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Wong 50" Carbon Fiber Hybrid Update

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Aug 30, 2002
It's been a long time since I have visited this site. Thanks for all the comments I recieved about getting a new gun. Last time I was here I promised to give an update on my new Wong 50" Carbon Fiber Hybrid.

When I first got the gun I used the bands Daryl recommended. 5/8" Amber (Real Soft) 14" and 15". I had a hard time getting used to the gun at first. I was missing everything low. I finally adjusted and the gun was very accurate, but only at around 8-10 ft. These bands showed cracking near the muzzle. I decided to change my bands and put on 5/8" Blue from Hanapaa. I am not sure what length I think it was 21" and 22". These bands where too string for the gun. The recoil was very bad and aim was way low. I then went to Maui Sporting goods and asked what bands they recommend. I was told the blue 5/8" was too strong for the gun because of the Carbon Fiber is too light. I was told to go 9/16th and white. These bands worked well, but I wanted to try the new black bands they said would be smoother. I think they are high modulous bands. I get the black at 24" and 25". I also changed the shaft to a smaller diameter. I think it is 17/64. This is a great combination for this gun. I am now able to shoot very accurate up to 12 ft. I have not tried shooting these bands with the original 9/32 shaft

If you need to put on stronger bands I would recommend getting the titanium for more weight. This gun is perfect for the type of diving I do.
What's up Austin, I've been through this road setting up 3 hybrids... 55" carbon fiber & 55" titanium Wongs as well as a 50" carbon that is now in rigdvr's hands.

The Blue 5/8" bands Hanapaa reccomended me(Del set my first 2 up) are great for power, but like you said - just too much recoil & I have a hard time dealing with that. First couple times I shot, felt like I was using a riffle. BAM!!! I learned to adjust, but slowly have turned to the black bands for smoothness :hmm Maybe 9/16" blues would be a good compromise?

The white bands you were reccomended by Maui(Wendell & Kurt are awesome guys) are the same as the blue bands without the UV sheath. I believe the Reds are the ambers without the UV protectant.

I like the carbon fibers... but I think I'll stick to titanium from now on - the lightness in the muzzle causes a little too much lift & accuracy issues(course it could probably just be me).

I stuck with the 9/32 shaft because I really feel that it helps with the punch on some of the longer range uhus - only real change I made was to put a pin in at the end of the stock so I can do a 1 & a half wrap instead of 2 full wraps. Really helps when playing in surge area or just overall trying to deal with the extra shooting line.

I like the speed of the 17/64 but you are right that the 9/32 would have more punch on long range shots. I feel I can shoot farther with the 17/64 with less recoil becuase less weight for the bands too move. If I were to get a 55" hybrid it would be Titanium. I do however like the weight of the Carbon fiber better. If I need to add more weight I will take off the muzzle off and add weight as needed. There are no scratches or nicks in the carbon fiber barrels. There are scratches and nicks in the wood.
Upon further thinking about it, I think the 17/64 is perfect for the 50" Especially if using the 9/16 bands - you never mentioned what size black bands you ended up putting on there?

The only negative is that it means you spent a lot of money for a glorified eurogun :confused:

Then again, I spent $330 for an Omer Alluminum, about $70 for a Delrin Wong muzzle/line anchor, $45 for a Riffe Euroshaft, $25 for 2 tracks(aimrite & JBL), $10 for a bunch of bulk rubber, & ~$120 for a OMER 50 reel with Picasso line in it.... so $600+ later... I would have been better off stiking with my Wongs... or I could have bought 3 Rob Allens!!! :waterwork

Anyone want to buy a very nicely modified Alluminum decently cheap? :(
I went to the 9/16 Black. Kurt at Maui Sporting Goods said it offers a smoother pull.

I did the same thing with a Picasso gun and never liked it. I like the balance of my mid handle hybrid much better. Plus the shaft stays on the track. The Picasso trigger would always push the shaft up and would make noise when tracking fish in strong current.
A mid-handle euro would be pretty sweet :(

What noise would it make tracking? :confused:
Since the shaft was not flat on the rail it would rattle when use in current or when tracking fish.
We used two hybrid guns recently in RI. One was a 50" gun with three amber bands. The other was a 43" gun with 9/16" black bands. Accuracy and power was fine at 10 to 12 feet. Four bass taken from 25 to 28 pounds.
Sounds like you found a good setup for your carbon hybrid. I've used 50" wong hybrids, pretty good stuff. I tried the 55" and it was just too light on the front for my liking. I like to power up my guns, and as you said, the muzzle will jump all over the place. Some people complained that the yokooji 55" hybrid is an inaccurate gun, it is probably the band selection that makes it inaccurate. I think Wong recommends the 9/16 amber (same as red) because the low recoil = better accuracy with sacrifice of distance.

As for the carbon barrel, keep it away from the lava rocks. I heard of a guy who nicked his carbon fiber barrel pretty bad, that area of the tube swelled up, and now that gun is useless. Perhaps set your gun up for break-away when you start hunting fish like ulua or anything else that may pull it into the reefs.

My friend has a Omer Aluminum 130. That gun is super light but as his shaft got shorter (after a couple bent shaft repairs), the accuracy of the gun suffered. He blamed the short shaft. My guess was that with just a short over hang, there was less weight on the muzzle end. When he got a longer shaft with like 18 inches of overhang, the gun is accurate again. Kurt at Maui helped him setup the gun. He has the euro muzzle too and a Riffe euroshaft. Aloha.

Your right that the carbon could possible be damaged badly. However, I have less damage in the barrel then the wood right now. Plus if it does get damaged Daryl said just bring it back and he will repair it. Tell your friend go get his fixed.

Did you dive today? I was out at Sunset. Pretty bad current and very dirty. Only got one Uhu at about 5 lbs.
We hit Yokohamas today. The water was really dirty, it was low tide this morning with a steep rise till about 3PM. I am getting over a cold and couldn't dive more than 25ft but still hit a munu. My friend speared a 9 lb. omilu. We cooked it up tonight, made fish tacos for the first time, winners! Email me or check us out on the HawaiiSkindiver website, we can talk more local stuff there.
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