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training question

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New Member
Feb 26, 2003
I have just started yesterday on the Apnea training tables and I can hold my breath for 2 mniutes. My question is, how often should I do this? every day, twice a day? Also, how long do you guys think it will take for me to build up to a 4 min hold. thanks alot
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There are little tips and tricks to holding your breath. Unfortunately, not every trick works for everyone. The thing is practice. You won't hold your breath longer if you don't practice. Starting at 2 minutes is a good thing. Good rules of thumb:

1. Never Dive Alone
3. Hyperventilation is not good.

I just wrote in another thread that there is no exercise or wizardry that can make you hold your breath for 4 minutes after 3 seconds of trying. Get yourself a copy of "Freedive" by Terry Maas. This is kind of a Freedivers Handbook. It will most certainly get you started. You can obtain Freedive at most bookstores and scuba shops even if they have to order it. If you get some time, search around these posts, you can find lots of info.

Good Luck!

Hi freddy,

While the Terry Maas book has some good stuff in, it has very little on training. I remember buying it years ago hoping to find some training techniqes to improve my freediving and it had squat. :confused:

Dry statics are safe to practise on you own, in the pool you need a buddy. To practise breatholds, I guess at least a couple of times a week up to once a day.

As for how long it will take, that really depends on the person. A friend of mine was a complete beginner and he did over 4 minutes the first time he tried a static in the pool. After 4 pool sessions he did 6.25 !
Something I still haven't beaten yet. Another guy I know who has trained for a couple of months, has only gotten to around the 4 minute mark (wet static). I think some people must have some genetic advantage in Statics. But the biggest part of it is mental, being able to relax, and not being scared to push it...
Also experiment with different warm up routines, some things work well for some, but no for others.

Originally posted by freddytunafish
Thanks, how often do you think I should use the tables.

Hey Fred, I would try to do them 3 or 4 times a week if possible. Eat healthy and get lots of sleep if you practice these, just as if you were doing aerobic or anaerobic training.
Erik Y.
Hej Fred

I started static 2 years ago. I did 1min 30 sek and was proud.
but resently i started runing and doing yoga and i have improved my statik to 4 min 15 whitin months. I dont know if it is the training or the feeling for my body that does, it but running seems to do "magic".


I did my static training every day but didn't go for max every day(every 3 or 4 days)!
My progres was easy up till 4:45 min then it got really hard.
Someone said : static is 75% mental and 25% all the rest (running , ...). And it is true! Of course with practise resaults will come.
And don't forrget nutrition is very important!!

lots of vegs (antioxidants), and try not to eat for a few hours before static.

The real question you should be asking Freddy is "what do i want to get out of the sport?" If you are going for static apnea records your training would be different than a dynamic speacialist. Some people with great statics have crappy dynamics. I would try to identify my weaker skills and focus on developing those...but its always easier and more fun to do what you are good at!:D

Do you want to compete? Are you just in it for the challenge? Photography? Hunting? Gear your training towards your interest. When I train in the pool I simulate a stalking and hunting situation b/c that is my reason for freediving. An impressive static on the surface wont necissarily put dinner on my table:cool:

I have alot of respect for the guys who go after numbers...its something that I just can not do for some reason...put a gun in my hands though and I am an entirely different diver. I guess all Im saying is find what interest you the most, your passion, and then develope it.
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I think you said it all. The world of apnea is so broad and varried that a bit of extra focus is needed. God knows I could use a bit more focus on my numbers!
This may be a silly question. But what are apnea training tables? I have never heard of them.
I am interested in increasing my dry static time. Is running and cardio more important than actually holding my beath.
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most important??

Hello, my opinion about what to practice is as follows.

I think that anyone can reach 4min static without struggle (without mental skill) only by learning the following:

-preparation "breathe up" that works for the individual
-maximize relaxation
-a good eating habit the the 24 hours before static.

With a bit of struggle (and training to get used to high CO2) I think anyone can reach 5.30-6min.

To reach ~6+min I think you have to physical adapted (trained+ beeing born with the ability)

I belive the most important performance factor for freediving is technique. If you want to reach 45m CB/100m dynamic/5mins static I think it's enough to learn proper technique.
Many people start running and do physical training only to make small improvements in performance.

Peter Ols

The apnea tables are two different series of 8 breath holds designed to improve your O2 and CO2 tolerance. Last month they were on this forum in two different forms. My search abilities are terrible but if you can't find them, send me an e-mail.
Try looking in the thread titled Downloadable Static Tables. The link is posted there and it seems to work for me. Copying the link and posting it here causes something to go haywire

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