you might want to ask him. marchante@MALA.BC.CA
He seems really happy with the suit. We were in 45F water for almost 2 hours today and he was warm.

I agre with FD48, Vince. The OMER suits are great, and Mark is a good dude, and will take pity on our Canadian Peso (around 63 cents to the US$), plus the duty at the border. I would recommend the Yammy suits, especially since you are undoubtedly growing. They will stretch with you, and you should be able to use one for a long time.
Now just get Dad to fork over the $$$$$!
Cheers mon ami,
Erik Y.
ps, you know, it really fries my ass that we have to pay duty on a product that CANNOT be purchased in Canada, as no Canadian companies make a decent wetsuit.....they're all full of zippers (screen doors in submarines, right?), and holes where your head goes.:confused:
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Canadian FD suits


I have it from a good source that the Neptune company does make Fd suits in Van., however having said I also understnad that they are no where near the suits that most of us already own.

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Suits for hosers..

Opps, I meant Canuks.

Hey, sounds like there's a need for suits there Erik; maybe enought o learn how to make them and open up your own show?
Lot's of people have done OK with stranger ideas.

mammy says get a yammy

think its gotta be the apnos yammie now, and the price is right, thanks sven walrus, fd48, erik etc for the tip.

no bubbles no trouble:D

Ummm, in case you haven't looked lately, there are some very cheaply priced Picasso suits on the DBlue shop right now, and the prices just went up today, so maybe have a look before they're gone?
Erik Y.
Last edited:

Can anyone tell me if they have heard of heiwa neopren. I am in Greece right now, and I am about to order a custom made heiwa suit my Merou.

I read the posts on the yamamoto neopren and wondered if anyone knew heiwa as well, which one is better and so on?

Thanks,,, This is my first post, very excited!!!:D
Welcome Blue!!

Now you've done it- the rest of your diving life will be shared here.

I'm familiar with the Heiwa rubber, as I've seen that material used in some 3mm one piece surf suits, and it's pretty close to yamamoto in it's stretch. If the suit you're looking at feels like a swedish fish or gummy worm candy, that's the stuff. Clip your nails and soap it up- you're getting a suit made of the good stuff.

Suit Update

Ok I got the suit. Its a 3.5mmm heiwa based suit. Got measured and everything. But I feel a little peculiar.

In a booth next to the one I got the suit from (this is at a diving show), this one very known spearfisher had suits from elios. Elios uses neopren called nextskin, new.... I am not sure, but somethng to that measure. This suit was like a regular gummy bear even softer. Too soft too be honest. I liked it but I didnt like the sales guy, nor the way the suit looked, it seemed beat up, even though it wasnt. Plus it was with a smooth exterior, just like the one I am getting but without the anti abrasion pathces around the waist.

In other words the weight belt could injure the outside, this compared with the custom suit as opposed to a set size, I choose the heiwa. The price was about 230 Euros, or about $190. I will get the suit on the 25th, and will keep you posted.
cressi super comp

I ordered a Cressi Super Comp from DB/Diveinn last week. I ordered it on Monday and it came to Phila. on Thursday. Excellent craftsmanship and super clingy. Saturday I wore it at the Dutch Springs Quarry- avg temp 42F. I could not believe how warm it was. I remember being cold at the quarry the same time last year in a dry suit! I was in the water over two hours and the only thing that got cold were my hands through the gloves. For 175.00 its hard to get a better deal. Definitely just as good as the Piccassos for less than half price.
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