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West Palm area Freedivers?

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Feb 8, 2003
Just wondering if there was any Freedivers around the West Palm Beach Area who wouldnt mind me tagging along to get more acclimated to the sport and techniques.
Been diving forever, Freediving on and off no real talent developed yet.

Thanks, TJ Wellington, FL
West Palm

Jeff, I have thought about the Kayaks, but I have not progressed far enough to go out to any of the better reefs yet. If I sqeak off a minute@ 30' I feel like I've set a new world record.
There are a few companys in the area that rent out the kayaks so the actual use and site location shouldnt be a problem.

Currents here are simple its either north or south or nil.
Most of the reefs have Gps coordinates so you can find the ends if the vis is good.
hey tj,

yeah i would like to do some kayak diving. let me know when you plan a trip.


Eric, when I've at least masterd some of the basics enough to kayak out to some decent reefs I'll let you know. Although I have given considerable thought to the kayak as a scuba platform also! I'll be shopping around.
Also heard lots of gamefish around now!
dive kayaks

I did a bit of research before buying a Cobra Tourer for a dive platform. Lots of cargo space and decent sized tank well should make for a good scuba platform as well.

Wilderness Systems has a new 12-ft Tarpon model out that looks great - has a large tank well - and has received great reviews.

Jeff has tired of cajoling me about diving those reefs. I swear though, it won't be long before I actually make that trip - in fact, I'm going to do it before July 4! How's that for a resolution!
Just registered today.

Im interested in free diving, dont have any SCUBA experience... so that means i have no bad habits to break, right? :D

I have an ocean kayak, and live in North Broward county, also looking to tag along and maybe learn some basics.
Theres actually a few places to rent kayaks here in Palm beach. Maybe If anyones interested I will post the names and numbers in case someone doesnt want to drag theirs down.
Hope you all get a trip together soon.

Hey Guys, I live in Miami but like to go on road trips and get away from the starving reef i call home. About a year an a half ago I shot a 30+ lbs king from one of the beaches in that area. I was diving alone with no Kayak, I know that is a no-no but what else could I do if there was noboby else to dive with. Anyhow since then I got a dive-yak and am still ooking for buddies that want to do some beach freedives around the state to make sure I keep it safe. My normal hunting depth is anywhere from 10-60 feet I can make it deeper but wouldn't feel safe chasing fish that deep. If you guys are still intereted PM me and well set something up when the weather gets better.

Beach diving and Kyaks

How much do these Kyaks run/day?

Also, I'm told and have read (since I live in Philly), that the coral off of Pampano Beach, Lauderdale by the Sea, etc., is about 200 yards out and about 20-25' down.

Can anyone tell me what the boat traffic is like out there? Do freedivers leave ever leave from shore, or is that like playing Aquatic Frogger? I know the scuba guys go from shore--but I'm assuming they have a little bit of an advantage in that they don't swim across the surface or resurface for air.

Thanks for any input you can give me. I'm probably going down to the Ft. Lauderdale area sometime between July and Sept.

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I just got back from a week long scuba / freedive trip Lauderdale-by-the-sea (fyi this is just south of Pompano and north of Ft. Lauderdale). There are actually 3 main reef systems just off the beach, the first one starts maybe 200 yards off shore. It lies in about 15-30 feet. This one is easily done from the shore. Normally the group I go with will scuba out to the first reef while freedive and swim circles around them. It's amazing how much more agile and power you have in the water without all of that cumbersome equipment and a pair of Gara HF's. The other 2 reefs are progressively farther and deeper. Night freediving on this reef is absolutely fantastic with lots of interesting things to see - cuttlefish, baby barracuda, nurse sharks, and the complementary set of fish make this a must do for me every time I head over there. This is not a technically challenging site in the least but I always enjoy it. I am going to bold this next part so you don't miss it, it really is that important.

Boat traffic is fast, drunk, and furious - TAKE A DIVE FLAG!!!!

Please, please, please listen to the above and follow it. I don't want you to become a statistic. Boat traffic through here is downright nuts........I have heard stories from a divemaster friend of boats actually running over dive flags. This is known to happen right off shore so if you go be safe and take a flag w/float and stay near it. Nuff said 'bout that.

The other 2 reefs are not a feasible swim without a boat unless you are laminar and efattah. :hmm Kayak is probably doable although a boat with someone who knows where to go would be a much better alternative. There are LOTS of really interesting wrecks to dive out there. They lie in all sorts of depths ranging from about 40ft to 120ft. The Deloach book on Florida can give you specifics. Again, a charter boat split several ways would not cost much and make the trip much more enjoyable imho. I am not sure if any of the regular bubble-blower boats would welcome us, I normally go with about 10 folks on scuba so they tolerate my "freakish" freediving eccentricity.

Currents in this area are what would concern me the most. After making several annual pilgrimages to the area I have seen how fast and unpredictable they can be. On the first reef I have yet to see a hard current, however farther out I have blown bubbles on wrecks that had a ripping 3 knot current. I can't imagine trying to kayak far in a current that strong. Or do a decent breathe-up on the surface while keeping an eye out for the boats. Not saying that it can't be done, but a local guide would be a good idea as they would know what to expect when.

I am in Tampa now (hooray!) and would be up to diving off a kayak.....a beach.....in a spring....or a decent mud puddle......just pm me to let me know. I used to freedive in a quarry where visibility is less than 2 feet and the water temp is 56 degrees so everything here seems like paradise. :t

If you want to go to the reef off the beach I visit when I go to lauderdale just take commercial blvd east till you hit the ocean and keep going about 200 yds offshore. It's pretty nice, visibility is decent once you get out a ways. Also there is a little restaurant called "Mulligan's" that is great for beer and snacks afterwards. Because if you aren't planning your beer before you plan your dive, then you might be drinking your plan when you beer your dive - and that can just get messy. :p
Thanks, Scott.

That is very helpful info--esp. the boat info. I am often in Naples--only an hour drive from Ft. Lauderdale. Just got back from Atlanta--from where I took a day excursion to check out Shell Island at Panama City Beach. Hurricane Bill put the kabosh on any diving though. So, do you know of any good diving on the West side or the panhandle?

Have you ever dived off of Panama City or around Venice beach? I'm curious about the former since I only got to view it from the shore. The waves were so high that surfers had come in from Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale.

Incidentally, have you tried diving the springs in the northern part of Fla.? I was thinking of checking out Defuniak, but skipped b/c of the rain and saw an old friend instead.

I live in Broward county (Dania Beach) and I go diving whenever I have a chance; sometimes travel north to Indian River county or down here from the beach.
I have a kayak for two and no problem in going out swimming from the beach.


Dive safe...
Thanks, Rouspearo,

That's good to know. I have a friend in Pompano Beach, and sometime we will head down to clearer water, I'm sure.

Good!!! I you guys make plans to dive up there or around my area, pls send a private msg. I have never gone diving in Pompano but was told that there is more fish that around here.
I can usually get into the water on wed, thu or sun.
My only objective when freediving is enjoy the moment and ensure come back home in one piece... ;o)
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