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Water temperatures around the world!

Discussion in 'The Spearo Board' started by panzerkrafft, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. panzerkrafft

    panzerkrafft Well-Known Member

    For a long time now i have been thinking about starting a thread about
    water temperatures around the world!

    As i'm constant dreaming about to emigrate it would be a great pleasure reading about temperatures

    Whats interesting would be both summer average and winter average!

    For example were i live in middle of sweden east coast,
    we have about 18c average summer with peek of 21c if the sun shines constantly for 3-4 week

    winters about 0-1c and often ice in the inner archipelago
  2. salibandy

    salibandy The Mothership is coming!

    29 degrees pretty much all year round here. Here being Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc.
  3. titan

    titan New Member

    13 Cº to 17Cº atlantic coast of Portugal and Spain
  4. panzerkrafft

    panzerkrafft Well-Known Member

    Hmmm..? Winter?
  5. island_sands

    island_sands Erection Supervisor ;) Supporter

    38degC in summer here, and about 20-16degC in the winter... roll on the winter...

    (Dubai, UAE)
  6. scottwilson

    scottwilson Supporter Supporter

    average 15c in Summer and 8c in winter according to my much loved D3 :)
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  7. Vedrana

    Vedrana www.vedranavidovic.com

    week ago 23c , now ...around 19c

  8. trux

    trux ~~~~~

    You can see water temperatures worldwide live on this interactive map:

    Oceanweather Inc: Current Marine Data

    That's the global map, but there are also more detailed maps of individual regions - just select one in the menu on the right side, and then click the icon "sea surface temperatures" at the top. And there are historical archives too, if you are interested about temperatures at any given time.

    And I also developed a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget that shows not only the water temperature, but also wave height and direction, next tide time, wind force and direction, sunlight, live weather satellite map, some other details, and up to five webcams from your favorite beach. I posted about the gadget a year ago, so you can find it in the DB archive. I did some modification lately, and will update the gadget available on my server later when I test it little bit more. Right now it shows beautiful weather, no waves (0.3m), and still a nice water temperature of 18.1 at my diving spot near Agde, France. Just a pity I am already back in Lyon, far from the sea :(
  9. apneaboy

    apneaboy Wellard Supporter

    At the bottom, 4 degrees in winter, 4 degrees in Autumn, 4 degrees in spring, 4 degrees in summer.

    Don't notice though I try and sleep through it

    Wales, UK
    Posted via Mobile Device
  10. Bill

    Bill Baron of Breathold Supporter

    Kona surface 24-27 60 meters 23-26

    Coldest in March/April warmest August-November
  11. wet

    wet Freediver82 - water borne

    Ivo, that's good info. I stuck a copy at the ARC along with sea salinity & a google maps satellite feed, and my local coast conditions (temp, wind, tide) widget. (* THE-ARC *): Global Sea Conditions as of date posted

    Eureka CA USA (Humboldt Bay/Kuala Walu Wiki)
    water temp 56F 13C
    air temp 61F 16C
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2009
  12. titan

    titan New Member

    winter?!?!? nop it's cold and rainy most of the year high levels of humidity cause your body the cooler faster even if you have 15 ºC (wich is pretty good in winter) the all time record was 20 ºC for the atlantic cost of both countries ( excluding a southern part of Portugal wich sometimes goes up to 24 ºC) but it's like 13 ºc all the time, I think the same temp. aplies to AZORES
  13. titan

    titan New Member

    I just read you post, I'm also trying to imigrate but in my case I chose cold denmark :duh let me just warn you that scandinavia is not the only cold place in EU that's a urban myth I live in Portugal and it's damm cold due to high levels of humidity this year for the time time in my life I saw snow at the swiss alpes and I was there with just a t-shirt

    If you want a spearfishing paradise go to Azores there are spearfisher who get a bonner just to ear this name and summer has a decent temp. (+25ºC) but the water is cold and with lot's of tuna,beautiful landscapes, earnings are low forget about travling on summer and big nights out,

    southern France or Spain are lovely places the earnings are good (if you have family you can give a good living to your kids there) Italy sounds like a good place at least lot's of freedivers love it :inlove
  14. Vedrana

    Vedrana www.vedranavidovic.com

    Tnx :friday
  15. trux

    trux ~~~~~

    Ah, just see it now - I meant selecting the region in the menu on the left side, not on the right as I wrote! But I guess it is not difficult to see it, even without the instructions :)
  16. Mr. X

    Mr. X Forum Mentor Staff Member Supporter Forum Mentor

    Would that be in the sun-kissed shelter of "the English Riviera" (Torbay) or S. Devon-wide?
    scottwilson likes this.
  17. DivingDane

    DivingDane 1BREATH Freediving

    hmm Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

    Winter 23 degrees C
    Summer 30 degrees C

    so pretty good all round really even the deep lake up in the hills only gets as cold as 20 on the surface and 17 at depth in the middle of winter.

  18. willloomy

    willloomy Well-Known Member

    warm enough not to bother keeping track all year round.... here in Hawaii i can dive with a 2 mm shorty for 3 hours before i start to get cold
  19. Hello.
    today 25 oct, +10c.
    last winter, 4 febr 2009 , -1c.
  20. Mr. X

    Mr. X Forum Mentor Staff Member Supporter Forum Mentor

    I dived in a 2mm shorty for around 1.5 hours in Cornwall one Summer...but was starting to show mild symptoms of the onset of hypothermia afterwards :D.