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Tearduct Equalization

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Spearfisherman ;=- --->
Sep 14, 2001
Thought i'd start a thread on this as it's something i've been working on for a while now.....

I built a mask a while ago (technisub seal) with a small pipe that runs into your mouth for equalization, it works to 38m so far no problem....

Then someone told me about Herbert Nitsch equalizing thru his tear ducts to 40m at least....

So I kept trying and about two weeks ago had the chance to try with a new Technisub seal mask and a paradisia noseclip.

I tried at HMS Dolphin and took the mask to 30m no problem...


here are the caveats.....

If you suddenly become unable to equalize the mask this way and are sinking fast (ish) 40m+ you could rupture something in the eye dept if you dont turn quick enough...

You have to be extremely relaxed for this to work (well I do anyway) and this might be difficult sometimes...

You couldn't use it or any other device like it in a competition environment at the moment because of the noseclip (as far as i'm aware)

The speed you descend with a monofin would pretty much negate this method (unless you have massive tearducts!)

I found this method fun to try, and could probably continue with it - but for now I use my Seal with the pipe and a paradisia noseclip cause you guarantee equalisation every time, and you can descend like a rocket!

Works for me anyway....
Whoa tearducts, now THAT´S esoteric. Tell me another site in the universe you´d find a post like that. For that matter, when was the last time you heard tearducts mentioned in a sports context. This is nothing I'll EVER do, but it reminds me why its fun to read this forum.
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Ok, Crispin's post has prompted me to tell you all some ideas I've had for a year. I don't have the resources to build or patent anything, so feel free to steal it!
There are 2 ideas...1: A device that is held in the mouth that will pinch the nose pocket of your mask when you bite down on a lever.
2: A remote-control manipulator that runs from your hand, up your arm, is attached to the mask, and will pinch the nose pocket when your hand is closed.
Make sense? I like the first idea the best; I think it wouldn't be to bulky, and would leave both hands completely free for guns, knives, etc.
Breakfast's on, gotta go! If you ever build something like this, send me a free one.
Erik the Inventor (not);)
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reversed pinch

Very interesting ideas Erik!

I started to think about your idea #1. I would like it to work reverse. I mean that nose is closed all the time. When you bite the lever, the nose pocket is opened for mask equalization.

What do you think about following: Just normal mask, but with built-in noseclip. You dive normally both hands free and equalize your ears without hands. But when you want to equalize your mask, then you have to release the noseclip with your hand. As far as I am concerned the mask equalization is not needed so often as ear equalization. Maybe this mask would be easier to construct?

If you agree with this idea, lets think about the construction:
Normal mask, with a spring assisted noseclip glueued to the nosepocket. This noselip must have levers, so I can momentarily
(by hand) release the spring for mask equalizing purposes.

I never thought about idea number 1, but I almost tried idea 2, with one of those things you get at a hardware store - that elderly people use to pick things up, like 3 wire prongs that come out of the end of a long rod thing - kinda like the plungers photographers use to take pictures...I was gonna make the prongs that come out of the end pinch your nose, but then decided on the pipe idea, i'll post pictures of it soon, the only (and rather large) downside is that it's not allowed in competition....:(
Teppo, I thought of that, but the constant pressure would be pretty painful within a few minutes I'm sure. That would be ok for a short dive or 2, but not for a recreational freediver. If AIDA allowed such a thing in competition, then something like what you describe would definitely make sense. I don't know FREE's take on equipment rules. Crispin, that's exactly what inspired me to think of that. I think there are medical tools that do the same sort of thing (yuk). I think either idea could be turned into something useful.
I think the first device would be the way to go...small, unobtrusive, would hang around your neck when not in use....I really think it would work, and there might be enough of a market to justify building it. However, I know that International patents and mold manufacture is extremely expensive.
Erik Y.
FYI, FREE doesn't have any restriction on equipment for competition. You dive with what makes you feel the most comfortable and safe.

So, if you wanted to, you could dive with a suit of synthetic whale blubber, a nine foot long tapered monofin, fluid goggles, and a GPS unit as long as it was constant weight. :D

Happy inventing....

this drawing is a cross section of the nose part of a regular mask, and of an idea i had for a noseclip mask combo. The clip has wings on the side that can be squeezed through the mask to open the nose for mask equalization. The skirt of the mask and clip would have to be made special, but i dont see any reason that the design wouldnt work. any input from anyone else about it??


  • nose clip.bmp
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