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Titanium or Carbonfiber

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New Member
Apr 15, 2002
I am thinking of making a gun and was wondering what people thought on these two materials. I am making a hybrid pipegun and was wondering which material people would prefer and why? ive heard of carbonfiber cracking and fraying or getting weak in sunlight.
Ive never heard anything bad about titanium.
thanks guys
Originally posted by kumuhunta
ive heard of carbonfiber cracking and fraying or getting weak in sunlight. Ive never heard anything bad about titanium.
thanks guys

Sounds like you answered your question...Surely Sven will enlighten us again with titanium technicalities:hmm Did I mention I have a CF Wong on the way...:cool:
Wow Rig, you bought a CF wong? Cool man, let me know how it is! ;)

I've owned a few of both types of hybrids and I really like the carbon fiber. I baby it a little more than I should, but that's mainly because I hate getting scratches on the wood stock. :(

Email Daryl & he'll extol the virtues of carbon fiber. He wrote to me basically convincing me on the superiority of the material. I had additional concerns about the lightness of the material causing muzzle lift, but the stock adds just enough heft to maintain a stable shooting platform.

Funny thing about your name - I concentrated on my stalking so much that this last trip, the kumu I shot were all within 5 feet. Lying in cracks near ledges and holes, I either had to take a rubber off or choke up on the gun since they were too close. :hmm

Fuzz what is a kumu is that a hawaiiin name :hmm

Hey Fuz
how do you like your titanium hybrid. Which do yo prefer and why? Is there really a difference? I would think that both would be pretty hard to bend and that both are pretty light.
A guy in our club has a yokooji titanium pipe hybrid-type gun. I got to play with it a couple of weeks ago. It is 48" but has a machined ti extension. You take the muzzle off, screw it in and then place the muzzle back on and you have a 55" gun. It was a sweet set-up and the price was pretty good. If you get a chance try to check out the Yokooji for ideas. (I am assuming you are in HI by your screen name). Good luck on the gun-

I prefer the carbon, but the difference is neglibible.

Titanium is a little bit heavier, but only really affects you when coming up from deep or swimming around. In the end, it's all what you feel most comfortable with. As far as hunting, I think they're both great and wouldn't hesitate to reccommend either. If you have the extra $ to spare, pop for the carbon... otherwise, the titanium is a very very good alternative.

The yokooji is also nice, but the heaviest of the 3. I like the craftmanship & Alexander parts, but overall it wasn't what I was looking for. When I mentioned a Yokooji to Mr. Wong, he said that it was similar to his initial designs, but he evolved to his current hybrid design which he felt offerred more benefits.
Ivan, sorry I missed your question.

Kumu is indeed a Hawaiian name. It's a goatfish, usually speared between 2-3 pounds, up to 6 pounds(I've never speared one over 4).

It's Scientific Name is Parupeneus porphyreus and commonly called Whitesaddle Goatfish.
Here's a so-so picture of one in the water. I have some better pictures, but I'm at work, so can't be spending too much time surfing through my files :naughty

Great tasting and highly prized food-fish(though I personally give them away), they are rare in highly fished areas esp. in Oahu, the main island.


  • kumu.jpg
    105.4 KB · Views: 436
Nice Kumu

Nice Kumu Fuzz. I read a story in HSD that these two guys went out on the North Shore and bagged a few really nice sized Kumu. I agree that they are good eating but I usually give them away just to see the reaction of other people. We got a couple of really good Kumu spots less than a mile away from my house! Try going with the three prong for these guys. Lots of fun and people flip out even more when the guy with the three prong comes out of the water with better fish than the gun divers. Gotta stalk, and hide your eyes brah! Check your PM, sent you some stuff.

Brad :martial
Thanks w3ac! These aren't very big, but can't expect too much from Waikiki kumus(quick sunset dive after b-ball game) ;)
In any case, the original picture looked good in December as my christmas-themed desktop - good color scheme :)

I totally agree on the 3-pronging - sometimes it's even a lot easier to pick up a nice stringer. In fact, for some spots, 3-prongs are a decided advantage. There are a few areas I dive where the Jo Lewis & Kumus are all holed up & my pole spear is indispensable.

I dont think Ive ever seen those fish here, thanks for the pics.

Titanium is tits!

Originally posted by fuzz
When I mentioned a Yokooji to Mr. Wong, he said that it was similar to his initial designs, but he evolved to his current hybrid design which he felt offerred more benefits.

Funny, I was thinking the same thing when I used a Wong and then tried a Yakooji... Made my own with the best of both of them.

Titanium is a bunch easier on the head- you don't need to worry about baby-ing it, you can use it to pry a rock outta the way to get your jammed fish/spear, though you didn't hear that from me ;) and let's face it, with everybody and their Mother sporting carbon this and that, a matte grey pole is just plain smooth. :cool: Plus you dont have to sweat the bond between the pipe and the stock as much with worrying about crushing the carbon and the resin binder. That's the weak point on the gun, but if you go the Sultany way and mount and bond a length of titanium rod between the stock and the muzzle inside the barrel, it makes a dandy extra jack for your car, without costing a lot of jack.

I tried a machined aluminum muzzle on my latest 43"er and went back to the Wong plastic muzzle for the more nuetral balance. Looked nice though as do most things that don't work...:hmm

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