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Was I Close???

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Oct 8, 2002
I was surfacing the other day from an 18m dive after being on the bottom for over a minute and about six meters from the surface I felt like a hot flush running through my body and got a ringing in my ears. I thought that was it and made a dash for the surface. When I got there I felt fine.

A few dives later I had only been down to 7 meters for about 20 seconds and got the same felling on the way up. What the hell was that?

After 20 second apnea I don't think I can get a SWB can I?

I had been doing 1.5 - 2 minute apneas with ~2 min rest for quite a while between 10 and 20 meters.

Could the water being colder than usual have an effect?

I hope someone can help.

Shane what the hell happened to our posts in this thread.

I have had this sensation - ear ringing and blood rush feeling and yes I think it means you were close. I also get a strong metallic taste in my mouth if I am near the edge.

and from a 20 sec apnea.. well why not... there are never any guarantees that its not gonna happen.

take care and listen to that body!

I have never had a contraction. Could it have been that???

I had a very hard training session (running + weights) the evening before. Maybe high levels of lactic acid!!
Originally posted by shaneshac
What the hell was that?
After 20 second apnea I don't think I can get a SWB can I?
Could the water being colder than usual have an effect?

a. the warning symptoms of an immenent SWB/samba on it's way.
b. yes.
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Thanks for the info Icarus. If this happens again should I abort the session completely or take it easy from then on?

Why would it happen on one day and not on another? I ahve been a lot deeper for a lot longer with no ill effects and then all of a sudden one morning I couldn't get to 6 meters without feeling like shit.


I'd take it easy on the surface for a while, unless the stomach was kicking back breakfast and then go real easy, but even then I don't think my head would be right so I'd reccommend bailing for the day.

And as far as why one day and not the next, man if I had the answers for that...:cool:
Cheers Sven. I normally don't eat breakfast for morining sessions but that day I did.
My friend Jim from Fiji was told by Pinpin to practice passing out on land so if it happens underwater you know it ahead of time. I had a chance to try this on land but not quite to the point of losing consciousness.

It sounds crazy, it really does.. if you didn't freedive you would think we were freaks, but it helped me find my limit and I can better gauge my self underwater.

Just be careful.
The same thing happened to me again today and its more a feeling of blood rushing into my arms and legs than a tingling feeling. Could I be feeling the blood shifting back into limbs?

I thought blood shift occured at much greater depths.

Happened at about 10 meters whilst surfacing form a short dive to 17 metres. THe feeling then went away and got to the surface OK.

Anyone had this happen to them?

Please advise as it is happening too often for my liking. I am not hyperventilating and am giving myself ample recovery time between dives.

Well Shaca, that is strange, and I never felt something like that, but that symptoms are usual in patients that have anaphylaxis (strong alergic reaction) but that doesn't seem to be your case, you look like a young man so it is not probable that you use medications like "viagra" that can produce that symptoms.
So I think your symptoms should be related to freediving.
I don't think that's a warning for BO, in fact there is no warning for BO or Samba.
Samba or BO are not only related to lenght or depht of the dive, it mainly depends on Cerebral blood flow, when you are extremely "alkalotic" from high ventilation, dehydrated or from your diet, it's possible to have more easily a BO.
Backing to your problem it seems to me like a vascular vasodilation (widening of arteries), which is the opposite of the diving reflex. BTW the blood shift can start very quickly but it last hours, of cuorse it is maximal with deeper dephts. What can make that your arteries get wider?. the only thing that comes to my head is Hypercapnia (High CO2).
So let me know something:
How was your breathing before?
What was your thermal protection?
If you use a full suit, do you pre-warm it with hot water?

I'm not fully sure about that, but is what I think
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I am wearing a Cressi supercomp (6.5mm top and 5mm bottom) in 15 degrees C water. It has happened to me when breathing deeply and slowly and also today when breathing normally.

What can cause high CO2. Too many dives too often. Does the fact that I dive most days and train (running/rowing/weights at high intensity) have something to do with it.

Surface intervall


I would like to suggest you to take at least 3'30'' rest if you are making repeated 2min imersions.

This is to get the blood gases in balance again. If they are out of balance the risk for BO is much higher.

I make surface times double of the imersions to be on the safe side especially if I do imersions of 1'30'' or more.
Hi Shaca,
I think you should improve your cold tolerance, I dive also in cold water and use a 3mm Elios suit. Been too hot can blunt the vasoconstriction of skin vessels. The peter advice is good too. I use to make my surface intervale twice the total dice time. If I did a 3 min dive, my surface interval is at least 6 min.
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Thanks a lot for the advice. I will make my recovery times longer. The cold tolerance I'll have to think about HEHE.

Again thanks
"I would like to suggest you to take at least 3'30'' rest if you are making repeated 2min imersions. "

FYI we are doing some research in to surface intervals following my bend. Both from a not getting bent point of view, and a O2 level recovery point of view, my docs have recommended that I stick to a 10 minute surface interval between dives.

I have been doing this for about a month now and would recommend it to anyone, you get much better quality dives plus a chance to relax and chat with your buddies in between!

Less than 5 minutes sounds crazy to me....

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