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What's behind your DB nickname?

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We pee deep. Ew!
Sep 24, 2002
I figure that a lot of folks have interesting stories behind their DB user names -- or at least a story, if only a dull one.

The history of "Pez" is that I had a misspent youth as a skateboarder. Apparently, when I would ride in the half-pipe I had a tendency to jerk my head back like a Pez dispenser.
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Fun Topic ;)

Thanks for lightening things up around here, Pez....what with the news, summer, deadlines, etc. it's nice to relax and deal with something breezy.
OceanSwimmer came to me as a means to describe my 'place' in the Big Blue.......yep, I'm a wannabe freediver. If the viz is poor, this is what I'll do out there. No hurries, no worries....no speed records, either! :cool:
Nothing witty to say here :)

I'll just have to leave you in suspense rofl
Nice thread! I unfortunately can't say anything exciting about my forum handle, however I have been given the nickname of Papa Smurf by the general community here (in case you didn't know :D) of which I have no idea who exactly gave it to me but it's kinda cool (in a small, blue skin, white hair kind of way!)
I have a sit-on-top kayak and I dive
so I joined to two together
both in sport and in name
It looks to me that we may have a lot of Smurf people arround here, man going blue from time to time :)

My name is just the name my parents gave me.

Yeah I know, but that fortunately written with a C :)

I used to have Blofeld as my nick, I kind of simpetized with this 'well mannerd' shark and cat loving villan/crook/mafia guy.
He still beholds much more caracter than today's "bad men" useally do.

A Belgium Freedive Instructor calls me "Le Hollandair qui Rit" The smiling Dutchman, a very nice complement I think!


Kars (vroom vroom ;)
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mine started as a dream

i created mine as an email address in 1998... when i was still working in the city of Barcelona.. dreaming of living on an island with white sands and clear water... and getting out of the smog.

Day Dreams - Patience Strong

Is it such a waste of time to close our eyes and dream
To let the restless mind escape - to hope and plan and scheme
To break the chains that bind us to the habits of each day - and let our thoughts goowinging out like birds that fly away?

For all the world's achievements had their birth in someone's brain -
an aeroplane - a telephone, a wireless set, a train.
The poets and the architects, musicians, painters too -
have dared to dream their lonely dreams and willed them to come true.

So if your world seems small and drab -
just try to visualise a brighter and a better world
be still and close your eyes
and dream brave dreams of finer things
and keep the good in view
With faith and courage you'll succeed, and make your dreams come true.
Well, when I first joined a few Computer forums (Uni nerd) I chose the login "Shadowkiller" after the lead character in a fantasy series I was reading at the time. The Wheel of Time series features a main character called "Shadowkiller" by the wolf packs, because he fights against evil. A bit of a joke that went a long way, since a lot of people call me Shadow in real life now. :hmm
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My nick, Sumpa, is derived from my last name "Sundström", and was given to me while i was in the military. We all gave each other nicknames, 'cause you can't walk around and be calling each other the real last names, then someone might think you are an officer :)

(it MIGHT also be a small word-play, since the slang-word "sumpa" in swedish means "destroy something" or "fail"... But i refuse to believe they gave me the nick because of that, i neeeeever failed ;) *hrrm*)
Daniel, Are you hoping to become the POPE?

JEEZ man stop it with the mumbo Jumbo. Here you would be arrested for less than that.
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I beleive in freedom of speech. But hate having religion rammed down my throat.

Each to there own. I don't go around trying to convert ppl to satanism.
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