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weight vests

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Carp Whisperer
Jul 27, 2004
I've allways really disliked weight belts - I've been looking at the Omer Weight vest - it's pricey but looks like a great solution. Any opinions out there? Who else makes em, are they any good? And who sells them?

My opinion on the Omer weight vest is that it would be difficult to remove quickly since it has 3 snap buckles. This can be bad news if you really need to dump the weight in a hurry.

A while back I posted instructions on making a soft weight harness, which I wear instead of a belt, located here:


Hope that's useful,

Peter S.
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Interesting - I thought about doing this by clipping together a few of those stretchy ankle weights. Nice simple design!
Eric Fattah posted some diy pics about a year ago, might be worth a search. If you ask me in the right conditions a weight vest is the kit from heaven, half a dozen long aspetto's without one will confim that, as always, the trick is not to push your bottom time, not really sure about which one is best but any well known company will supply a reasonable product, their reputation relies on it ;) Expensive as the Omer is, it looks a good solution as long as you treat it with respect.
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Yes, thanks - I've found a couple copies of that one on the net. Both are cool. Right now I'm leaning toward the Omer - I like the design and it would be very easy to slip weights in and out of the pockets. I've allways been one to park on the bottom and it is forever problematic with conventional weights - this could be extremely cool.

I know many people in greece whom us weight vests, they can hold up to 4 kg so u also have to use an elstic belt with it and but the rest on this... You can also buy them in 3 kg.... Also is there an option on buying the vest from the brand apnea (it's greek) you can order this at www.diveandfish.gr (english language is an option on the site).... In this vest you can put 4 times a half kilo or 4 times 1 kg.... I have ordered it and it's on the way...

Hope this helps..
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I posted this on another forum, my apologies if you've seen it before:

Last year I made my own weight harness using a small Camelbak style backpack which was superior to a belt, but I just made a vastly superior one.
I got an old plastic BC backpack, filled it with the amount of lead shot I need and poured some silicone in it to keep the shot in place. Used just over 3 metres (10') of 2" webbing and ran it DIR style in one piece. Put a stainless buckle on it and voila: perfect weight harness for freediving. I have a 2lb weight on each side in front (where the belt buckle is) plus my knife mounted on the webbing.
If you do this, leave the shot near the bottom of the pack- too much at the top will make you face plant while waiting on the bottom. Very uncomfortable with one hand in the dirt while aiming with the other. The backpacks are already high enough on your back. Leave enough weight out to put 4 lbs or more of trim at the front of the belt, otherwise you will have problems during breath-up (tilting on to your side/back).
No back problems and you will duck-dive much better too.
Erik Y.
I just ordered the Omer. The harness on the Greek site is a very nice design, but I'd like to totally replace a weight belt and the Omer holds more. Some good prices locally on soft weights.
I'll write up a review when I get it.
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Hi Fondueset,

I think you will be happy with it, its a nice product and I have used it myself several times. Thanks for supporting the American stores that sell it too by the way! :)
Make sure to tighten the straps and fit it to your body after you put your wetsuit on. This way you're ready to get in the water when you get to your dive and don't have to fiddle with the adjustments. Ideally about half the weight you would use on your belt should go in the harness. The harness is designed to help spread your weight around your body to help you balance your buoyancy but is not a substitute for a weight belt. For safety reasons, you should be able to dump your belt and still float to the surface with your weight harness. You should never have to release both to achieve positive buoyancy
[/list] distribute the weight to ease the strain on your lower back and to make it easier to stay still on the bottom in the position you desire, experiment with what configuration of the weight placement works best to achieve that.

When properly set, the weight harness will make your diving more enjoyable, especially cold water diving with a thick wetsuit, since the awkward top half buoyancy that is common with thick wetsuits is counteracted with the harness and it makes you work less to stay on the bottom in the position you'd like to be in without feeling like you have to hold yourself to the bottom.
This is an ideal accessory for shallower water diving <50ft.

Good luck and great diving, Mark
By the way- I noticed you're from Traverse City Michigan. I never realized there could be much diving there as my mother is from a small town called Freemont outside of Grand Rapids where I've been many times. The last time I was in Traverse City and Belair was for NORBA Mountain Bike Nationals in the early 90's...anyway, that's a whole other Opera. The air is so much fresher up there !
(since your up wind of the Ford and GM plants anyway)
I should add after reading Mark's replies, that any OMER gear I've ordered is very good stuff. Being from Canada, we order direct from Mark and his Dad. We always get outstanding service! If ever I'm balancing buying from a few different suppliers I go with OMER, just because I know I'll get good gear and be treated properly.
In fact 3 of us have some guns and ammo in the mail coming soon :)
Erik Y.
I'm using the Picasso vest, and I like it. The only draw back is the 1/2kg of extra buoyancy due to the thick neoprene. Because is so well tailor, the extra neoprene add some thermal insulation.

This one have a single clip and you keep using the belt (a velcro on the back). On deep dives I unclip the vest, and can get rid of the all thing with somme sort of shoulder movement (bit like Travolta in the fiver :p ).

The two front pockets enable me to modify the weight on an instant.... depending on the conditions.

Funny enough, after a diving sesion with some good kiwi divers I'm using less weight, and the vest make less sense. :duh
Here goes my bit (Mark are you reading?????)

Omer weight harness is AWESOME

Extremely comfortable, can hold more weight than most and its camo pattern is the best!!!!!!

Have a look at memos pics with it on the Omer site

Mark what were the links?

Hi Shane, wow if it has your seal of approval I guess we're not that bad after all! :D

All the pictures that hunting enthusiasts can send to Omer are on their website under the Action pictures link at

I think his are probably on the last page since they're recent. Well, soon I'll show you the project I've been working on this winter...then you'll realize how harsh Virginia winter's are afterall.
Got mine - loaded it up with 14lbs and did a round of Taiji in it :) Eventually I plan to wear it under water. The ladies at work want me to bring it in :) I told them it was a stunning fashion statement.
most beautiful pics i have ever seen...

By the way Memo is on page 6, right bottom of the page :)
shaneshac said:
Here goes my bit (Mark are you reading?????)

Omer weight harness is AWESOME
Look into my eyes, not around the eys, into the eyes! Your under, send me kit! lots of free kit! Your out!
Extremely comfortable, can hold more weight than most and its camo pattern is the best!!!!!!

Have a look at memos pics with it on the Omer site

Mark what were the links?

hahaha caught!!!!
Hey guys!
I always thought the weight harness is really a great solution. And used one for a very long time. Since we're not usually diving very deep here we have to put more lead. And of course that reluts in back problems.
Now the older harnesses (mine included) dealt to some extent with the issue but the straps were not ellastic. This is no good of course and when you have to dive deeper, the straps get loose. And if you're head-down, the whole harness gets wrapped around your neck. :)
Later they started to make those with ellastc straps, which solved the problem, but didn't deal with the other issue: even though the harness distributes the weight on the back to some extent, there is still this huge - 5-7 kilos lead plate right on your waist...
When I first saw the OMER soft harness I thought - great! Finally a harness that distributes the weight perfectly! And not only that, but the insulated lead will stop ringing when it hits the rock or other part of the equipment. But then there was this issue with the three buckles you have to deal with to get rid of the vest. I think we discussed this back then on DB. Even though the vest is part of Marco Bardi's line for shallow hunting, IMHO the three buckles are still three buckles.

Mark, do you think OMER may come up with a solution with one buckle? And another wuestion - since this design is not widely used round here (cause of the three buckles) I have no idea about the durability. My harness with the non ellastic straps is virtually immortal, but the vest is made of neoprene, right? I am asking this because the Black sea is particularly nasty on the neoprene cause we have those sharp black mussels covering EVERY rock.

10x and cheers! :)
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