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which waterway monofin to buy ?

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New Member
Aug 17, 2002
model 1 ld or model 2 ld ?
it would be my first monofin...never tried swimming with mono before
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Model D Long Distance - I have just swapped from a Medium Distance to a Long Distance (bit softer) and I love it

Follow the sheep!

Sorry, but if that is the only reason why you would choose the fin, then get out of the water before you hurt yourself!!!

It is a matter of prefference, size of person, leg power etc...

for a first timer, I would suggest a model 2 long distance as it is relativly easier to use first time. Your not moving as much water therefore it is eaiser on the legs, which if it's your first time can still be quite hard till you find the movement.

From there you can make your own mind up, for example if you are a fairly large person and have the leg power for it you may choose to go for a model 1. Which is what I have opted for, though initially I found the model 1 quite strange till I got use to it again!

This isn't a direct flame, just don't follow blindly.
I am 5'7", 140 lbs and went with the LD2 and am very happy. I tried Pezman's LD1 and it felt larger and softer and not as efficient for my body type. Peter at waterway is extremely helpful and can point you in the right direction.
in my experience M2LD fins are stiffer than M1LD, not the other way around.

Sam (bam bam): your fin (M1LD) is markedly softer than my M2LD - have you never tried out my fin? the difference is quite unmistakable. Jim seems to have noticed this also.

my personal preference is M2LD for deep diving.

if you do want to give your legs a slightly easier time, for whatever reason, then you should choose the M1LD.

if you're new to monofinning, then i would suggest going for the soft option (M1LD) to start with, as the default choice. But either one is fine really...

If you have the money, and serious about using a monofin, then I would recommend buying both. Use them both for a number months, and see which one you like, then just sell the one you don't. I've owned 4 monofins in total, and have sold 3 (the ones I didn't like too much) leaving me with one favourite fin. :)
maybe I am being dumb but I had a long conversation about waterways with some of the finswimmers last week
they told me that the model 1 or 2 relates to the size of the fin (1 is bigger) and that LD or MD relates to the hardness (Long Distance being softer)

So model 1 and model 2 LD should be the same hardness.

Of course there are still differences fin to fin... apparently the trick is to ping it hard and see which one makes the best tune!

yep, the Model 1 fins are slightly bigger... about 2cm longer and wider if i remember rightly.

there are big differences in stiffness between the long distance fins, middle distance fins and sprint fins. but there are also some smaller differences between the two long distance fins, and between the two middles distance fins etc.

i have tried the M1MD once, and i remember it was quite a lot stiffer than the M2MD i used to have.... which is strange because the M2LD is stiffer than the M1LD.

i don't really understand their system and i've no idea why they make different size fins. i don't really know what type of person is meant to use what fin.

all i know is that the M1LD and M2LD are both fine for freediving and M2LD happens to be my personal favourite.
I agree, I feel that the M2LD is stiffer because it has less surface area. The two edges of the M1LD are very soft and that makes the fin feel less responsive and difficult to maneuver. The M2LD has more snap and therefore I prefer it for constant ballast. For dynamic, however, the M1LD felt really nice.
more snap.... exactly!
i think the extra kick of the M2LD may also be due to its greater curvature. the M1LD is straighter and it seems to lack that 'snap'.
Buy one with one size larger footpockets than you would need if you were barefoot. This way you can wear a neoprene sock and not have your feet become cramped after 15 minutes. Monofins are fun, but if the foot is too tight, you will be really sad.
re-sizing the Waterway fin

when you get that waterway.. if it's killing your feet because it's to tight, don't wait long like I did to pull the heel straps apart and adjust them. After I opened the straps almost 1 inch (25 mm) more they became a dream to wear. No more cramps, and no more pain.
Ask Peter to send you the rubber cement that you use to reglue the straps after you resize them, it makes a huge difference.
Hey guys

Have just searched & found this thread (only a year late!) - I'm trying to find the best WaterWay mono for me. I live in NZ & we don't get to see the fins before we order them - I asked for the most suitable mono for long dynamics & CW. I've been sent MD1Sprint [I think it's too stiff for freediving & that I should send it back - have only just received it].

Can someone please confirm that the Sprint is not for long dynamics - which is ultimately what I want to be doing...I've waited MONTHS for this fin & don't really want to send it back without a bit of advice but I don't believe that it's the right fin for freediving & I don't want to keep buying fins!

Please help!
Fascinating thread.

Interesting to compare the newcommers (like me 2 yrs ago) and the regular monofin users` comments.

What brought me here - sprint fin is definitely not the right place to start.

Older comments - think lot of naive comments re model 1 vs Model 2. Reality is that the fins are built to a pattern, but the end result is so dependant on the particular piece of fibreglass that`s the pattern is applied to. Comparing one particular fin against another is just not meaningful. So many replies just don`t appreciate how variable the raw materials can be.

Established freedivers are right in that you have to buy something and give it a try. What I didn`t notice was them saying is that what is right for you can change very quickly.

Two years ago, Bogdan supplied me with a Model 1 long distance fin which should have been right - I was just over 6 ft, and 84 kilos.

However, one arthritic knee meant that I didn`t have the muscles to even start driving it properly. Bogdan responded by supplying me with an exceptionally fexible long distance model 2 (now I had two fins).

Was away like mad with it, but within 3 months I was building those muscles that only a monofin reaches, and I could start using the model 1. Within another month or two I had set the Model 2 aside - with my building muscles it was now too flexible, and the original model 1 was right for me, though without the model 2, I would never have got there.

Another 9 months later, and that original fin was feeling too soft for my developing muscles, so I bought my present middle distance model 1 (again, for a six-footer, but now with a years worth of monofinning muscles).

This fin is magic for me - an extension of my body - I think I have finally found the fin that will suit me for a long time.

Think I`m agreeing with the earlier post that said buy something in the middle, model 1 if you are big, but model 2 if you are more average. Then just take it from there. If the first one is right for you, it very soon won`t be, but by then it will have done it`s good work on your muscles and you will be ready for the next one.

--- that was the inportant bit -----

Oh - on model 1 vs model 2 fin sizes - that special super flexible model 2 which Bogdan supplied me with (and which, incidentally, my daughter is now starting with but with re-built footpockets to fit her high instep, long thin feet) is exactly the same size as my model 1s, but so rediculously flexible.
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Hi John

Thanks - I also didn't think that the Sprint sounded right but it was what was recommended to me by the guys that import Waterway into NZ. I'll send it back & go for a MD fin - I've been using a mono (locally made) for over a year now so am thinking that MD should be fine. I know that 'the right mono' will keep changing but I want to buy a fin that will improve my dynamics & not make it worse!! Now, I just hve to wait another few months to get my next fin delivered:) Thanks for your help...
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