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Wanna hear a shit*y trip....... ???

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002
I am kind of feeling low today. I kept thinking of my last weekend trip to my favourite 5 hours away pinacle where I had a Doggie party. Would you believe I brought home nothing.........

The weather was nice, kind of flat. Water was dark cause very dark rain clouds in the morning and late afternoon.

I was expecting at least a Spanish Mackerel. It was a full moon I think and current was almost nil. Some bastard fisherman were bombing the reef/rocks some 1000 meters away from us...Son Of A Bitch. I heard 3 explosions. I thought my tank blew apart !!! There are a few fishermen boats, I don't know which one is the bomber. These crazy dudes are known to throw bombs at authority if being approached. Poverty and lack of common sense have caused their brain to veer of course.

Anyway I only took 3+1 shots on the seven dives I did.
First shot was a fun shot at a coral trout. There is no pelagic fish to shoot so I have to get that delicous 5kg coral trout on the first dive. I was using my #4 Riffe and was on 3.5 bands. I was lazy to un-load 1 or two bands. So I made some noise so that the fish will go further away and it did but it went deeper instead. So I aim exactly downward.........and missed and dulled my Ice Pick.
I keep worrying that if I shoot some fish other than what I realy want, the real one will come when my gun in not ready...always the case. I was having a bad headache cause I did not get a single minute of sleep the night before.......excitement of a trip always drive me nuts.

Dive three, there was this 2kg rainbow runner. Since I have not seen any pelagic, I took a shot at one from below it, I was aiming some 45 degrees up. Too lazy to ascend. I missed it completely...what a wacko !!

Dive three......see nothing. The red snappers of 3-4 kg were all over the place but it will be a last resort, I thought. When I was about to ascend, I took a very long shot at one and I was not holding my gun properly and it was at full 4 bands. I hit the tumy and the gun butt hit my reg...not painful but this is my second time. Everytime I am tired and not serious of the fish I shoot, at 4 bands I get butt-ted. Since it was a poor shot the snapper got away...what a waste.

Dive 4, I thought I rather use my #2 Riffe since my hands are fatigued and my headache is killing me. Bad luck was with me and I saw two Giant Trevaly coming my way. One was 25-30kg, the other was +-20kg. I was reluctant to shoot from far, so I waited for it to get closer but it so happened my buddy was next to me, unusual but he was there and the GTs were spooked and fled. I could have taken the shot but...............whatever.

Dive 5, see nothing, shoot nothing. Shot a wounded fish that tore off from a friend's spear, not counted as a fish, it was swimming fast but I just don't want it to die useless.

Dive 6 Next day Sunday. Aborted first dive attempt cause my left right ear got blocked. Waited 10 minutes and try again, this time my left ear got blocked.......what a shit luck. Third attempt, not too bad bad but needed to stay at 60 feet for a few minutes cause right ear can't pop and go any deeper. See nothing shoot nothing.

Dive 7 Sunday, see nothing shoot nothing.

My friend managed to shoot a +-10kg doggie twice. Missed once and a minor flesh wound on second shot. He also shot a +- 14 kg Spanish that drag him all around till the Ice Pick tore off, even his 5" bungie came undone. At least he still got a nice 4kg Barramunid Cod, 2kg Rainbow Runner and a 8kg Trevaly. Yours Truly get...ZERO :waterwork :waterwork

Plan to dive again , not the pinacle, but the boatman told me he expect bad weather this weekend. Sad..sad...sad.

Never in my life I visit this area and come home ..zero...never.
Even if I were to choosy, 2 miss and 1 tear off from 3 shots is pure dumb..dumb. :( :(. Must take sleeping pills next time before a trip. zzzz zzzz zzzz zzzz
We've all had bad trips. I hurt my ears once not clearing on the second dive of a diving trip. Spent the rest of the time getting sick on the tiny boat in the choppy waters while my friends picked up mahimahi and ono. :( Everyone got at least 1 dolphinfish or wahoo except for me. :waterwork

But cheer up, I'm sure you'll be posting doggie pics your next trip ;)
Sorry to hear about your trip- we've all had bad days and know exactly how you feel. always a bad thing.

If it makes you feel any better I just traveled four days to get from Vancouver to Saudi Arabia, and all my scuba/spearfishing equipment is stuck in Kuwait. half my vacation is gone and no equipment. the beach is mirror calm and crystal clear! sooooo pissed off! Locals spotted tuna hitting a bait ball of shore yesterday. :waterwork

both of us should just go find a comfortable chair and a cold drink. :head

Best of Luck Iya, will be better next time!



In Websters dictionary you will find sympathy somewhere between sh*t and syphilis. :) :hmm Try Vermont, nearest hunt 3.5 hrs. Recent air temp regularly in the 0-10 degree F range. Expectation for the next 2+ months; snow as*hole deep on a 10' indian. Hope this helps.:confused:

Cheers, Guy
Hey Crazy Iya,

Sorry to hear the trip went sour. But I should warn you....you are complaining about the cake when many of us have no bread :D. Now don't get me wrong, I like reading your tales of woe, and it is still pretty early in the "off" season, so I will stay relaxed. But I'm looking at 3 months of no hunting :(, and at least 5 months of having to look at all the women dress in winter clothing :waterwork. I'm going to look a lot like Jack Nicholson at the end of "The Shining" by March, and so help me, if you register another complaint like this one, I will collect some of the frozen water that is falling from our skies, and personally fly to Indonesia and dump it down your pants.

Got it mister? rofl


Does that mean your up for some diving on Saturday to ease the pain of your dryland exsitence?

I don't think that Mendota has iced up all the way yet. :D ;)

Don`t worry man you just let these dogies and spanishes grow a bit until the next trip.:cool:
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