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Tech regs

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Kayak Diver

New Member
Feb 6, 2002
I'm interested in what others are using for technical regulators. At present I'm using Scubapro, Mark 10 and Mark 15 first stages, G250 second stages. I've had them to 240 feet and they breathe great. I also use an Apex 200 once in a while, it works great too.

Hi Dale,
We use Poseidon Jetstreams for primary and secondary regs. ScubaPro Mk2/R190's and Oceanic DX4/Delta3's for stage bottle regs. The Poseidon's deliver more air than you would ever want but w/ the problems w/ a distributor in this country the past year it's been a pain getting parts. Hopefully thats all been sorted out.
cold water problems

If you are diving warm water you shouldn't have a problem.
I have seen problems with them when diving in the great lakes, especially in the winter time. We actually call them Scuba-flows up here. Sometimes you can get them to work on an ordinary ice dive, however when you take them out on the lake for a winter wreck diving charter I have seen them freeze at a very high level.
I have had the same problem with the Posidens as well. The real problem when they freeze is that they "spit" ice down your throat! I was doing a slavage job under 4' of pack ice one winter when my Posiden started sending these ice chunks down my throat- I sold it the next week. Another friend was diving one when it froze up and STOPPED giving him air- upstream valve.
When I got my first Apex regualtor it froze up on me. A few months later they came up with a "severe" adaptor kit for the second stage. I put it on and have since detuned my first stages to 120 psi. I haven't had a problem since.
In warm water I wouldn't imagine that you'd have many problems.

Thanks Jon,
So far we dive from the mid-atlantic down and in the Gulf of Mexico. Nothing cold compared to what you have! eventually we might start working some projects in the Great Lakes then it will be something to think about. Thank again.
I'm diving in North Pacific, 50 degree water, no ice diving yet. I definately want to try it sometime, when I do, I'll get equipment tips from the experienced. Thanks for reply.
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how about hot water?

Anybody got any ideas about the effect of really salty water and really hot water on regs? I flush them out, and make sure they are rinsed well with fresh/sweet water.. but would there be any serious problems with say 35C water and above? What about the problems of increased salinity?
Any ideas? Ill be diving regularily in a little while and would want to be able to prevent something from breaking...
Hello to every tekkie in this forum.
This is my first post actually . :)

Anyway. I'm using the DIVEX Sweden 950 regulator, for all my tanks, 5 of them in total... I've never been in any trouble, how could I? It's far the best regulator in the world, although a bit expensive. It is used with the best results even in deepest-cooler dive... I've traveled to 70m with no problem on air, while my instructor bottomed at 160m using the 950 reg and after surfucing -ours later- he stated that he only found a slight increase at the breathing resistance at 140m!!! Amazed?

Hope I'll test it someday myself at that depth...

PS I'm not swedish :) Just pleased for my investment...
Hi Neeka, Good to hear some Gulf voices chiming in!

As for The Arabian Hot tub, the high salt, hot water doesn't seem to do much to the regs. if anything it was eating up my second stage diaphrams. replace them with a nice soft silicone one and all was good. make sure you keep your firststage dry too! unlike freshwater, even a little of the wonderful brine gets in your friststage think about a rebuild and maybe a new HP seat. the gulf is so salty, never dove anything like it. have 300+ dives of Saudi Coast and never a problem with my regs.


Hi there,
I use two Poseidon Jetstreams for my twinset, and Poseidon Cyclone for my stage tank(s). I have never had any problems with water getting in or freeflows or not enough gas.

Couldn't recommend a better reg that I've used.
The Poseidon Jetstream,on my travel mix spits huge chunks of ice at me.
Can any one help me out with this
Mine did the same thing. That's why I dumped them 10 years ago. Some of my friends actually had them freeze shut because they are an upstream reg. I have had good luck with my Apeks regs- even diving in Wazee in a snow storm this past spring.:D


How can I get this "severe" Kit for my Apeks regs?
I have never had a problem with them but at 10 ata
is not the time or place to start.
Are you talking about first or second stage?

When they first came out we had a lot of second stage freeze up out on Lake Michigan while diving in the winter. Then, they came out with this little metal sleeve that fit into the second stage. That little bit of metal made all of the difference. Now, you can just order it with that piece in place. THe first stage is really simple. You don't need to add vodka, like with the Posidens, or any oil. You should be able to pick up the kit from any local dive store that carries them.
One thing that I did that helps a LOT was to change my I.P. on the first stage. George and the WKPP guys run theirs down at 120psi instead of 135. THis had made all the differnce in the world. I have not a one single freeflow problem since I did that. Another thing that I have changed is that I no longer use air below 100'. I dive helium which has smaller molocules and makes the regs easier to breath. This is a big reason why the 120psi set points work so well. If your diving in Wazee I imagine that your doing the same.
I plan on heading back up there in a couple of weekends. One of my friends is teaching a deco class, another is teaching a trimix class and I am just planning on freedivng and maybe shoot some fish- my new favorite hobby for a whole two days now!:D
I think that we are going to have a group of about 20 divers up there. I am hoping that at least 4 of them will be freedivers for a change. Freediving is a lot easier on my back than carrying all of those tanks.:head

Freediving.....I love freediving,but I suck......
I would love to get a few pointers from a pro.
Let me know when you will be at Wazze.

The vis. at Wazee has realy went to hell in the last two weeks.
It's bad all the way down to 100ffw,Then it's good down to about 220ffw then it gets all milky,and very dark from the poor vis. above.

Oh yea, that scuba thing. Yea ,I have already set my I.P. to 120 as per George
I don't know that I would call myself a pro. I look at the depths and static times that other are getting on this list and I feel very humbled. I am very addicted to the whole thing.
We are planning on being up there the weekend of October 12+13. I'll be with the only group of freedivers there.
It is amazing how the vis goes in there. The last deep dive I did we had similar conditions. It was crap through the top layer and super clear from 140'-200'. Once you got below 200' the vis dropped right back down again to less than 10'. At the inbetween depths the vis seemed closer to 40 or 50'.
There are quite a number of tech divers from your area that I see there on a regular basis. They all seem to be diving those Buddy Inspirations. Someone up there must be doing quite a buisness to sell that many of those things.

Oct 12th and13th sound great .Will you be diving site 1 ?
What do you drive? I drive a 87Chev. sub. blue/grey with big tires We (my brother and I)will be camping.
What do you wear at Wazee?What kind of fins?
Are you interested in a mix dive also?
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