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Why i do what i do

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Rasta Freediver
Mar 4, 2004
As i swam through the clear water in my favorite lake, i pictured myself gliding through the ocean like a dolphin, cutting through the water and moving with grace. At that moment i realized, why do we freedive? Do i do it for the physical work, or do i do it to find peace down below? Why do we work so hard to frolic underwater? Is it too impress friends, or to explore you bodies potential? Do i dive because i am able, or do i dive with a passion, grasping every second underwater like it might be my last? Really, why do we freedive when we could walk next store and pick up some Scuba gear? Is it the Serenity, or the adventure?

Next time you're diving, ask yourself these questions, i did. I realized... I freedive because there is a world much larger than anyone could imagine beneath me. No matter how many times i dive down, it's not enough to grasp what's below me. Every time i stick my face down into the eternal blue, i struggle to comprehend how my homeland, which is so big, is dwarfed by the land submerged below. If we're still uncovering new land today, are there any limits to what we could find in the depths? We are only 1 planet... who knows how many hundreds, thousands, or millions there may be! Think of how little we know, but yet we still pride ourselves on thick books and novels describing what we think we know. Is "A guide to the Ocean" really a guide, or is it the baby-steps to what lies ahead in the future?

I know now that i don't freedive because i want to set records. I don't freedive because i want to impress my friends. I want to go where few have gone before, and even fewer are willing to go. To me, freediving is peace of mind, a minutes break in between anger and confusion.... a silence like no other in the world. I freedive, because the sea offers so much more to us than a playground, and i want to lead others and show them what we're beginning to understand.

So ask YOURSELF..... why do you freedive?
I do not freedive because of anything special. I just do it because I like it, and it is fun. I like to be underwater swimming, and see all the things that are their. Shells, Fish, objects, and other things like that. :)
During the summer I work as a guide, taking out snorkelling tours from our local dive shop. I love nothing more than being in the water every day and feeling all of the different moods of the ocean. A special bonus is introducing all ages of people from all walks of life to the underwater world, the kids really love it and are often more corageous than their parents!
Unfortunately as I am spending so much time looking out for the people I am supervising, I only get a few chances to do some deeper dives which is fair enough because I am at work and not at play.
When I finally do get a chance to do some recreational dives I get so excited it probably hinders my diving abilities. I can't get over the feeling I have when I am floating on the surfaced completely relaxed taking the last few breaths before I slip under.. it's like an electric charge that extends through my spine and is accompanied by a deep sense of longing to be on the bottom.
I dream about being in the water all the time and it just seems like a natural progression to actually be in the water.
Scuba is so heavy and encumbering, when I am scubaing I just can't wait to slip it off and glide through the water again.
I freedive for the challenge, I freedive to search my soul.
I know that I deserve to keep on living if I can find it within myself to fight my way back to the surface from the bottom.

Greetings from Downunder!
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Awesome Aquosus, that's exactly what i want to do!! I see you're from Australia. I'm signing up for foreign exchange to live their for 11 months! That would be amazing.
Hi Skarz,

Funny, I can't wait to go overseas too.. You should have some fun in Australia, I think Ningaloo reef is rated as the best dive site in Australian waters. I haven't been there yet but apparently it rivals the Barrier Reef, which I have seen and is pretty awesome in my opinion. I live about halfway down the east coast, I wouldn't say the diving is spectacular but the spearfishing's good (I'm not a spearo, just hearsay) checkout the following link, it's the spearfishing club in my local areaBluewater Freedivers.

Cheers! :D
Sweet. I'm not 100% sure where i would be staying, but most likely outside of Sydney. I'm not sure if there is anywhere good to jump in the water there, but who knows. I would love to see the Barrier reed, that would be so amazing. I'm confined to low visibility in freshwater lakes, so it would be a welcome change. I'm gonna go play spearman_sam quick :)!
Haha, make sure you turn the volume up when you play spearman sam! The following link will lead you to another spearfishing site, but the forum is for freedivers too.. there's quite a few members from around Syd who post all the time so they should be able to point you in the right direction. www.extremespearfishing.com.au

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