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Training to reality

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take a breath and relax..
Apr 26, 2001
Real quick one here i hope.. I was just wondering how dry dynamic training.. e.g apnea walking, apnea weights etc compare to wet dynamics? If for example you can do a 2min apnea walk are you likely to be able to do 2min wet dynamic swim or could you do a 2min spearfishing hunt.. say 10m down with a minute plus on the deck? Just after peoples opinions on how things compare.. would be interesting to get some figures on this so if you can quote your average times for say statics.. dry and wet.. wet dynamics, a dry dynamic.. be it walking or whatever and an average hunting dive. oh and i suppose we should include the hardcore depth addicts so a depth/time for you too!
I'll start us off.. these figures are about a year old as i havnt dived for nearly that long after having a operation and being off my feet for nearly 6months.. anyway..
Average dry static: 3.30
Average wet static: 3:15
Average dry apnea walk: 2:00/85m
Average wet dynamic.. never did!
Average depth dive: 25m
Average hunting dive 2min total.. 1min plus on the deck.

As i said they were about a year ago and sadly its gonna take a long time to get back to that level even though it wasnt all that impressive!
Stats in your signature

I've only been training a few weeks so i can't add much that would be good for comparisons but i was thinking it would be good idea if people put there statistics in their signature. That would enable beginners to get a good idea of where their training might be heading. As long as people don't abuse it to try and gain status it would be helpful.

I'll get the ball rolling but like i say i havn't done much yet.

Those are quite impressive considering you have only been training a few weeks.. can i ask how often and how you train and if you know what sort of improvement are/were you seeing over say a weekly basis? what did your times start at and how fast did they go up? I remember before my op and other things managing to hit my first 4:00 in static after only a week but dynamic creeping up slowly and the static creeping up after that even slower. Now im finally back in training im trying to work out how long it might take to reach my old status.. although for my sins im now not in as good shape and did smoke for a while again.. urrgghh.. long slow haul i think!
Well, i've been training for athletics seriously for 3 years so i obviously had a head start. Progression went a bit like;

1 st 2 wks - 2 holds then max. attempt, 5 days a week
day 1 - 3:11
end wk 1 3:50
end wk 2 4:37
wk3 - present - 2 days o2 table, 1 day co2 table, 1 day dynamic walk, 1 max attempt day; 3 holds then max.
end wk 3 5:01
maintained 4:00 over christmas
end wk 6 5:08

That's so far, i now need to start working on the dynamics cos they're what count. I havn't got easy access to a pool so for now it will be walks and sprints. I only got into this sport because of the benefits apnea might have for my sprinting http://forums.deeperblue.net/showthread.php?threadid=39877&goto=nextoldest but with the speed of my progression i don't want to waste my ability to dive.

Good question Joe,
I have made some progress in the last 5 months that I contribute in large part to dynamic walking. In answer to your question about does a 2:00 min dynamic walk equal to a 2:00 min dynamic dive? I would have to say no. But for me, the more I can make my walk like my dive, the more comfortable my dive is. For instance I do my walk with my arms in the dive position (holding them over my head) and use ankle weights to increase the muscle fatigue and CO2 build up.

Dynamic walking is mostly about CO2 tolerance, which is probably the biggest factor in dynamic diving. I do my walking indoors so I don’t have to deal with people. I only track the time, because steps or lengths are just too complicated (mental activity) for me. I have done a 2:45 and a 2:40. I did two 75-meter dives and felt like I easily had 100 in me, but then I had a surgery, which dropped my ability (hopefully just temporary). My dives were 57 seconds each.

The CO2 tolerance has been very useful in static as well. My pb static went to 6:00 after a few months of dynamic walking. Static contractions are more manageable now after learning to cope with dynamic walking contractions, which are much stronger.

I like to do static in the morning and dynamic walking in the afternoon Monday to Friday, but this is very taxing on the body. I only do one warm up for just over a minute and then go for max.

Hope this helps,
Yes thats a great help...75m in 57secs?! thats some achievement.. my own regime of training is finally in progress i hope to see some of the success that other members have had so i will keep you all posted on the results.
Originally posted by donmoore
For instance I do my walk with my arms in the dive position (holding them over my head) and use ankle weights to increase the muscle fatigue and CO2 build up.

I do my walking indoors so I don’t have to deal with people.
I'm glad you added that last part Don, otherwise you might get a few comments walking around like that.:D
I can imagine some strange looks walking around with your arms in the air! I got enough today walking round turning slightly blue at work!
As a note with all of this my statics are doing my head in.. as i said I am trying to reach my former performance levels, my dynamic times (apnea walking etc) are creeping up slowly but surely but my static apnea times have stopped altogether, i just cant hold beyond 2:20.. my previous best was 5:54.. this is really annoying me, although i dont ever use statics in competition or anything, my first hold will be 2:10 then the next 2:20 and there it will stay, i cant push it any further no matter what breath up etc i try. Am i destined to stay here.. (possibly a cosmic karma retaliation for smoking for 2 months?) or is it phsycological?
Any ideas greatly recieved!
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My dive partner fits the mold of being decent at dynamics, but stinks at statics. From watching him and others with the same problem, I think its inability to relax and to be at peace with one’s self. When doing something moving their mind is occupied, but when they don’t have that, sometimes all they can think about is the pain. You should see the facial distortions this guy has. He makes himself believe he is going to die, but in reality he probably has 95% O2 left.

Try giving yourself something to occupy your mind with. Something easy and pleasant. 5:54 is a good PB. You should be able to go at least the first two minutes without thinking or looking at the clock. I do better with an analog stopwatch than a digital. To me its much more soothing to see a hand making a nice movement than a bunch of digits flashing by.
Keep at it, and make sure you take a few days off during the week for recovery,
Hey.. i was thinking its probally a physcological thing.. i never look at a clock till im done then stop it and look after.. i do feel less relaxed than i seem to remember my self previously being.. strange enough i used to be able to do statics, as i said up to 5 min plus but my dynamics never incresed past about a minute, where as now my dynamics have crept past this and are creeping up ever so slowly still but my statics are stuck.. im gonna try changing my routine a bit and see if that helps. Thanks for the replies..
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