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To Split, Or Not Be Split

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

Which split fins do you prefer?

  • Scubapro jet fin

    Votes: 7 50.0%
  • Tusa X-Pert Zoom

    Votes: 1 7.1%
  • IST talaria

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Aqualung V-Tec

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Atomic

    Votes: 4 28.6%
  • Apollo Bio Fin Pro

    Votes: 2 14.3%

  • Total voters


Erection Supervisor ;)
Jan 19, 2001
I have heard a lot of vibe about split fins ultimately...
i would love to hear how many of you use split fins and which brand you use?
Split Fins

When I use split fins, I use a set of Atomics. I've tried several different kinds, including those by Sherwood, Scubapro, Biofin, etc., and usually condsidered them to be too soft feeling. I found that the atomics were a little bit stiffer on the outside rails which seemed to give better control when sculling or using a frog kick.

You'll note I said when I use splits as I have become more conscious of the benefits of a non split fin in certain circumstances. The split fins seem to give me good propulsion in calm conditions when I am diving with minimal gear (i.e., tropical diving). When I started dry suit work, doubles and/or spearing I found that the splits were not nearly as versatile. With a split fin I used less air to move around on the reef, but the actual amount of power I could derive from a fin kick seemed to be less. I may have to work harder to move with my old Gorillas, but by gosh I could fight a current and perform finer movements. Check out the thread on the Hunting Equiment forum "Fin Lineup" started by Unirdna.

I'd also like to plug the fin by Aeris, which tries to provide the best of both worlds (is this like trying to have it both ways?). This is a non-split fin with a more pliable slotted material spannig the center of the fin. Its supposed to perform like a split fin for propulsion and also provide some of the benefits of a non-split. I don't know if they do all that, but I've dove with them and the seem to be a pretty good little number to dive with and are less than $100 US vs. $175 for the Atomics.
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Where the "no split" option on this poll?

I tired them and hated them, not enough power to move all the scuba gear through the water.

For warm-water diving, especially in a current, I use my old Picasso Black team freediving fins. For cold water drysuit stuff I use standard jet fins or turtle fins- with spring straps.

Save your money and buy something useful, like a new pair of freediving fins.;)


BTW: I just checked prices onthe DB Scubastore and you can get one pair of Scubapro Split fins on sale for $138.89 or a pair of Cressi Frogs scuba fins($48.41) AND a pair of Sporasub freediving fins ($63.54) for only $111.95! That leaves you $26.94 left over to buy yourself a new mask. :cool:
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no split for me!

you;re right.. that's a separate poll... i tried split fins once (I am a Mares Avanti ABS fan) and it felt so weird. i felt like i wasn't going anywhere...

however, my boyfriend swears by his Tusa xperts.. and insists that split fins are the way to go.. i went to a Scubapro conference last week and listened to the whole deal on split fins.. how they are the best on the market etc etc.

thought it would be good to hear the non-biased opinion... :)
and show him the results of the poll...


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I'm not a fan, but if you are...

In the interests of anyone out there looking to upgrade their kit :hmm I've a pair of Scubapro Splits, size XL. You want 'em for $100 US and pay for the postage, they're yours. Excellent condition and feature the strap upgrade- took the cheapshit plastic buckles off and installed the stainless buckle/pin configuration of the real Scubapro fins. Smooth. Send me a PM for the particulars.
why cut a perfectly good pair of fins in half? :confused:

I'm with Jon too. Turtle Fins :D
No split fins here either.

I've seen what they do to silt. Yet my buddies that dived them didb't seem to be very agile or fast in the water either which has me wondering what benefit the splits were supposed to provide.

Plus you can't very easily do a frgkick from whatI've heard (and that is my nearly exclusive kick) and you can more or less forget about backfinning.

No thank you... I'll just keep my Scubapro Jetfins (NOT split) and be very happy...
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I am horribly biased, so I'll vote "no splits" as well:)

I tried a few brands of splits over the years and didn't like any of them. While they do allow you to move at normal speeds with little effort, they don't seem to have any reserve of power if you really need to hustle or to fight a current. Maneuverability felt lousy and I would never be comfortable diving a twinset and stages in a current with them.

Jon is spot on with his choices. I also use plastic freedive fins when I am diving in a wetsuit and the old faithful Jetfins for all my drysuit diving or for diving that involves silt or wrecks.

wow this is really good, hmmm i may have to think about buying splits now. it seems everyone i have talked to in hawaii swears by them, but after reading the stuff here, hmmm i am confused. maybe i need to go rent a pair and see how that all gets tooled out.
No Splits allowed in this house....

I've looked at splits in several dive shops, felt the material, and came away thinking they are all show and no go.
The Force-Fin 'Foil Force' and Force-Fin 'Original Fins' seemed absolutely unreal to me...flimsy, no response, etc. :confused:

Too bad you don't have "Thanks, but no, thanks" on the poll.
Tried some Scubapro Twin Jets, moved really well in the pool. Got them in open water and hardly moved. Was being left behind by a mate with mares avanti's.
Got some jet fins now, and whilst not the fastest things on earth, you can feel the power, plus they dont kick up silt, especially when frog kicking.
deciding whether or not to use split fins is really an anatomical question/choice - if you have a bad knee, as I do, you'll find that split fins create less leverage (pressure) along the knee joint, and are,therefore,more comfortable. i love my split apollo bio fins, and find that they give me plenty enough force to chase after my students!
I've tried splits and I've tried force fins, I didn't care for either.
I guess I'm just too 'old school' , I use Scubapro Gorillas or Jets.
I have the biofin pro XT's - they rock!

I have no trouble in a pretty stiff current, and always seem to be a bit faster then most of my buddies.

In all honestly though they are the xtra torque model with a firmer rubber, giving more thrust. I am a pretty strong swimmer, and i am sure that a pair of jetfins would have me rocketing past all my buddies, but the stiffer rubber on mine seems to make all the difference. I saw the regular pros and thought they were pretty flimsy.

On sunday i dove and saw my first "shark" (dogfish) - still pretty damn exciting for me. I had no problem catching up with him until he saw me - beep beep - gone. = ) I keep meaning to try my friends jetfins - i will let you know.

i love my biofin pro xt's - if you like the regular ones or aren't considering them simply because they are a bit flimsy - try the XT's. My .02

the only time that i was ever envious of someone's split fins was during the timed snorkel swim of my IDC. i did the 800m with my trusty old cressi space frogs and my friend Tracy did it much faster and easier with here apollo split fins... my legs did ache after that one!
but having done a lot of diving in really strong currents and seeing others with split fins really struggle to get anywhere i'll stick with my new favourite fins (even better than the cressis) a pair of Sporasub Cruise (pretty much the same as Mares Avanti Quattro Powers).
This subject sounds familiar....:D

I'll throw in my 2 cents as well. I have the Atomic splitfins and the Sporasub H Dessault fins, and I like both of them. The split fins are good for nice and easy cruising, while the Sporasubs are good for everything.

Between you, me, and the fence post, I think the Sporasubs were a better deal. They were cheaper, you can replace the blades, and they look cool. If I had done a bit more research into the matter, I probably wouldn't have bought the Atomics. Not that the Atomics are a bad fin. They just don't seem to have as much versatility as the Sporasubs, and they're expensive:waterwork It is a lot of money for basically a workout fin.
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