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Wisconsin Winter spearing

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Dairyland diver
Apr 7, 2001
We had another great day spearing the oullet yesterday. The vis was an easy 20' and we even had some warm water coming out of the pipe to melt away the ice and warm us up.:D

Not many good sized crappie to spear, but we did manage to get a couple of carp and buffolo. Here's a shot of Ted and one of his.

Video to follow,;)

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I wasn't to be outdone and got a couple of fish myself.:cool:

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There were so many other fish swimming around, that we couldn't spear, I almost felt like I was in the ocean- especially with the great vis we had!

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One of the best parts of the day involved swimming up the pipe and coming out the other entrance point. When you come flying out, do to the current, you scare out all of the other fish as well!:D

We took lots of video of this, but none of the still pictures turned out from inside the pipe because it was too dark in there.:(

Anyways, here's a shot of Tedski about to enter.

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This bass was just one of many. They would get very close because they somehow knew they were not on the menu. We also had some nice musky weaving in and out between the rest of the bunch.

When we hit deeper water, deeper for the outlet that is, we pulled out a couple of different guns to give them a shot. Ted's working on the video of this.

We went back and forth between our custom made mid-handle wooden guns, with all RIffe parts, to my Rob Allen 75cm. The Rob Allen had much better range in the clear, for us, water, but it literally bounced right off the side of some of the carp if we shot from too far out. The wood guns ran out of range on a couple of shots, because we didn't have enouh wraps of mono on them, but they gave a pretty nice punch to any fish that did come within range.:D

I can only dream about what it must be like to take aim on a fish 20' away with some of those long guns that you salwater guys get to play with.:inlove

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This lake gets so green in the summer time that you can't see 6' in it. We will be doing Freedive-A-Palooza in Lake Wazee, which is the clearest lake in the entire state!:D

Ted can give you the offical secchi numbers, but I think Monona is like a 1.5 meter secchi in July, while Wazee is at least a 10 meter secchi.

I guess they had 30 meters of vis in Wazee while ice diving her a couple of weeks ago.

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very very nice pictures, I'll try to dive in our local lake very soon and also try to get some pics too (although the water is 6C! right now)
Haven't had a chance to try the 30's since Mark hasn't gotten them demo's in yet, and won't until the end of next month. I have someone interested in buying my Waterway monofin and if he comes through I just might buy a pair of 30's outright- can't afford to otherwise at the moment.;)

The water inside the pipe was 60 degrees, but if you swam out to deeper water it was 34- since 98% of the lake is still covered with enough ice to drive a car on.:(

at summers we have a vision at max 5m. but now I'm really curious if the vision is greater...
You guys are nuts! :duh

But I love the pictures! I keep bringing out my 5050, but I'm too young & impetuous.... just can't seem to put down the speargun :(
Great video u 2 :t .
It would be nice if there were more people like you who have the opportunity to shoot videos.

Good Luck:)


You guys are insane!!!!! But very, very, very cool post. Great pics!!! Makes me almost want to come up there and dive with you. Ever try a single 20mm band on that RA? Crank it up until you can barely load it. That's what I have on mine and it seems to work well. I used my little 70cm in the N. Cal and RI Nationals. No monsters but I have shot fish up to 20-25 lbs with that little baby.

I really don't use the RA that much since I got my wooden gun- like Ted's.

I only had it along because another guy was going to join us, but bailed at the last minute. The water was so clear that I just had to bring it in and try it out. We really don't get that great of vis in the middle of the summer in the lakes where we normaly spearfish, so our small mid-handle guns work out much better for that.

I could see putting a heavier band on it for such shots but I find the RA is a little bit of a pain to use for hours on end in freshwater. That's becasue the barrel is so darn heavy. It really ends up taking a bit of effort to hold it steady when your out for a long time. My wrist is kind of sore by the end of the day- go ahead Sven I just lobbed you an easy one.;)

I had thought about selling it, but I want to use it when I get to saltwater again. I have a feeling that this gun might balance out just fine in salt water- and right now all of the saltwater spearos are probably wondering if I've been drinking to much good ol' Wisconsin beer at 10 in the morning.:friday

I thought about foaming the barrel, but it's already sealed and that wouldn't make a difference. So, it stays in my bag to only be used a few times a year. The truth is, our wood guns work out so well for this kind of stuff that I couldn't imagine using anything else on a regular basis.

Anyone know I good way to pull a still off of a video taken with the 5050? Those were the only shots that turned out from inside the pipe.


Never held a gun in freshwater.

If you ever want to sell that little baby, please let me know first.


I figured it would probably not be an issue in saltwater. ;)

BTW: what length do you use down in Florida? IF I came down there to spear, would a 75cm gun be long enough to get anything?

Here's a shot I took of the pipe on the way out. I finally figured out how to capture a still frame from my video that I shot on the 5050.:duh

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