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wetsuit lube

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Jan 5, 2002
I have just received my Picasso wetsuit and I must say that by appearances, it exceeds all expectations. As a plus, Roger Yazbeck took almost 45 minutes assisting me in picking the right suit. All in all, incredible service with a wonderful product.

As this is my first freediving suit, I have never had to use any sort of lube to get into a suit. I have heard that non-scented body softener/hand creme mixed one part to two parts water in a spray bottle is the way to go.

Is this correct or are there any other suggestions?

Thanks ahead of time for your help.


Thanks for the info. That gets me going in the right direction. I'll see what sort of unscented conditioner I can find and give that new suit a try.

Regards and safe diving,

Where are you?

Hi Mark,
What part of NC are you from. I'm down here in Wilm., maybe we can do some diving. Take care.
which picasso?

Hi Mark,

Sounds like you are a happy Picasso customer. Which suit did you get? Roger is really very fantastic in making sure that you get the best suit for your needs.

Have fun,

Hi Jay,

I am in the far western part of of NC; about twenty miles from the Great Smoky Mtns. Park. It would be safe to assume that freediving is not the the sport of choice in my neighborhood where coon hunting and four wheeling are a bit more commonplace.

I do my training in Lake Fontana and at the confluence of the Nantahala river and Lake Fontana, which is a nice break from the muddy waters of the lake proper. The Nantahala is a crystal clear whitewater river that at it's warmest gets up to 54 degrees F. at the peak of summer. At the confluence when the lake is at the highest levels, the water is 40 feet and clear. I figure that I will eventually find a Rolex on the bottom to fund my future freediving endeavors. (lol)

I have heard that the bluewater spearfishing and freediving is quite good off of the coast of Wilmington. Given that I have some friends that recently relocated there, I would like to get up there and do some diving. I'll let you know; I'm always looking for partners.


Hi FD48,

I just got a closeout 2000 "Apnos" in 5mm in the olive camo pattern, which was my only option for that closeout model. Roger sold me on the quality of the wrist and ankle seals for the price range. As soon as I get some unscented conditioner, I am finally going to try the suit on. The suit certainly looks to be the right size.

As I mentioned earlier, Roger was extremely helpful; I will be sending more business his way as my equipment quiver grows.


suit lube

Hi Mark,

The apnos will require some lube for sure. As you know most folks use a diluted hair conditioner mix. You might try a health food store for some without scent. The suit will start to fit better after a few wearings. Be really careful of fingernails, the inner suit does cut pretty easily. You might want to get a can of wet suit cement for those little cuts that eventually start to show up. I'm sure that you will be very happy with the suit!

Best wishes,



Roger had suggested some wetsuit cement, which I ordered with the suit; call it preparing for the inevitable.

I am going to try a health food store tomorrow for the unscented conditioner. Hope springs eternal in my search for the all too elusive unscented conditioner.

I am sure that I was a curious sight in the local drugstore as I perused the conditioner selection for 20 minutes reading the ingredients of the various offerings with no luck.

Regards and safe diving,

wet suit lube

Hi Mark,
Good to hear from you. I'll give you a shout when we start heading out this spring. Since you're not spearfishing right now the unscented conditioner may not be such a problem as long as you rinse it well. Unless its the scents that will degrade the suit? Take care.
Originally posted by wigma

I have heard that non-scented body softener/hand creme mixed one part to two parts water in a spray bottle is the way to go.

Is this correct or are there any other suggestions?



This is the stuff- Pure Essentials Fragrance free Conditioner. It's available at most healthy/organic grocers and goes for about $5.00 a 17oz bottle. I've had the bottle I'm working for two years... Take a spray bottle, pour in a 1/2" or so of the stuff, fill with fresh water and shake. Spray into the suit and slide right in. Using too much of the conditioner will only make you slide around in the suit, not really the best thing, so go easy on the stuff and experiment. As with the recipe, it's mainly water that will mix with the salt water as you use it. Go easy at the ankle, wrist and neck area as these areas should be a bit snug to help slow the water transfer.

A side benefit to this is that it nukes the little B.O. critters sure to find their way from your pits to the rubber, and it makes your hair just flow luxuriantly in the breeze... Anderson likes the pretty pink flowers on the bottle.


Hey Sven
'They' taught me that real men jumped in the water with the wet suit and rubbed the inside with kelp leaves before they put it on. Was that only in the good old days before they had nylon stuck to the neoprene?
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Reactions: icarus pacific
Aloha Bill!

Yeah, "they" taught me that too. It was my prefered choice when I was diving for urchins most every day. I don't think I ever got the skin problems then either, but then I went with a plush interior thinking it'd trap some of the warm water and man, did the funk hit the fan! Bare rubba for me these days.

I still do the kelp thing if I'm on a multi-day trip. It really makes the rest of the boat wonder... of course I'm also the guy that wakes up first thing and stretches, meditates a bit and then jumps right in while the coffee boils. However we want to enjoy it, I guess.

One thing about the kelp thing though people- check the leaves and stalks and all for critters. If you dive sans Speedo like I, crabs takes on a whole new meaning. Mahalo Bill!

Originally posted by icarus pacific
of course I'm also the guy that wakes up first thing and stretches, meditates a bit and then jumps right in while the coffee boilssven

"Meditates"? Ok, now I'm intrigued....Sven the Viking seems more like "Enzo" than "Jacques", no? I thought you were the guy that slept in, got up, benched 275 for 10 reps, ate some blue-rare Alberta steak, pulled a Riffe off the gun rack in your pickup truck, then just jumped in the water! ;)
A JOKE! Dont pound me.:blackeye
Cheers buddy,
Erik Y.
Beware the silent type that writes...

ahh, yet another misinformed fan; yeah right.:confused:

I think back in the day, there was certainly more of the typical male machismo that you joke about. Sadly and then not, there is still a bunch of that around. I'll admit somewhat sheepishly that it took more than a few washs over the rocks, completely blown "no brainer" shots, stuffing paddleboards into the beach and having to have been picked up by both the chase boat AND the mother boat to derive a sense of serenity about the whole thing. Not that it came easy...:blackeye And there's sure a helluva lot left to learn and experience, thus my continued participation.

Nah, these days I enjoy just going "dawn patrol". Here on the No Cal coast, and especially now while abalone season's closed, I pretty much have the place to myself. Not a bad thing. But even so, getting out while the Sun's coming up and just sitting on the float watching it is about as close to church for me as it gets. Kinda like sitting in the bait ball or cruising the kelp avenues, it just gets me very present. Wish it paid better.

Now that that's all done and said, yeah I will cop to enjoying the Enzo thing once in a while. But Jacques got the girl.;)

Re: Re: wetsuit lube

Originally posted by icarus pacific

Anderson likes the pretty pink flowers on the bottle.

i just try to follow in your footsteps! :D
Anderson , you are too funny!
I don't recall seeing that camo design on the Picasso website....must have been a custom order ;)
Erik Y.
Don't egg him on Erik! Maybe if he thinks we're not paying attention... I'm glad as hell I didn't send a photo of my backside, I can imagine what fun he'd have. :inlove

wigma hey I'm interested in hooking up for some dives! I live in
Dahlonega, GA. which isn't very far from you. I've seakayaked Fontana many times and mountain biked Tsali trail system. I've planned on diving the lake but finding someone that knows some good places to dive there gives me a good excuse to get up there now. Just PM me if you interested in some diving

BladeRunner OUT
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