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New Member
Apr 2, 2001
Does anyone have or know of some freediving wallpaper for my computer? A freediving screen saver would be nice too. Thanks
this is a beautiful one, angus; no charge!

was going to submit it to rodales. whadda you think? :confused:
see what a few beers can do to your humor? :D

yeah, aquiles is going to kill me!:mute
You slay me buddy.
Cheers, Erik Y.
Now I have to get the tears out of my keyboard:waterwork
Wallpaper and Screensaver!

Ahhhh - I was wondering when peopl were going to start asking about this.

I have contacts ;) and the software to do both. If this is something people are very interested in let me know here and i'll look to get some stuff created!

How about a screensaver that times static apnea ?? With a guy going bluer and bluer in the face as time goes by :D
I took one of the spearfishing postcards and made it into my wall paper. I think I just right clicked on the image I wanted and there was an option for wall paper. Of course I stumbled on this by mistake, one of the few that didn't crash my computer. Hope this helps.


This strictly speaking is not allowed. The images on the postcard site are copyrighted to the author and are not for public "download".

However, there is no way we can enforce this easily.

Any screensavers or wallpaper images we'd produce would be fully licensed for that purpose and would be a lot higher resolution as well!
Calling honest people

To all the people that have used the postcard pictures as wallpaper, please, go to your nearest police office to be handcuffed and jailed. The law is the law. :D

I just hope everyone who has the postcard pictures as wallpaper knows they have to live with the guilt for the rest of their lives!

:duh :head :D

I'll go straight to my local law enforcement agency and turn myself in.(Is there any reward?) I guess I didn't read the fine print, or probably anything else that doesn't have to do w/ spearfishing/freediving. As to anyone that read my post, what I meant to say was, if you follow my directions you will be in direct violation of said copyright laws and will be punished to the full extent of the law. Although I can't believe I'm the only one to do it. I honestly stumbled on it by accident! Being at the lower end of the computing spectrum there has to be others that figured it out. OK, all of us that are using pirated wallpaper @1200 GMT please delete said wallpaper. Again sorry for the slip up.
Jay :naughty :waterwork
The Hero of a Thousand Paces

Hey Stephan, I think you have an ethical duty to post wallpaper and screen savers to save depth addled freedivers from acting on their darker impulses. There is evil afoot and only a top flight crime fighter can stop the madness. Unfortunately no one at Deeper Blue comes even close to being a bottom flight crime fighter so you will have to do. Just think, first they pirate postcards next they move onto Xeroxing copyrighted material and before you know it they will have moved onto a major copyright violation addiction in which they don't return library books followed by total degradation when they can no longer control the urge to plagiarise. In this time of great need and international sorrow only one person has the stuff to become a timeless hero. Only one man has the blood of ancients flowing in his veins. To bad he doesn't freedive - so that leaves Stephan. We implore you - nay- we beseech you Stephan to come forward at this time of impending peril to step forward and take you place amoung the pantheon of mythic heroes (who can be seen regularly on the cartoon network) and please please give us wallpaper and screen savers that will not lead us into a life of criminal copyright infringement.
that's the best thing about getting into photography! you've got your own wallpaper/screensavers! microsoft windows ME has "My Pictures Screensaver" and it lets you add all the pictures you want to a folder and when your screensaver comes on, it goes through them like a slide show. webshots.com also has a free version if you don't have windows ME.

when i get off my @ss and update my picture page on my website, you guys can email me and ask me for ones you like. that's if you like them. :confused:

here's a cool one i got last trip. i think it's a blue striped grunt. not a fabulous fish, but just a cool shot:

Ditto to Anderson's note about creating your own wallpaper/screensaver (I was going to post the same, but he beat me to it).

Milan (from these forums) was kind enough to send me a CD of the digital photos he took from our trip to Crystal River and Rainbow Springs. Within minutes, my kids showed me how to do the slideshow thing as a screensaver (with my favorite photo as the background/wallpaper). Not only have a freediving screensaver/wallpaper, but am able to be reminded of a great day of diving.

I am attaching the photo to impress myself with my computer (graphics) literacy (tax programs are a breeze). Note that I was just about the remove the now-replaced snorkel from my mouth.


  • 101-0113_img.jpg
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I'm not too impressed - how do you make the photo so it isn't as big as the big blue?

I've resized the image for you.

To everyone else - please make sure the image pixel size is smaller - it adds work to the Admins and Mentors to have to edit you pictures for you.
Thanks Stephen


Thanks for the edit - I think I'll stay within my limitations (at least when it comes to graphics) in the future. I'm a numbers and spreadsheet kind of guy and very creatively challenged.

rekindled old post!!!!!

so how did this ever end up? ive been lookin all over the interwebs for some nice 1280x1024 images. Have found some nice generic ones, but with low res or portait orientations or whatever. Did db ever make any or does anyone know where proper freediving wallpapers can be found? im gettin tired of my WoW backgrounds :p
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