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why are u so mad?

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The Cuban
Aug 9, 2002
why do some of you people get so mad? I've only killed one jew in my life and seen well over 100 and out of 100 i shoot 1. does that make me a bad person? and as for the one who said your boat gets taking away it will happend to those who own the boat but by the bank is another story. If u are caught with a jew the fine is very steep about 15,000 U.S. now for the one of your car, boat, trailer they cant touch your car nor trailer and if u still pay for your boat they cant take that either. Its the banks not your and they did not commit that crime. as of the powerhead story on me now i use it for protection i did not shoot a jew with it it was a way to kill it that i meantioned not done. As of where to get it any dive shop has'um just ask for it" this is america" So why am i so bad? 1 out of 100

forget the sharks look at that fish!
You got a protected species, doesn't matter if it's 1 out of 1,000,000. Your average murderer sees thousands of people, they don't kill all of em.

The reason they get mad is that even you just shooting 1 fish from a protected species still adds to their bed rep. If it's protected, it's protected for a reason, and as a spearfisher you should respect that. Anyone that goes into the ocean should respect that. The law is the law, and contrary to the popular saying, rules are NOT there to be broken.
Mira muchacho,

Te estoy escribiendo esto en espanol para que me entiendas bien. Primero a mi me dijeron que habias matado una wasa. Acuerdate que las leyes estan ahi para respetarlas. No estamos en cuba todavia donde las leyes se respetan cuando a uno le combiene. Es el principio que lo que hisiste esta mal echo. Aqui no podemos permitir que una persona como usted le contagie la mente a una persona que quiere o esta pensando que porque es una wasa de centas que uno ve esta bien hecho matarla. Te digo que yo nama que e visto una wasa y no la mate porque son demasiado escaso en cayo largo. Debes de pedirle disculpa a los otros miembros de esta pagina web. Te lo digo primero porque respeto la ley y segundo soy cubano como tu. Te estoy escribiendo en espanol tambien para limitar las personas que pueden leer esto. Espero que hagas lo que haria una persona con principios.

De un cubano a otro,

Aquiles :naughty
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sustainable fishing

Hello Cubandiver,

I nearly flunked Spanish back in college, so whatever it is Aquiles is telling you as a fellow Cuban, I do hope he makes you reconsider your views.

I got into Freediving mainly because of snorkeling and watching the fishes. I was actively involved in an environmental organization and the exposure trips to marine sanctuaries made me fall in love with the sea and all the living things that call it home.

I bet spear fishing is lots of fun. But even though I eat fish (not too much though, more of a meat and poultry person), I personally don’t like the idea of having to catch them that way. I think fish have feelings too, endangered ones included. It doesn’t matter if the law that protects them is 20 years ago, its still there in effect because the species is still dying. And Narked is right, it doesn’t matter how many you’ve killed. It still contributes to the greater summation. Imagine if every spear fisherman has the same opinion about killing just one jew.

I don’t think that the people who replied to you think that you are a bad person. People who freedive are into it not only because of the sport, but also to enjoy the sea with the marine life it cradles. You cannot blame people to be vigilant in protecting the ocean. Scuba/free divers should be the designated guardians of the ocean.

Dive safely my friend...
Originally posted by Aquiles
Espero que hagas lo que haria una persona con principios.
De un cubano a otro,

Muy bien, compadre. Es muy importante por la pesce e humanos.

sven DB's no comprende Espanol ambassador ;)
Originally posted by Aquiles
Acuerdate que las leyes estan ahi para respetarlas. Es el principio que lo que hisiste esta mal echo.

Justamente . Sin las leyes nosotros , los cazadores , tambien no puede sobrevivir .
This weekend I was scuba diving the produce, a wreck off aliwal shoal on the east coast SA. Apparently about two weeks ago someone from joburg shot one of the resident brindle's. i think the fish's name was mike. mike is still alive, but he's (obviously) very weary of divers now. i dont know how someone could make such a big mistake, if it was a mistake. The produce lies in 30m, so only experienced spearos dive it, so he should have known better. and its not like its a case of mistaken identity either. the next closest fish in terms of size is a potato bass, and they're also protected.


ps, i saw about 100 dolphins on saterday. good to eat? :hmm
Hi Cuban,

Ur are still very young and probably at the height of the excitement, so naturaly doing "naughty" deeds seems like a challenge.

I guess many of us been doing at least one spearfishing "wrong" in a lifetime........people grow up you know.

Now that you have joined the forum, you can access solid information how to be a decent spearo. Trust me, there is a lot to learn. The more you hunt the more matured you will be as long as you are willing to listen to nice gentlemen on this forum. Let them guide you, don't feel offended or feel being treated like a kid.........cause you are a kid anyway:D :D.

Many of us probably been thru ur way of thingking, many years ago. As long as we want to be able to shoot forever as our age/condition allows, conservation is a must.

I know its is sad to read The Last Blue Water Hunter ( Carlos Eyles ?? ) and all their great experience and we can't do a few of those anymore. Well, is what they learnt that make us knowledgeable today. We are blessed with better guns, gears and boats today, I guess these are the advantages we have over them. Less coastal fish today but more "toys" and apnea skill today.......fair deal. In fact the real blue water fishes are taken more today than in their times.

So, cool down, learn more conservation ( at least you had 1 Goliath Grouper.......I never even seen one ) and enjoy the hunt.

Hey Cuban,

Your 1:100 may seem quite reasonable from your point of view but there's another very simple calculation:

You saw 100 jews and got one. Now imagine all the other 100 spearos in the same are to do the same thing. What would happen to the 100 fishes then even if you take only one? They'll be gone forever....

Narked is quite right about the fact that the law is a law. And if the fish is protected, it's not just because it's good looking or something...

There is a very simple principle that every single spearo follows in my country. This principle applies not only for the protected species but for the sport of spearfishing in general:

"Take only the fish you need for tonight's dinner"

We all follow that principle here and it provides constantly for the good name of the sport. That's why now we don't even need a fishing permit to practice spearfishing in Bulgaria.

I'm morally allowed to take more fish only during competitions. And that's only because all the catch is donated to nursing homes and orphanages...
Attitude adjustment

Kid, you're back-pedaling. There was too much bravado in your prior post "biggest grouper on your spear" for you to be whining, "why is everyone so mad at me":naughty Even on this thread you go on to try to correct someone with regard to potential punitive actions as though to point out that you had thought through your actions and weighed the consequences. You're young but you are damn well old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. If you continue to have trouble with the concept of right and wrong, might I suggest that you take up badminton as an alterative sport. Spearfishing cannot afford a bad public image for any reason. Come back to the sport when you have sorted out your personl issues.:hmm

I truly wish for you to make the decisions to grow in the right direction.

regards, Guy
Now we've all had a bitch at him, maybe it's time to see if he can now mature? Let's give him a chance to prove that he can do things the right, responsible way!
As far as I'm concerned, as long as he makes no more irresponsible comments, he's recieved enough criticism.

So Cuban, be responsible, and we'll no longer be mad!

Safe and RESPONSIBLE diving,
What do you mean if the bank owns the boat or truck they cant touch it...I didnt say that you dont have to pay the bank anymore I said you dont have the boat or truck anymore...have you ever seen those government auctions for siezed items? Do you think all those vehicles, boats, ect were paid off? Hell no. Do you think that they care about the bank? No. Seriously check the lawbooks if you do not believe me. Guess what else you wont believe, a gamewarden needs no search warrant to search your boat, car, ect! I get boarded frequently as a charter boat captain and when these guys feel like searching they will crawl into your bilges, all hatches, engine rooms everywhere! What I am angry about is that I dont even know you and I have to defend my right to spearfish to the masses who use you as an example of why it should be stopped. YOU are directly affecting my freedoms. You seem to like to think about YOU and that is the problem.
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All harshness aside Cuban. You see as a spearfisherman you belong to a worldwide family. Your actions do reflect on the rest of us and when a family member makes poor judgement it is the rest of the families JOB to let them know. I am proud of this family and happy to have you in it...just try not to be that uncle that no one wants to invite to the reunions!
Safe hunting


please realize the fact that spearfishermen can't afford to segregate themselves. one represents them all, no matter who's being looked at. we're such a small and mostly unwelcomed community that when you tote around your gun w/ an illegal fish, you're just killing everything everyone of us has fought so hard for. when we almost feel that our stereotype has shifted to a more moral sportsman, something like this comes up. i know it was just one fish, but to carry the attitude of enjoying such a crime is what hurts everyone here.

i'm surprised and disappointed you haven't responded to aquiles' post. he's a well respected spearo here. i think he's the most frustrated because he not only has to fight to prove he's an ethical spearfisherman, but also because he's cuban. do him the favor of at least talking to him. private message him if you wish, but do something. the longer you stand behind your attitude, the more people you'll piss off here.



Listen buddy I know it's hard to sit here and take all this heat when you thought what you were posting was going to bring back a whole lot of compliments and disbelief that you speared such a big fish, but like AQUILES mentioned, "SON LOS PRINCIPIOS", it was a very unethical thing that you did. See what ANDRSN is trying to explain when he mentions AQUILES" situation as that as SPEARFISHERMEN we are very disliked and stereotyped but you can double those feelings when you mention that your a CUBAN spear fisher. Other than the friends and relationships you have acquired through the years people tend to think that the CUBAN POPULATION just doesn't give a dam about LAWS. They think we think that since this is a FREE COUNTRY and no one saw us do the WRONG think all is OK, but ETHICALLY, AND MORALLY that is wrong. We must come together as ONE BIG FAMILY and keep our appearance as clean as possible, and you posting this UNLAWFUL ACT so proud on a website visited by the top and most respected SPEARFISHERMEN and women in the world you have opened a BIG BAG OF WORMS which just gives more credit to the point that the ENVIORMENTALIST are trying to prove (which is totally incorrect) that we the SPEARFISHING COMMUNITY have no respect for LAWS or the environment we call our playing field when we are out doing what we love most. See regular fishermen can show everyone on TV how they CATCH the fish and release it which gives them the GOODD GUY appearance all we have to show for being MORALLY and ETHICALLY correct is our actions and message boards like these which allow us the ability to express our selves. So hey, like Andrsn mentioned is disappointing that we have not heard from you, meaning in APPOLIGETIC terms, so hey come out and let everyone know that that’s why you joined this message board to gain knowledge which will guide through the growing pains of become a MATURE and RESPONSIBLE attributor to the wonderful sport of SPEARFISHING.

De otro CUBANO a un CUBANO, olvidate de lo hecho que ya no se pude areglar, preocupate de el futuro y estate seguro de seguir el camino correcto. Recuerda "PARA ALANTA PARA ATRAZ NI PARA COJER IMPULSO.

Your freind and fellow Miami Cuban Spearo!!!!!!!!!:naughty
Got boarded on todays charter...goodthing I had now "Goliath Grouper" on board!!:D :D :D


It seems that the kid got more attention than he bargained for. As far as I'm concerned I'm just glad that people are reading and are attentive to what is going on in the forum.

While everyone is waiting to dig thier nails into cubandvr I would just like to know if a thread could be started to organize our efforts like the rec fisherman have. The only strength that we can have is if we ban together as a close knit community. As spearfisherman go it's not useually in our nature to be social. Some of us don't like crowds or even shopping malls;but, that is something inherent of a person that likes to make 100 + foot freedives.

To protect our right to fish we must organize our efforts. Our strength will be felt with our numbers; and this may just be the medieum that will unite us. This forum has brought us spearos together in a great way. I hope that it is not just me that thinks that we should use this opportunity to try and organize something that might make our opinions heard when decisions are trying to be made for us by people who know nothing of us. Remember that if you are not active and you don't bitch, decisions will be forced upon you due to a lack of action. I'm not talking a full scale uprising here I'm just saying that if we don't protect our right to spearfish and don't educate people on what we do and how we do it; we can't expect protection from the government. If it was up to the people in Monroe county you could not move a stone in the upper keys without a permit. They are putting up restricted zones up daily. They are just creeping along shutting us all out of our fishing holes. I understand that there must be parks and hatcheries, but I like to eat what I catch.

This is just food for thought for all you guys out there. !!!

Hey cubandiver its ok I forgive you...... I hope that you recover from your spanking with a clearer mind..



;) ;)
By the way,

I still call them jewfish.......not jew..... You shoot one of those and then they will really be after your butt.;)
Aquiles has a pretty good idea here...

I know I live too far from anyone's favorite fishing grounds (and problems). I have to do 20m dives for fish that cannot be compared in any way to any of the species I see on photographs and hear great stories about here.

Unfortunately, our problems are not so much with the authorities or with radical environmentalists... There are very clear and common ways to to fight those off. As I mentioned in another thread - we don't even need a fishing permit to spearfish here, and it's only because we've proved to be responsible for years. Our problems are purely environmental - it's a fact - the Black sea is the most overfished commercially and overpolluted sea in Europe.

Every single year, I'm trying to sneak in the heads of the members of our Federation and try to plant the idea that it's about time for us to do something more than just be responsible. This obviously doesn't help enough.

As a start I would like to see all the spearos, members of our Federation, with a log. This log can be quite simple and reflect clear data on every dive - time of the dive, place, Metheo conditions (wind, waves) , visibility, fish spotted (species), fish speared (species) unusual behaviour, and general notes.

Each year, the spearos will submit their logs to the Federation for processing the data. An annual report can be produced, based on the data collected and scientists invited to make the necessary assusmptions. This report can be submitted to all interrested organizations - environmental one, marine institutes, Ministry of environment and Waters, Fisheries and Aquatic Cultures Agency, etc. And the Federation itself may undertake environmental measures each year also based on this report.

I think this can be a nice start. Cause we, the freedivers, should be and we're able to be the frontposts monitoring for any signs of future problems. We're the ones who see with our own eyes the damage the mankind can do to the sea. Because onshore, for the general public, it's only words.

But so far my idea cannot be introduced... Because the Federation doesn't have the money to print such logs. Sometimes I'm wondering - should I shave my anyways balding head and go to a monastery! :duh

Anyway. Just wanted to share this with you, guys, cause I fight this little battle every year. Sorry bout the long post...

Aquiles...it will be needed sooner thatn later I promise you! If their is no organization who will stand up for us? There is a movement to make many many more protected ares all over the country and the rec. boys(such as the charter boat ass. I belong to) are doing a good job of fighting it, but guess what? We have NO representation and could easily become the "sacrificial lamb" to appease the enviromentalists. You see everyone wins that way...the fisherman get to fish and the greenies have got to ban something. Not sure how we could best accomplish this organization process but...maybe put something in spearfishing mag and try to get a listing of all spearfishing clubs which could belong to a national board....that would be a starting point.....:confused:
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