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Oct 5, 2004
Hi all, I am a spearo who has been diving for well over one year and can only hold his breath for about 90 seconds on land :(. .
I am fairly calm and relaxed in the water so I assume my best bet is to do some training. Particually breathing training. When it comes to training I'm an absolute beginner, so do you have any tips? Anything that would help as I know nothing about the various methods used.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
I don't understand most of what is said in the other threads, that's why I started a new thread.

Sorry Cam,
What you are asking is very broad. If you do some searching around and have more specific questions I am sure that people would be more apt to help. It's kind of like asking "how do you walk?" It's more complicated than it sounds.

Also, be sure to look through all of the beginner threads. There have been several that have asked the same question, and there are already elaborate and numerous responses in those threads. There is a wealth of info out there, you just have to go and find it. Good luck, and happy apnea!

Hey Cam, welcome to DeeperBlue. Like picksmither just said, it is a broad question that you ask. It sounds like your main concern is with your breath hold (apnea) times. How long have you been working at it? Do you breathe a special way before your attempts? Is there anything else that concerns you?
To begin with, just about everyone here could tell you some things to begin with. One, get a buddy, especially if you're practicing apnea underwater. Two, you need to practice to improve. Feel free to ask questions. If the old threads don't make sense, that's okay. That's what the beginner forum is for. I hope you get the information you need. Welcome!:)
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Hi Cam,

Like the othres have stated, this is propably the most common question on db. Search for the word "newbie", and you'll see what I mean.

Most of these questions have already been answered numerous times, so people may be a bit reluctant to go through them once more. This forum is really a gold mine of information, but the thing is, there's a lot of, well, crap that you have to sort through.

But here's some threads to get you started:
First of all, check the Apnea definitions and glossary, if you're having trouble with the jargon:

Apnea definitions

Here are some random threads I picked to get you started. Before you dive in, I'd like to clarify a few points that a beginner needs to know:
-Relaxation good
-Mental training and tolerance good
-Warmup routines really good
-Hyperventilation BAD
-Diving or training alone REALLY BAD!

Ok, now that we got that cleared, here you go :)
I suggest to you that you start practicing dry apnea. Meaning lay in bed, relax, hold your breath. Toy with different warmups to see what works. You'll get some ideas from the following threads.

beginner thread 1
beginner thread 2
Beginner thread 3
Beginner thread 4
Beginner thread 5
Beginner thread 6

Read those through and if you have some questions, feel free to ask. At least there should be enough new things so that you'll be able to ask more spesific quiestions ;)
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Thanks for the welcome guys :king

Originally posted by picksmither
What you are asking is very broad. It's kind of like asking "how do you walk?" It's more complicated than it sounds.
I know from what i've read that there is a lot involved, and it'll most likely take many years to get any good... I was just after a starting point. I've never done training, so I don't know if it's best to improve fitness or if it's best to work on breathing technique or something else... or all.

Originally posted by BatRay
It sounds like your main concern is with your breath hold (apnea) times. How long have you been working at it? Do you breathe a special way before your attempts? Is there anything else that concerns you?
I have been spearfishing for over one year, regularly, up to five hours a day in the water. I just try to relax, take about four deep breaths, then dive. I proberbly need to relax more and leave a longer period between dives to fully recover...

I have been thinking of taking a freedive course too...

Thanks for the links jome :) Hopefully I won't have to ask anymore vague questions.

-Hyperventilation BAD
Found this one out first hand... I nearly blacked out a while ago.
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Sounds like you are on the right track Cam. You seem to have a good grasp on freediving and how it relates to you. The board is here to support you, feel free to ask questions, but the odds are they have already been answered somewhere else. Best of luck to you, and happy diving!

Hi Cam you nearly Blacked out? glad your still among us! (I guess you are now convinced of the need having a capeble buddy)

Ok let me tell you about my FD experience.

I'm now into freediving for just over two years, and it became two important years. Freediving learned me how to listen to my feelings, and to obay these.
For me it was a road of exploration, and I still love every training.

When I started my focus was on improving my swimming technique, and my breathholding. In the beginning UW times shoot up, from 3' to 5' in a 3-4 months. I really felt in love with it, and it was my first passion, and still is. Needles to say I trained as much as possible, 3 - 5 times a week.
Afther the first 5 months the improvements declined a bit, flattend out, and a different approach was needed.
Nowaday's I practice concentration, and only do statics once a week. 3 times a week I practice swimming. Furtermore I cycle a lot. For the concentration I practice coordination and balance exercises (I'm poor in those things). All exercises are performed with great care to breathing as well. Oops I almost forgot stretching, this is VERY important. The more flexible, the more relaxed you can move and be I would say.

Make sure you training starts of with little intensity, and add little steps as you improve. I've seen many people train too hard without listening to their bodies.

Take things easy and enjoy the ride, for it is a great adventure!

Love, peace and water!

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