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Wet static versus dry static (empty lungs)

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New Member
Oct 3, 2002
Hello there.

This topic has probably been discussed here, but I missed it let me apologize if I sound repetitive.

I am getting more serious about static training after almost getting a 100 m dynamic no fins in pool (you know guys that my ocean diving is very limited due to my personal circumstances).

Today, in my first day of the world of empty lungs's static training I got a 1:30 s in the pool, at a depth of 2 m. In land I only get 55 seconds. Definitively I go for H20. But what do you recommend me guys? And what should I get to get at top level in static empty lungs? Around 4 minutes perhaps? And in the ocean at what depth get the top apneists their max statics?

All of these is because I wanto to be more serious about apnea.

Thanks for your help.

Regards, gerard.
hi Gerard

I dont quite understand you, are you saying that you want to be able to do 4min empty lung statics, dont know if anyone can do that.


nothing it's impossible. Sacha from freedive Australia does empty lungs for 3:30".

Regards, gerard.
Hi Gerard,

I know Sacha and she certainly doesn't do 3:30 empty lung statics !
In fact she doesn't do them very often, only started trying them since I was using them for my depth preperation.

I think Seb Murat's best empty lungs was suposed to be 3:30, not sure if its true but it is possible as he is very fit and trains heaps.

My best is about 2 minutes, thats underwater with reverse packing. Take it real easy with negative statics, its very easy to overdo and blackout/samba. Build up to it slowly. After 1:30 I'd say you would be pretty low on O2.
Obviously never try it without a buddy !

Exhale Statics

To my knowledge the best two divers in empty lung statics are Sub Murat and Trevor Hutton. Not sure what Seb Murat's pb is, but when I was visiting Trevor in Turkey, he was doing sets of repetitive 3'20"s, and he said that before the red sea dive off in egypt he did a 4'00". However, he told me that he exhales until he 'feels tension', which is much different than a 100% forceful exhale. In my case, I get a 1'00 difference between a light exhale and a forceful exhale. A forceful exhale takes me about 5-6 seconds to exhale the full volume, hunching forward and pulling the tummy in, etc...

By the way, if you do the math, then the Andean natives with hematocrits of 80%, would in theory be able to do full exhale statics of 6'30 - 7'00, because the massive O2 carrying capacity of their blood.

On another point, Trevor Hutton was following the famous CO2 tables, and he had to 'extend' the table. He reached the point where he was doing 5'30 static, 45 seconds rest, 5'30 static, 45 seconds rest, etc., which he could keep up indefinitely, so he reduced it to 35 seconds rest, 30 seconds rest.. etc...

I watched him with my own eyes leap off the boat, with no warm up, and no suit, no fins, no goggles/mask, no nose clip, just a speedo, and then swim down breast-stroke to about 22m, where he layed on the bottom for an eternity, before returning to the surface after about 3'00.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Certainly Eric

I fully exhale too! otherwise I wouldn't get the benefits of negative wet statics.

Yesterday I got 1:40 seconds after the fourth attempt. Anyway I am overtrained right now. Any anaerobic type of training should be trained infrequently, if someone is drug-free and non-genetically gifted for anaerobic regimes.

Walrus, Loopy told me about that figure. Personally I don't know Sacha.

Regards, gerard.

Wow Mr hutton neg -4:00 I never thought he was that good.

fully exhale..

if I have understood you guys correctly, you make empty lungs by exhaling ALL your air or do you keep like 10-20% of air in lungs.

The reason for asking is that I do now 1:30 at 2, 5 meters depth when I exhale 70-80% and after that time I feel very dizzy ;-)

But if you do longer then I must train harder .. right .. ?

/ Jani

yeah its a full exhale, I find it easier to grab something with my hands and force my stomach in and blow all the air out. however I hate empty statics the feeling of no air :naughty

AS Eric eluded to above, there is quite adiffernce between statics on full exhale, easy exhale etc, and what's more, the residual volume will change on a daily basis - so 1 day's empty lungs are a different volume than the day/week before. In some cases, slightly and in other cases, significantly.

Personally, I wouldn't take these numbers as particularly meaningful - but it is good training, nonetheless.

hi Ben

Exactly I dont think you can compare dry statics to each other for that reason. I mean you could claim to have a 2min empty static when you are fully exhaling to the point your organs are going to come out your mouth, where as the man next to you may claim to have a 3min empty static when he is only exhaling to a comfortable amount :hmm

It will - slightly. Purely due to the flexibility of the diaphragm from day to day. RV even changes over a training session

Don't let me give you the wrong impression, though - it may change by up to 100 ml - but it will not change massively i.e. litres.

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