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What's the water temp in Kona ?

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Oz freediver
Oct 3, 2001
Hi All,

Some questions for Bill, DSV or anyone else who lives in Kona or rest of Hawaii......

What's the water temp & vis like ?
Will it likely be getting warmer or colder by Oct 28th ?
Would a 2pce 3mm wetsuit be warm enough ?

I've dived on the Barrier Reef & Vanuatu before, in water temp varying between 24-27 degrees celcius. I'm guessing water temp would be similar to this ?

What's the diving like, Coral reef ?
Much to see ?

My training buddy got 2nd in the National freediving comp we had here and he is most probably going to the comp in Kona. Unfortunately I didn't do so well, but am still being considered, guess I'm sort of a reserve in case someone else can't make the trip.

I really wanted to go to Kona, so looking foward to diving in warm water, with some reasonable vis. Couple of weeks back in training I did a 52m dive in 14 degree water, vis about 5m :(

well still got a chance.........

Thanks heaps,
Kona Waters

Hey Walrus,

The water should still be pretty warm. I don't know celcius, but it'll be in the high 70's low 80's. There aren't any thermal clines here either. (unlike Spain last year) 3mm on 3mm should work I have a 3mm full suit with a 3mm hooded vest and that does the trick most of the time for me. But I don't like getting even the slightest chill so I wear my 5mm on 5mm when I train for the deep stuff. The vis most of the time is 80 to 100 ft. but if there is a swell it gets down to 50 or 60ft. :waterwork Lots of coral lots of caves lots of small fish and sometimes big fish. There are places I can take you that you can throw a rock from shore into about 300 ft of water. Pretty killer.

If you and your buddy come up feel free to contact me on my home email (can get it off my profile) and we'll go for a fun dive and catch a couple of bugs for the barbie. :p

Thanks for the invite DSV.

I SO want to go, but unless someone else pulls out I think my odds are slim. Pretty sure my training buddy will go. ( Ironic as he was a complete beginner and he was suposed to help me train for Hawaii ?!)

It's not just the comp, I was really looking foward to diving somewhere warm. It's been nearly 2 years since I've dived somewhere tropical. Last couple of months I've been diving in 12-14 degrees :(

I'm almost tempted that if it doesn't cost too much, to just go along anyway, be a reserve or something. Then I could still watch the comp, which was something I've always wanted to do. And go diving of course !!!!

A 300ft Shore dive ?!
That sounds pretty cool. The deepest shore dive I can do is about 15m (50ft), then that's swimming out 1000m+ !
Sounds like a great place to live. Much jobs going for Programmers in Kona ? ;)

Are you competing yourself ?
Or have your selection trials/comps not finished yet ?

Hey Walrus,

After swimming out so far I'd be so fricking tired I'd have to turn around and swim back in. zzz

You should just break down and come along for the ride. Then you won't have the pressure of being a competitor.

Hey, I was the beginner last year with a similar story, except my training buddy Brett LeMaster was supposed to go to a job in the Mashall Islands. (he ended up not going and house sat for me)

I can't tell you if I'm competing or not yet. Lets just say I've made it to the second round of the tryouts.

The invite is still open and if you can't make it you buddy is still more than welcome.

Wow, you picked a good buddy to train with.:D

Thanks again DSV,
I'll see what happens with the team.

Best of luck to you in the tryouts !
hi Walrus and guys

Whats been happening. Walrus how did that Australain titles go who was in it, what was the best static etc. Did you make 6min.
Walrus if you want some where warm to dive come here in Janurary water temp 33 degrees celcius last year.

DSV have you broken 7min in static yet, I have just started doing some static training in the last 3 days, the first day I tried I got a pb of 5:15. Im hoping desperately to make 6min before my birthday on Sept 6th. Ive been basically hyperventilating for up to 7min then holding, only problem is contractions start at around 4min on a good hold I want to delay this till at least 4:30 to have a good chance at a 6min hold. Any advice on how to delay them for that bit longer. Anyway summers coming and I just recieved my brand new 1.5m rob allen railgun and am dying to test it.


ps you guys who do 6 and 7 min statics are considered freaks here when I tell people how long you guys can hlod your breath
Hi Ivan,

I'm sure they will put the comp results up on the website shortly, here's a quick summary of results:-

The overall winners 1st - Antony Judge, 2nd - Matt Tough(My training buddy ! :D) and 3rd - Mark Skewes.

Women - 1st Naomi Spicer, 2nd Marry Anne Stacey, and 3rd - Nicola Davidson.

Unfortunately I had a small samba in the statics so got no points for that :(
My friend Matt won the Statics, with 5:48 or something close to that.

I "won" the depth comp although due to technical difficulties and bad conditions the deepest depth atainable was only 36m. I think at least one other person got to 36 also. They then looked at posted depths, I wanted to do 50m, and had done 52m in training so......

They have selected 5 Men & 5 women for the Australian team then they pick 3 out of these. I'm one of the 5 but I was guessing I'm more of a reserve or something in case someone else can't go. I could be wrong and they pick whoever does best in training, then I still have a chance........
Who knows ?

hey Walrus

Bad luck buddy. I bet you could have come first if you didnt samba, Antony Judge isnt he a spearo, how deep and how long did he hold his breath to win. Anyway your so lucky to even been able to compete. I wish i could but no comps up here, i probably wouldn't do that good anyway, thanks for the info.

Hey DSV, (or Bill)

got another Kona question for you.

DSV you mentioned that you knew a dive site that can get up to 300ft not far offshore?
Where about's is that ?

The Australian team may head to Kona a few days, or up to a week earlier then the comp, to do some training, and some fun diving also.

Can you tell me the names or Areas of some dive sites for :-

1. Somewhere deep enough to do some CW training.
2. Somewhere fun to dive so we don't get too bored from the depth training :)

If so where would be a good area to stay that is close to such dive sites. ie walk or short Taxi ride etc. If we get an idea of an area to stay that has a few diveable sites, so we could book some Accom close to there. I'm sure we will probably do some dives with a dive shop, but when it's in US dollars we can't do that many of them.. :waterwork

Someone has suggested staying at a hostel (US$ 20 pppn) at the constant weight site: Kealakekua Bay.
Can you get to much depth from the shore here or do you need a boat ?

Thanks a lot in advance,
Hey Guys,

Way to go on your new PB!! Take your time (no pun intended) 6:00 will come. I don't know about that hyperventilating thing. As long as it's from the diaphragm I would think you're OK. but if you're doing shallow breaths I'd be very careful. I do slow deep breaths for 6:00 then quick deep breaths for 1:00 then hold. This is after a few warms of course.
I been called a freak without holding my breath:duh And yes I've broken the 7:00 barrier.

I also broke the U.S. National Record at our tryouts last Sun. with a 6:48. You can see the results of the 1st phase of our tryouts at www.freedivehawaii.com.

There aren't any hotels near Kealakekua Bay. Hard to explain, but we have some 200 ft training ropes in a bay just south of that called Honaunau. It's easy to get to, it just takes about a 1/2 hour to get there from town. There are a lot of nice spots near town for fun dives. The place I was explaining with the 300ft. drop has pretty bad currents most of the time. It's good for spearing. So no worries mate we gotcha covered.:D

It's late now I'm getting sleepy I just got back from my first bug dive of the season. I didn't do to bad, I got 5 nice ones and 1 monster. I'll post pics later.

Hey DSV,

My buddy and I are coming out to Hawaii with the UK team, and was hoping to be able to bug you and you friends for some spearing company while we're out there if you're free, either way, if you have any pointers (scuse the pun) i'd be grateful :)


Hey Crispin,

Not a problem, I'd rather spear than train any day. I'll "point" you in the right direction when you get here. You can email me directly and not cludder up the posts OK. deron_mendy@yahoo.com

Keep in touch.

Thanks again Deron.

A big congrats on getting the record ! :D :) ;)
Very well done, it's good you still played it safe and didn't just try all out for the 7:00.

I'm thinking I must be pretty crap at statics, best is only 6:08, perhaps its my technique. It's very bad in comparison to my Dynamics, I have done 144m, and can normally do 125m any time.
Do you use Max packing on your statics ?

Perhaps in October/November you will get several teams knocking on your door wanting to go for a spear :D

Crispin, you may not have met her but Sacha Dench was on the UK team last year, this time she will compete for Australia. She may know some of the people coming with you to Hawaii.

If anyone else is keen to meet up at Hawaii....
I'd love to go freediving with a whole bunch of people, sounds like fun. Just remembering what Erik said at his Nationals, when they went for a fun dive. They had several people on the bottom at the same time, sounds pretty cool.

Never actually had a dive buddy with me on the bottom, except for Scuba.

Cheers to All,
Hi guys, sounds as if you all are hitting some nice numbers!
Wal, my reccomendation is to go if you can, no matter whether you're IN or not. It's a world event, and it will be fun. I can't go as a spectator due to my job, but I wish I could. Just to be around a bunch of like-minded divers is a great experience, plus you will see others' methods, etc.
My best memories are of the comraderie and the friends I made at competitions....it's nice to win, but the social aspect is more important in my view. Freediving with 4 divers at 15-20 metres at the same time was fantastic, and probably wouldn't happen anywhere else except on the days-off during a competition.
I miss all the CAFA guys and girls that I met, and wish I could be there to dive with them again, and cheer them on in Hawaii.
Best of luck to DSV and Wal,
Erik Y.

Thanks for the motivation DSV but my number is fairly poor compared to you guys. Ive been trying a few Wild breathe ups and stuff like that, and my 7min hyper is through stomach breathing not all that slowly though. My biggest problem with statics is when I look at the watch when contractions start and see where im at, if the time is poor I generally give up. One thing id like to ask since all you pro static guys are here is on a 6min hold when would your contractions normally start. Because if you guys get them around the same time as me between 3:15 and 4:00 on a good hold it would be nice to know that I simply have to hold some more contractions to get there.

reading about how lucky you guys are to be competing at the World champs is motivating for me although I don't go in the ocean to freedive only spearfishing Its still exciting. DSV how are you increasing your statics so quickly, do you train really hard or something.

The american team sounds really strong this year do you think you guys can beat the French and the Italians.

Hey Ivan,

on my best static 6:08, I got contractions around 3:30. That was with a few minutes of deep breathing ( ie little hyperventilation), and 15 packs, about half max. That one I felt like I could have done quite a bit longer...

More common in training for me is around the 5:50 mark, with contractions starting around 3:20 - 3:40, depending on the breathe up, again half to 2/3 packing.

The first time I did 6 minutes, I deep breathed for several minutes until I felt the tingles in my hands. ie Hyperventilated.
I only remember a few small contractions, and they were after the 5 minute mark, then I think they stopped.

You can hold contractions for longer with packing. I do about 60 - 80 on a final attempt. I often lose count towards the end so 80 is a guess. I think contractions may even start a bit earlier when I use packing because it's harder to relax.

My training buddy Matt has done 6:25, and doesn't usually get contractions until the 4:00 - 4:30 stage. No Packing.

Your age does make it harder for you to do good statics, as you get older they will get eaiser. ie Metabilism slows down etc.

Several years ago Andy LeSauce held the static record (around 7:30) for quite a while, and he was over 50 or something ?

Hi Walrus,

Last year in Spain I hit my PB 4 times with 6:21, 6:24, 6:26 & 6:31. Prior to that it was 6:02. Then while I was there I watched my team mate Scott Campbell do 7:01 & 7:02 and thought "Oh my god how is that possible". I thought I'd never do that. So what I'm trying to get at is that if you keep training and use what's between your ears to it's fullest you will reach higher goals. I think Erik Y. is the one who always says that your mind is a powerful tool.

I do not pack to the fullest. When I hear the 10 sec. count I start to pack and get in as many in that 10 secs as I can. I don't like to be over full. It put too much pressure on my throat.

Thanks Erik, it will be a great experience even if I don't make the team. Last year was an awesome sight. To be in the water on the training lines with about 20 other people from all around the world was a cool sensation.

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Thanks guys this is really motivating, Walrus your holding over 2:30 of contractions thats awsome. I guess its pretty stupid of me to start training for statics and in 2 weeks get to 6min just wont happen. I will just slowly let myself get there. Ive tried packing around 6 times but when I did the first 20sec of the breathold felt like I was having a samba or falling asleep I remember after this I wasn't using my hand to keep my nose shut and on a normal static I do use my hand to keep my nose from breathing. Is it possible that I had a small samba or blackout after 20sec. This is out of water of course.

Anyway the ocean is looking good for the first time in months so im goin spearfishing on saturday and I might even take my constant weight line out into the shipping channel and try some depth with my mates.

Oh yeah walrus is metabolism how fast my body uses oxygen or something I dont really know what metabolism is.

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