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What Are Ur Dream Fishes ??

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002
If say you can shoot anywhere you like and no worry of sharks or and expenses and can have any guns you choose, any float lines and floats and bla bla bla.

What are the 3 type of fish top ur list, please tell me the least size u dream of it. For those who have shot almost everything, name ur favourite too please.

I will start :

1st TUNA, Yellowfin anything above 100 lbs thank you.

2nd WAHOO, never seen this underwater all my life. 50 pounder or bigger good enough for me.

3rd Giant Trevaly, 100 pounder, no less. I also want it to drag me around for at least 5 minutes.

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Nice one Iya .
Mine are : a doggie over 50 kg . (had one , but the taxman took it )
green jobfish ove 15 kg ( best so far 12.5 kg - ex S.A. record)
wahoo over 40 kg. (best 37.4 kg)

I think that my choices are exactly the same as yours. Those are definately my dream fish.

Hey Abri, by taxman I assume you mean a Tiger or something along those lines? :D

My hit list:

1. Marlin, black, striped or checkered I care not! Preferably over 200 pounds.

2. Yellowfin Tuna, over 100 pounds.

3. Kingfish 50 pounds or over.

As for my chances of ever getting one of those fish... :hmm
favorite fish

This is a thread close to my heart...fish dreams.
1-Mahi Mahi it's such a beautiful fish and acrobatic (I hit one in the back with a three prong off Niihau but it pulled through :-(

2-Ulua over 50lbs not many around and what a fight if not stoned

3-Ahi 100lb+ I've seen a few on the snorkel charter I work on but never with a spear in hand :waterwork

Aloha Chris

Sorry for the Hawaiian versions. A Mahi Mahi is a dolphin fish, and an ulua is a giant trevaly, an ahi is yellowfin tuna.
Aloha Ahinalu
Thanks Ahinalu ; didn't recognize the last one :eek:
BTW ; have seen photo's of some truly splendiferous mackerel taken in Hawaii ( 30 kg. + ) , ever seen any ?

I'm 99% sure we don't have any "big" mackerel. Maybe your thinking of Ono (wahoo), it looks very similar to a king mackerel, same family but grey not silvery. They also have small razor sharp teeth. A friend had to get ten stitches when he was carrying a dead ono and the mouth brushed up against his leg! If its the wahoo your thinking of, yes I do see them from time to time during my snorkel tours at Niihau. They are very curious (when you DON'T have a speargun.rofl

Being in such a unique place (we have over 1000' of water within a mile of where we snorkel and it drops to over 600' in a couple hundred yards from shore.

It can be very frustrating at times since my boss won't let us fish anymore.:waterwork

Aloha Ahinalu
Yea here there are;

1-Majestic (Blue) Marlin 0ver 800lbs
2-Blue fin Tuna over 650
3-Wahoo anything more than 80 lbs is ok!!!
:p :p rofl rofl rofl
Re: mackerel?

Originally posted by ahinalu
Abriapnea ,Maybe your thinking of Ono (wahoo), it looks very similar to a king mackerel, same family but grey not silvery.

Thanks Ahinalu ; yeah have seen one or two wahoo ; actually , there is quite a nice photo of one in Freediving Stories under "spearing at hot spot" Take a look ...;)
Maybe I was thinking of Japan :confused:
#1 ahi
#1 ono
#1 mahi


would love to live on the gulf of mexico where they shoot these guys around the rigs/structures way out in the middle of nowhere. :p

nice iya,
Yo Murat,

Are trying to beat all the world record ?????:eek: . Those are heavy specification bro.

This photo might satisfy you on the Mackerel question.

Spanish Mackerel speared by Edgar Collins with a Blue Water Collins Speargun in Tekok, Indonesia, October 1999.

This Mackerel remains as an unclaimed world record weighing in at 82lb. This fish was speared at a depth of around 40 feet.

This guy is the owner and designer of Collins Blue Water guy, nice dude, work & live in Jakarta. He tried them all, RA, JBL XHD, Riffe Blue Water, Steve Alexander and now his own Collins.

Don't let Abri conned you on fish ID, he is one bad ass :D :D
Wha ha ha ha ha. He probably can tell the gender of a Wahoo by the way it vibrate when stoned :D :D

Heyoo IYA;

As you mentioned before its just a dream so no need to worry about that record holder.BUT if i am right place at right time with right gear....Why Not?????;)
in responce to if there are big mackerel in hawaii, ive seen pictures up of some big ones but the bigest ive ever seen are a few feet long.
sweet fishy dreams

good one IYA !

I've done enough big fish spearing to last me -

y'all know about my broadbill swordfish and the
big groupers

Once I got a wahoo that was a 1 1/4 inch shorter
(no scales handy)
than my girl friend(she was 5'5")
- won't tell you where I got him.

so, no more big ones for me...
..hm ...unless I had a lot of family/friends to feed.

In that case I'd dream of a big tuna.

if you don't need it,
don't kill it.

...peter, www.juprrowa.com/kittel
Nice fish ,Iya . That mackerel would definitely make my dreamlist ...:p
Also that pic. you posted of the rainbow runner :p :p (my favourite fish to eat )

How's ur weather there now. Last week Korea was hit by a 200 KM/H wind and I been seeing satelite photo and in South China Sea it is still bad, 6 meter waves. They predict the rainy season in my country is like 1 month late. The same last week I was pounding like hell on the boat, very choppy 2 meter waves and confused one.

I'll keep that Bali freediving/spearing guide number for you, no problem.

That rainbow runner must be a sight to see underwater. By the time now u been living in Thailand, I am sure spicy food is do able to ur stomach. Try red hot chilli with rainbow runner...........awesome !!!!!!!!!!

I'm running off to sea in an hour. If sea is flat I will stop by the buoy and seek some Rainbow Runner, 60 cm at best but fun to shoot. Get to polish up my lousy apnea. I'll post some photo to seduce you since u can't shoot shit in Thailand...ha ha ha ha.

Mackerel that size ...........Wheehhhh.........never imagine seeing one underwater. 16kg - 20kg is already good enough for me.

Where is ur position now ? Still sailing ? If next time u want to do Asian sailing, there is a new Satellite phone like Iridium but the coverage is China to Australia only. Owned by Indo firm. called BYRU Good enough and cheap. The unit is a handheld Erricson with a big antena. Only US$700 and air time is only US$0.35 a minute for the entire region. Voice quality is 80% of Immarsat Mini-M. The cheapest Immarsat Mini-M is at US$3.50 a minute. This BYRU something to keep on ur yacht. A few of my friends have it, at 10-20 knots cruise in good weather it is useable. It uses only a single Satellite orbiting on top of Manado. Have been tried all the way from China to Papua New Gunia/Irian Jaya. They also have a marine fixed unit that output to a regular land phone, popular with big ships in Asian route. You can purchase pre-paid air-time card, no registration hassle.

Hey ,Iya ; we are having some pretty decent weather , just very dry . Tourist season in ending soon . Have been seeing some nice mackerel around , recently teamed up with another spearo here and hope to go hunting in a week or two . He apparently has an old riffe (small one) that I hope to try .
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