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Train with me!!!

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Rasta Freediver
Mar 4, 2004
Hey, im going to start doing statics today, and i'll be posting my new best times every day, just kind of a way for motovation to keep up and stuff. If anyone wants to "train" with me, that would rock. Just do your dry statics and stuff and post what your times are and how you're improving.

P.S. I'm 15 and i just started freediving, these are my statics every!

TODAY'S BEST: 1 min., 5 seconds
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wellcome Skarz

if you're just staring out, you might want to look here for some training tips..
click on the sponsor link and then on the picture of Bill. on the bottom of the page that comes up you have a link to a few training tips...
good luck and again..wellcome

Hey I'm 16 and just starting too. I did dry statics about 4 times last week and started at 1:45 I think. My best was 2:45 by Wednesday or Thursday.

I gave you a link to these automated tables I found in another thread but here it is again:
in the Downloads sectioin
Could anyone help me with technique? I haven't figured out the technique for packing, and sometimes when im doing a hold, i run out of breathe in like 5 seconds, because i dont get a good hold. I've been trying to breath in, blow out hard, breathe in, blow out hard, breathe in from the toes, and hold. Could anyone tell me what they do right before they go down on a dive?
If you are really just starting out, stay away from packing for a while...the reall benefits from packing doesnt really come into play until you are starting to dive deeper than what your lungvolume/residual volume allows without a lot of training ( usualy around 30meters ). At this point, just starting out, 15 and probably still growing, I believe it will do you more harm than good.
just breath slow deep breaths, consentrate on relaxing and you WILL get there ( wherever "there" is )..being relaxed is the key to it all..
You just have to relax your body and slower your heart rate by starting breathing slowly and relaxed for the first 2 minutes, then try 3 sec breath in a bit deeper followed by an exhalation of 10 to 15 sec, all this done within a time period of 3 minutes, just before your breathhold attempt try doing some purging in which you breath and exhale a litttle faster but paused for about 10 to 30 seconds then breath one or two more times in a relaxed manner and then start taking your last breath filling your belly first then your lungs, then throat and some packing.

Let me know how you did!!
Good luck
Thanks..... i could get up to 1 min. 20 seconds after quite a bit, but i know it will be less when i start diving this summer.... im relaxed in the water, but to me doing statics and diving is a huge difference. Hopefully i can stay underwater for 45 seconds - 1 minute. Im only diving in about 7-20 ft. of water too, so if something goes wrong, i will be back up in a second or 2.
An over-all good stanima is also very benificial. Do some jogging, cycling etc.
The other thing is streching. Ask your gymnastics teacher for some good exercises.

Be warned go easy on all training.

The greatest thing to learn is listen to your body, and do not go over it's limits. I find it very rewarding exploring my own body inch by inch, it's a part of my love for freediving.

I know it's hard to take your time, but in the and you'll learn more and experienceses become richer.

Have fun, dive safe,

Today I tried to max out for the first time in two weeks, with only a few excercises inbetween.

But today I used headphones to listen to slow Pink Floyd while doing the hold. I was amazed when I made 3:30.

I think the music really made it go by faster.
that's a good idea! Then again i do all my dry statics during 4th hour biology so i dont think i could pull of headphones..... I'm going to try the music deal though. I'm still working out the kinks in getting my final breathe up and going. I can't wait for warm weather!
I don't worry too much about perfect proper breathe up since I am just starting out. I just take big slow breaths until I feel calm, and about 3-5 faster deep breaths before I hold.
is it bad to do statics when you're somewhat tired? i was thinking of doind some minimal dry static things before bed, because that's when i have adaquate time..... I'm not sure if it would be wear and tear on my body though.
I dont think its necessarily very "bad" to do them when your tired, you just probably wont get as good results. I think the time your body is most relaxed is when you have just woken up on the weekends.
Haha.... err.... waking up on the weekends isn't a good thing for me. (Not a hangover, im just spent)
Doing max breathholds every day isn't what I think is good.
Your body needs time to recover and to adapt.

I would say do them 2 or 3 times a week. Both tables, Co2 and O2. Spent the rest of the time learning. Learning how ro relax, breath, swim, stretch etc. There is so much to learn!

But above all take it easy, you can have bad day's, weeks, months, or maybe even years... The importent thing is that you should try to keep it fun and safe. Progress will come to you gradually, and hard training doesn't add much to it. At least not compared to all the extra 'pain' one seems to suffer.

Good Luck and try not to stare yourself blind on those frigging numbers! One day you whish you have no idea how long you're doing. It's better to concentrate on how you feel and how you body reacts.


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