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The Ultimate Speargun

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002
Hey Guys,

Check this out.
This is a possible 35-40 feet effective speargun. Weighs only 4lbs (1.8kg) and 49" ( 125cm ) long. ALMOST TOTALLY RECOILESS and super accurate.

The photo attached is the Archery Version. Look at the details, a harpoon shooting version is available.

With the 800 foot pound energy data ( must be in air not water ), we can calculate the shaft to have a weight of +- 1.8 pounds or 0.8 kg. I estimate the shaft to be around 44" or 111 cm, that means it must be at least 12mm thick or 1/2 inch. DAMN !!!

At US$ 1700 this is not expensive cause any custom made 35 feet speargun is around this price too. This unit offer technology to spearos. No tiring rubbers to load, almost no recoil, M-16 gun holding and aiming, must be a dream to shoot.

2000 psi of power source meaning at least 15 x 5/8 Riffe rubbers equivalent......



I am loading the photo again in jpg format. For specification u need to download the .doc format. I'm not good with computers, forgive me.

7 years ago they alerady have this AIRROW STEALTH but it come under fishery product.


this thing is made to shoot in the air, under water, the increase resistance on the projectile (water more dense then air) will make your canon into a cauliflower shape:duh
is it real?

If this thing really works then I know why the FBI has been through all of the dive shops in the US in the last week looking for suspicious types!;)

Try putting THAT in your carry-on at the airport!
Erik Y.

Here is the word from the manufacturer. I guess the commercial tuna people been hiding it from you spearo....... start dreaming & savings boys.......

Email response as follows :

"The Stealth has been in production for 14 years now. The gun is used by NOAA on their whale test program and has taken over 500 Giant tuna here on the east coast and Canada - 500 - 1100 lbs. "

I can not resist the temptation to contact the manufacturer. Wheather there is a chance to use it or not, this unit is sure worth at least hanging on the wall as High Tech display.

Hey Iya ,
Does the report mention anything about how much a 1000 lbs tuna weighs AFTER a hit from that monster cannon ?:D

I zhink at leastz 50 poundz of bloodz and fleshz dissapear after the shotz... he he he.

I will have to save big time to get one of this...........
No wonder Blue Fin Tuna is getting more expensive.
I'm still trying 2 get more info 4 u all curious guys. There must be a nut- case like myself in this forum.

that is a tough lookin machine. Something straight out of a 007 flick. Now Ive got a question for my version of the perfect speargun. I own a riffe comp. #1 and want to upgrade to something with greater power and range. Ive been eyeing a standard #3. I need a gun that will work on white sea bass and yellowtail. This gun , I believe, would also enable me to hunt tuna in the future if I was ever so inclined. I love the riffe I have now, and am sold on the quality of craftsmanship. What are your thoughts on a model that would fit my needs? BTW Sven, I still havent tried the chum on the yellowtail- my ears have been clogged since diving with a cold last week. Thanks.\
Hi Adam,

If you ask a NoT-So knowledgeable me about Standard #3, my friend has just bought one with 4 x 9/16 bands & 5/16 shaft with Ice Pick. Performance wise, he hasn't test it enough in the water.
Everytime I bring a target board on a dive trip almost no one but me uses it cause the temptation to hunt is just to much to resist 4 my friends.

Based on my Standard #2 with 4 x 9/16" and 5/16 shaft + Ice Pick, I can shoot accurately within 1.5 - 2" diameter target from 13 feet away, consistently. 4 bands and single hand shot.
This is a 13 feet deadly gun, in my own terms.

I just bought a Standard #4 with 4 x 5/8 bands & 3/8 shafts & Muzzle Stabilizer Wing. Managed to do only 5 shots with it cause the 5/8 bands worn me out fast, even with rest tab. Removing the shaft from the 6mm ( 1/4" ) plywood is even more tiring. I don't use new gun for hunting untill I get the hang of it shooting target board. I just discovered that Standard #1 to #3 has slimmer teak stock and #4 & #5 is at least 30% thicker teak stock to go along with the extra power and recoil. I buy thru catalog you see. This gun is like the Island Mid-Handle in size but since I hate butt-2-close-2-my-mouth mid-handle, so I choose #4 Baja. The pro swear by mid-handle and since I am not a pro and having a short hand, me stick to rear handle.

My idea is always get a gun at least 2 number up from what u currently own and you are just nice doing that. With 4 x 9/16 bands & 9/16 shaft the Standard #3 should give you 17-18 feet deadly range. This I guarantee cause I have #2 and #4 tested.
A Riffe Shooting Range Catalog will print 20 feet for #3 with 3 bands, for me I rate range very conservatively cause fish penetration is to be included. I also based my calculation on the Ice Pick spearhead and this spearhead consume more kinetic energy for penetration than a slim drag free Hawaiian shaft even at the same shaft diameter.

If I were you what I will do is to get #3 with the muzzle re-inforcement ( a must ) and use 4 x 9/16 bands. If you can swap the provided 9/16 threaded shaft with a 9/16" Hawaiian shaft, go for it. Then buy a 3/8" shafts with either a large spearhead or Ice Pick for the tuna hunting. Then if there is cash to spare buy another 9/32" Hawaiian shaft.

The #3 with a 3/8" shaft will be front heavy but should do well for tuna ( under 100 pounds ) as long you try to shoot within 17-18 feet range ( 4 bands ) , in this case a gill shot is not reccomended cause they are quite tough. Other meaty vital area shot is better. I know under 100 lbs tuna well cause I fillet enough fish many-many years ago when I catered them to restaurant. I wish I shot as many Tuna as I had filleted... he he he.

U must first test if shaft whip occurs using 4 x 9/16 bands on the #3 55 inch shaft. I will let you know when get to borrow my friend's #3 soon, for now I'm in the blind. Anyway a 9/16 Hawaiian shaft thrown by 3 bands should penetrate a decent sized fish nicely from 16 feet but logic & my experiment tells me that a barb that short can't compare to the Ice Pick deadly grip but it sure will penetrate super deep.

Now for your 9/32" shaft. Use only 2 bands with it. This light weight & thin shaft will make you wonder how such a small difference in weight and diameter can make the #3 swing & handle differently. Use this for suitable game.

I advice 3 different shaft diameter for #3 so that this one gun can serve different purposes. Buying a shaft is way cheaper than buying a gun. For my Standard #2, I have 4 different shafts : 9/32" x 50" Hawaiian, 9/16" x 50" Hawaiian , 9/16 x 48 threaded and 3/8 x 48" threaded. I just recently got those two thinner Hawaiian shafts and have not tested them.

Since there are not so many fishes in my near by waters ( unless I spend big bucks on far away trip ), I have the time shooting target board to improve my skill and my knowledge on my hardware. I really enjoy experimenting the ballistic of my spearguns.

OK, it's 21:40 PM my time Wednesday and it is ladies night in the clubs. Me need to do what a man go to do. Cheers....

Have Fun,

You have provided a lot of good, useful information. I had never considered the flexibility of a gun when adjusting the shaft diameter and the number and size of power bands. I dont have an unlimited budget...who does? From what you have said, it looks like the #3 is a good all around choice for me. Now the search for the second hand gun begins.
Thanks for all the info.
well i try my best on this one


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the gun is 155 hybrid style
it is made from indonesian hardwood with marine aluminum alloy
it has 4 rubbers 5/8 diameter and 28 inches long and no recoil at all.
i use the general rule 3 pounds for every 5/8 rubber ,so the gun weight 12 pounds
it has full enclose track for the spear
the spear is 5/16 stainless steel .i made 2 spears ,the one has slip tip
effective range of the gun is 25 feet
i made everything by my self including the trigger mech from stainless steel ,and i repeat test the gun
i made one similar gun 172 with range 29 feet
the last gun was a 165 made from lexan and marine aluminum alloy
a very expensive and difficult to made gun it work with maximum 6 rubbers 5/8 diameter and has effective range 29 feet with all his power .i work 135 hours for that and has full inclose rail .the spear is 5/16 diameter .
is not what you spent but was you you succeced that is the bottom line
most of the times i keep it for display above my tv since i can use cheaper guns
for sure is not a mass production gun
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