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127cm (50") Entry level blue water gun...

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Iya man your diving all the time you lucky bugger, if you freedived all of your trips you have done you may be up to 15-20m by now. :cool:

Like Dog said thats the same as our macks but I disagree all smaller fish up here taste better than the larger ones of the same species, but then again were super fussy with what fish we take :hmm


I did freedive after scuba dive 1. I was bobbing more on the surface actually but once in a while I hit 15 feet. After some 20 minutes, my right ear jammed up on me, this has happened a few times when I freedive in between scuba. I don't know why. Later during scuba dive 2, I was the last one to hit hovering depth, I got stuck every 5 feet trying to unplugged the right ear. My right ear been my problem. I have aborted many many scuba dives due to this ear. No cold or nothing, just plugged. Maybe there is anemone growing in my ear ....... he he he he. I guess I can never be a freediver this way unless I can get my ear to clear as fast as you guys. What a waste.........
Originally posted by Iyadiver

. I guess I can never be a freediver this way unless I can get my ear to clear as fast as you guys. What a waste.........

Hey Iya you didn't heard the mask which has ear covers to protect the ears from pressure? I forget the links and the name of the mask but somebody may know it . That may work ! ! !

BTW your test is great agin.
I think the mask Murat is refering to has ear covers, but these are used to equalise the ears. The mask was mentioned in a thread not too long ago...:confused:

In any case, Iya: If youre having sinus troubles or middle ear problems, go see your doctor! He/She might be able to help.:)
that'll be $157.63

Indeed, go see the doc!

Ear problems are rarely anything more than the sinuses not clearing due to congestion or a long running low grade infection and the pain is from trying to equalize too forcefully and often, too late. A quick look with a light, and I'm not talking a match, will tell the guy all he needs to know, and most likely you'll walk out with a prescription for some amoxocillan and an admonission to take it easy. Just down the stuff, ease up on the dairy for a few and you'll be smooth.

Rarely, as in not often enough to worry about is a person's ear(s) that buggered where it's considered a contraindication to diving.

Next patient please.

That mask is form Oceanic, by the way and it's junk.

Hey Iya, was looking at getting an MT3... what's it like to load? Say compared to a 1.3 RA with 2 16mm rubbers?
Re: that'll be $157.63

Originally posted by icarus pacific
Next patient please.
Who said the American health care system was in a state of crisis?:D

A lot of guys around here use Sudafet for that mucus free diving experience.

And Iya: Is the MT series really worth the cash you have to lay out? In Oz its over a grand nowdays. Luckily I picked my Riffe up for $100...:p
hi Loopy

How bout you get a 1.3 ra instead of that Riffe and the money you save go and buy those Picasso Carbon fins you were looking at :D That way when you come up here diving in my boat you wont look like some weirdo carrying a Bazooka :cool:


Yeah.. here's a tip... don't ever wear carbon fins if you can't afford them :D

I am sure anyone who can load a 16mm RA rubber on a 130cm model can load MT3 with 9/16" (14mm). I never try RA but judging from the short butt, I don't think it is any easier.

Here is a good story. A few years back I almost died from this faulty right ear of mine. I nearly black out on a night dive on a wreck. I forced to equalize and took like 10-15 minutes to hit 120 feet. 4 of us went down together and when I reached bottom, the rest were about to ascent. When I was at the bottom I felt a kind of stoned, lucky we have an ascend line that day. I signaled a friend that I am not feeling well, I told him to look at me. So we started to ascent but at every 3 feet the reverse block I had was like explosion on my head. I nearly fainted. I grabbed his BCD hard but he was ascending too fast (normal ) for me. It took forever for me to ascend as the pain was so unbearable every few feet. I had to concentrate on thinking of my sons as I was about to pass out every time the air expanded and exploded in my ear. I was really afraid of dying that day. If I passed out in the water at that depth, I'll probably won't survive.

Later I went to the doctor. They push a camera in my nose, all the way in !!! So disgusting, again I almost fainted, it was not a pain issue but YUCK !!!. The Doc tested even tested my ear in a special studio. Nothing wrong was found. I gave up diving for 3 months after that. Everytime I can't see the bottom of a dive location, I had the feeling that I will pass out. If I focus at murky water with no reference, I feel like I will pass out. It took me a few years to get the confidence back but never could have the confidence I had before that incident.

Reverse block like what I had was so bad, the pain is not the only problem but the ear is where our balance is and if that sensor goes haywire...............scarry !!!

I don't like taking drugs for cold and stuff like that. My right ear is really bad. I can dive ok to 60 feet and suddenly I get ear block at that depth, I really hate it when this happen, me can't chase deeper fish. What I need is a good ear specialist who knows diving related matter. The Doc I visited is a professor but he is not a diver, maybe he is not very aware of pressure related problem. Honestly, doctor is not my favourite destination.

I also once threw all my full scuba gear to float away because of my faulty ear. It's a long story but in summary : I can't descent and the current was strong. I threw my gear so that I can swim faster and can make it to shore some kilometers away if the dive boat ever missed me, so I thought. It was a combination of bad luck and bad ear. I swam non-stop for an hour just to maintain position so that I can be visible to the boat. My gear was recovered 4 kilometers away heading towards the Indian Ocean, out of the straight we were diving.

:D :D
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Only thing about sudafed is that it speeds up your heartbeat. A faster heartbeat means less time underwater for breath holders.
sudafed also dries everything els up. i get very thirsty if i have a long dive on sudafed. next time i'll carry a bottle if water on my float.
Griff ; if you are going to use a decongestant try sinutab . I get less side effects with that .
Hi abri

thanks for the tip.

I'm back to sordies this weekend, but i've realised on my last few trips that i wont get much diving done with the other members from my club. are there any spearos around who wont mind someone tagging along?


Go introduce yourself to the guys at Coral Divers ; don't believe anything they say about me though ...;)
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There's a guy i have dived with who works at coral divers during the vac. i think i remember something that you said about working there, or something, so i asked if he had heard about you, and he said that you are the most legend spearo to ever dive sordies...so i wont beleive it then:t


Anyone able to land sailfish and wahoo with a SISSY gun must be a legend....:D :D ....isn't that true Boet ?? He he he
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