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tanya's clinic

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Just visiting...
Aug 26, 2001
hey everyone,

just got back from austin. had an excellent weekend, most of which was completely enlightening. i'll be back on later to write more about it, but just wanted to say that it was a great experience. i ended up outdoing my pb by about 30 feet in a freezing cold lake with crappy viz. and, did a static that amazed the crap out of me.

Too Cool

Hey Anderson, I am looking forward to hearing about this. Was your illness a factor at all? It sounds too cool. Congradulations on your new PBs. (Want to add them to the PB thread with note about training effects?)
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hey guys/angus,

i'm writing an article on the clinic for the db home page, so you'll hear the majority of it there.

my health got back to about 90% which seemed ok to go through what we did. thanks to all of you that gave me a hand on knocking that out! :D just made my experiences there that much more enjoyable.

Congrats Anderson! I was thinking e-ing you to ask how the seminar went! Not to push, but HURRY UP with the article!!:D

it's in...

finished the article. now it's in cliff and stephan's hands :) i sent in a really goofy picture of myself, so if you don't find the article amusing, then at least the picture will be. :cool:

Tommorrow is the day!

Yup - we've received the article and it has gone through editorial control now...

I've slated it for publishing tommorrow (Thursday)...

Nice stuff Anderson!

So I guess my question is: based on Cliff's article and yours, which one is for me...? I'm wondering if the third day of Cliff's class would account for anything. (This is when you comment, Cliff...)

I particularly liked your admission of being a "spearo", which is not somthing to be ashamed of, indeed I count myself one as well. One of these days I'll have to go into my diatribe about "the world vs spearos..." :head

How about some more info on her spirituality/physiology/psycholgy talks? Did they make an impression on you to offset any preconceptions/habits? And it's public domain ferchristsakes!!!

Again, nice job! Make it out here to No Cal and I'll take you abalone diving. Bring your short gun though.


i actually got to talk to her on the phone a few times before i signed up. her attitude towards the sport is extremely hard to explain. however, she did explain something to me in layman's terms...(and this is pretty much why i took her course)

and this is all "off the record"; i'm not going to quote her. but, i'll summarize. she was once asked why men can(for the most part) go deeper than women. her answer was something along the lines of how women don't possess the traight of "alpha dominancy" and DO possess the traight of "survival for procreation". i think it meant that men are more willing to risk their lives to be "the best". women seem to have a mortality issue to deal with and don't neccessarily like to flirt with death. this was kinda translated into our spearfishing issues.

i know that she's blacked out quite a few times and she's told us that almost all cases were brought on without warning. her mentality of "always err on the side of safety" makes her so much more effective when teaching apnea techniques. especially spearfishing, we all know that fish tend to pull us away from our buddies and we're not always there to check on eachother. to have such a cautious attitude and a mindset that plays "devil's advocate" on every circumstance, makes her extremely effective and important for the minds of spearos.

i'm in miami right now and went out yesterday. i was always consciously breathing the way she tought me and focusing on all of the techniques we learned. i had made multiple dives to 70-80 feet and felt absolutely awesome on all parts of the dive. and, this was carrying a pretty large gun and a crapload of floatline behind me! it's not that i think she's made me a better spearfisher with magic techniques, but she's showed me how to put together a multiple of things that made my performance "more possible."

i don't know how to explain it. i think the spearos might be able to relate though. here's an example... you've shot a fish at a considerable depth and he's holed-up. you gotta get back down there but you're pooped and an immediate dive would barely get you to the bottom without any time to spend there before having to head up. she tought me(specifically) how to ventilate properly, how to drop on a spot without tracking, and get to the bottom with enough reserve to let you do your business and then surface comfortably. it took a while to rid all my old habits, but once i had everything down, my deep dives were too easy, almost.

anyways, aquiles and i are considering putting together some things that would "go along" with one of her courses so that people would learn alot more about spearfishing than just the apnea part. and, it would be in the florida keys. that's a whole nother issue, though.

Hi Anderson,

Thanks for the reply. I can relate to your spearo rational with regards to her stressing safety, me being a spearo and all...

I'm going to go check out her site and see what the base requirements are for students. I'm real sure I've "got game" to attend and further my skills, but it's be nice to know what level I've got to be at. What were the differing levels of the students in attendance at the clinic you attended?

I guess the only other things to consider are the available accomodations and if conditions in the septic tank of a lake you dove in get any better, though come to think of it, I don't know what I'd do if I got viz of better than 10' and wather warmer than 44 F.

Best of luck there in Fl w/ Aquiles.

sven anderson

that's the greatest thing about her... she totally tailors the clinic around the students. there were 3 bubble blowers out of the 5 in the class. 2 of whom had never freedove before.

seriously, i'm getting her down to the keys next summer to have a class with a group of guys that are all spearos(mostly young). i'm awfully concerned about their safety(or lack of knowledge on it) and fear some sort of tragedy in the future if they continue on the rate at which they're progressing.

i'm sure she'd love to do multiple clinics while there so i'm thinking of getting another group together for the 2nd one. and, down there, aquiles and i can hook everyone up on accomodations so it'd be more than reasonable for people to attend. it would just have to be a group of guys we know somewhat. ;)

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