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127cm (50") Entry level blue water gun...

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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Iya 1 SAILFISH !!! man try 6 sailfish and two marlin with that sissy gun now that is legendary add the 37kg wahoo, 12.5kg Jobfish and thats King neptune and add the 40m hunting ability and Abri has his own fan club here :D :D :D .

Iya you will probably remember a guy here called Jim who posted a pic of a 37kg Dogtooth he speared in Fiji. Well you wouldnt believe it but today I woke up and he was on the patio talking with dad he checked out our new motor and we started talking diving. Turns out he has an Alexander gun, Riffes, Collins the lot he said he has 40 or so guns. He also happens to have a house here in Wonga about 500m away from my house, he has a heap of spearfishing movies nearly every one and said hes gonna bring some around so I can watch them What a guy eh. We gonna go around there later and check out his alexander and boat

Whoa ; stop the bus ...;)
Bear in mind that what fish you get depends on where you are . I was just lucky to live for a long time in an area where big pelagics are around . Then it's mainly a matter of putting in the hours .
Spearing stuff like marlin/sailies is really easy IF YOU CAN FIND THEM .
I take far greater pride in the Jobfish and wahoo .

40 guns ??? Is that a gun for every species ...:D

He He 40 guns I think most of them are still in Fiji but Im gonna go around today or tommorow and see the famous Alexander guns, maybe I will ask if he wants to come for a costal dive in 10ft vis with that Tuna gun.

Abri MOST of us cant find Sailfish and Marlin and I dont think that it is as simple as you say to just spear 6 sailfish most will be happy to land one in a lifetime.

Jobfish still take the cake definetly in the most pride in landing one im just gonna have to put the hours in and hopefully land one as big as your 12.5kg one, man that fish deserves to take over the family photos on the wall :D


Ps Abri you cant tell me that spearfishing at 40m+ on a breathold is not good !!!
YEP, I remember the Fiji spearo. We emailed sometime ago. He loves guns too, but he has more toys than me...:D :D

Tell me about the Alexander..............:p :p

The Jobfish around here has a habit of keeping a distance just out of range of my gun. We used to nail them with JBL and my 85cm pneumatic in 1996 but they don't grow big, 3-4kg being average. Now that spot is fishless. I'll try to look more for them, I too like the way it stared at me, especially if I miss.

If I ever hit any billfish, I tell you if it is easy or not....:eek: :eek:. Saw only one sailfish u/w in my life and it was way on top of me.

Iya I will go around tommorow morning and see this gun and hopefully a nice photo album as well :cool:

Out on the ribbons ( The spot where the Big Tiger ate the hammerhead) my mate saw a striped marlin but I havent seen one yet my turn will come.


I went around to Jims today and had a look at the famous Alexander Tuna gun. Man that is one hell of a heavy duty weapon Jim has Reflective tape on it so it looked pretty cool. But that gun is built for HUGE fish only couldnt really imagine it being usefull for most size fishes, he wanted to put 8 rubbers on and asked the Maker of the gun but he said that it would not be safe to use with 8 rubbers cos of the trigger.

I also asked Jim if he wants to come costal diving with me this weekend hes gonna try and make it, will be interesting to see if he brings the Tuna gun in 10ft vis :D


Murat are you suggesting that I should be using a Riffe for Marlin :duh, My 1.5 will handle the biggest fishes in the sea :D

"Then mind to carry proper gear for it when its your turn." Murat

*grins* don't worry Ivan... he said the proper gear for it... not the proper gear for clubbing it.... :head

Those wooden guns have thier place abord a boat... (Fish donga)
:D or you can use em for leaverage if your anchor is stuck...;)

l33t Spearo's use railguns :t

:D :cool: :D

Waves to the sultan of smooth

Did i said wood??

Anything proper is just fine. :t :D (You should pay antention to the float system rather than gun or you mind to land it with reel:confused: :duh )
Mwa haha hello Sven was wondering when you would get around to seeing that... have you had to make any mods to your Riffe island (hear you picked one up?) to get it accurate...?:p

(one other small thing... around reef ect would you use a PVC floatline or what type of floatline? pretending cost is the same for all and the fish are say dogtooth or ulua)

All the best
Rob C :)

Ps feel free to PM me if you have the time and don't want to hijack this thread...
Of the two Islands I have, I've only stuck some stabilizer wings on them to keep the muzzle from kicking back from the four 3/4" and four 5/8" bands for my blue water and WSB forays. The other just has a modified pad for the mounting of an Alexander handle.

Tubing-wise, I just went with the clear PVC stuff from the hardware store. At 8 centavos a foot, the price is right and as I don't go dragging it around the rocks and all, and with 20 feet of cable shooting line ahead of it, the fish haven't done it any harm.


Holy Shite Sven!

:blackeye Is that a total of 8 bands on that Island? And I thought I had a lot on my metal tech with four 5/8" bands. What size spear are you using on that one Sven?

Uh,no... that's either four 3/4 or four 5/8 bands at a time. You'd need a eight inch long slot to hold eight bands as well as huevos bigger than me to even try to hold it. And then the nu,mber of tabs on the spear would come into play...

5/16" shafts in the kelp, 3/8" out in the open.

:eek: Got it...for a second there, I thought you were the Conan of the ocean Sven..:D . Am developing a speargun that can be broken down for travel yet still be a good blue water gun. Shorter shaft with enough weight behind it for the ahis and the wahoos (or other big games). Will take pictures when I get a prototype made. Thanks for clarifying Sven. But does anyone actually load up their guns with 8 bands?
I've dove with guys that had 6. The bunching of the bands over the shaft was enough to make me want to head the other way when they loaded up. I will make note though that they used smaller diameter bands and were making up for the potential loss of shaft speed that way. You start throwing that much stress against a trigger, excepting probably a Riffe and certainly an Alexander and you got troubles.

Uncle Sven,

How do you load a 3/4 Riffe band on the island ? I tried loading a friend's 3/4" on his Hawaii, not in the water but on land and it sure made my face turned blue....:D :D . I am even thingking of using 5x5/16" on my Baja instead of the 4 x 5/8", thus I can by-pass the need of the rest tab for at least two of the bands and actually load faster overall.
Originally posted by Iyadiver
I am even thingking of using 5x5/16" on my Baja instead of the 4 x 5/8"

Dude, I could probably load 2 or 3 at a time at that thickness ;)
Major heuvos, Iya. :martial

Actually, I make the 3/4" bands 2-1/2" longer otherwise the stress in loading them is just insane once you get rested after loading the first. :crutch The 5/8" bands I stretch out on a rack of sorts to give them a bit more elasticity and make it easier to load. The 9/16" bands are stock length but I use a high modulus blue from Hana Pa'a for them. Those are actually my favorites as they stretch nice and really put the burners to the 5/16" shafts.

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