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Beyond -90 mts

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Nov 7, 2001
As far as I know only 3 freedivers have gone > 90 mts in CW:

Martin Stepanek
Herbert Nitsch
Carlos Coste

And I know of some that was very near so maybe they can beat that mark in training:

Manolis Giankos
Alessandro Rignanilolli
Davide Carrera

Who else has gone beyond?
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Hi Frank,

Eric Fattah -88m (air to spare)
Patrick Musimu -87 (air to spare)

Vancouver, BC
Thanks Pete,
Also forget

Guillaume Nery

Do you know if Erik, and the others I mention, have reached the 90 meters?
Guillaume Nery may well have done over 90. i don't know for sure.

i've wondered about these figures too...
how many have done over 90 in constant?
how many have done over 80 in constant?
how many have done over 70 in constant?
how many have done over 60 in constant?
how many have done over 60 in constant?

my approximate guesses are:
90m: ~4-6
80m: ~10-15
70m: ~20-30
60m: ~50-100
50m: ~100-200

do those figures sound about right to others?
I don't think Guillame ever reached 90m, but I could be wrong.

To my knowledge these are the only people over 80m (there could be more, of course, but they must have done it in complete private and without any rumours):

Martin Stepanek 100m
Sebastien Murat 100m

Herbert Nitsch 98m (2003)
Carlos Coste 93m (2002)
Gianluca Genoni 90m (2002)

Manolis Giankos 89m (2001)
Guillaume Nery 88m (2002)
Alessando Rignanilolli 88m (2002)
Patrick Musimu 88m (2002)
Kike Kuravic 88m (2003)
Eric Fattah 88m (2001)
Pipin Ferraras 87m (monofin+samba) (2002)
Umberto Pelizzari 84m (1999)
Brett LeMaster 83m (1999)
Alejandro Ravelo 81m (1996)

70-79m: Lots of divers

If I've missed anyone, please add them. I know that Ryuzo Shinomiya of Japan is very close to 80m in training.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
it's interesting to consider how many divers have done these depths in conditions that are considered less than ideal. i.e. surface temp <20C, depth temp <10C, bad viz, dark waters....
the figures then look very different. from the 80+ divers listed, i think that leaves Eric and Herbert. but for Herbert's dives, the surface temp was 26C in the lake... which is pretty comfortable, though it was dark and cold at depth of course.
Cold Water Brackets

Alun brings up an interesting point about the cold water issue.

If we assume cold water means cold at depth (regardless of the surface temp), then you can count on your fingers the number of 70m+ divers:

Kirk Krack 70m
Gaspare Battaglia 73m B/O (perhaps he did it in training)
Alun George (?)
Herbert Nitsch 98m


In the September 2003 Carinthian competition, which was at the Austrian lake, there were many competitiors. Herbert won with 94m, and the second deepest depth was Hubert Maier with 64m, then Tom Sietas of Germany who did 62m. Tom Sietas recently did 7'48" in static, in a German competition.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
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i also wondered whether Patrick Musimu is still freediving seriously. Manolis Giankos too - we hear very little about him - he seems to keep a very low profile. does anyone know what the Otter is doing these days (Trevor Hutton)? (he was a quite an inspirational figure to me when i started to freedive.)
To my knowledge:

- Ravelo still spearfishes regularly; he plans no more records
- Musimu told me he planned on organizing a major event to do several records, but he was so fed up with politics that he said he would not invite any organization (AIDA, FREE etc.) unless his sponsors insisted
- Trevor Hutton is back in south africa. He has plans on returning to record diving to go over 100m in CW. He was fed up with sponsors, so as I understand it he wants to fund his own events, which takes patience. In his spare time (as he accumulates funds), he has been working on a body fairing / custom monofin.

So, now that the magic 100m is done with, who will be the first to reach 200m in CW? To my knowledge the first ever constant weight record was 50m, now it has been doubled, in only about 20 years....

Interestingly, in 1976 it took Mayol 3'45" to do 100m on the sled (with a blackout, I heard). Martin did it in 3'28" kicking the whole way. Did anyone notice the extremely strange profile on Martin's dive? 1'28" to get down, 2'00" to get up? My style would imply exactly the opposite (2'00" to get down, 1'28" to get up).

So, 1976 to 2004: It took 28 years for the CW record to catch up with the no-limits record. So, that means that in 28 more years the CW record will be the current no-limits record, so if the trend holds, then in 2032 the CW record will be 170m :)

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
it's good to hear that Trevor is still into deep freediving.

yes, i thought it was an unusual profile.... fast going down and pretty slow coming back up. maybe he's diving quite heavily? in the videos he seems to have his arms up on ascent. i don't understand why he does this considering his very slow ascent speed (0.83m/s). (personally i wouldn't do that regardless of ascent speed.)

100m no limits in 3'45" is amazing... did he stop for some brunch down there or something? :) i seem to remember from some photos that his lift bag looked tiny, so his ascent was probably fairly slow. let's not forget that he wasn't a very fit young man (like Martin) when he did that dive.
My personal belief is that Martin would be better off with his arms by his sides on the ascent... personally I no longer extend my arms, even though I ascend much faster than he does. Did you see the video of his 93m record? His arms are going at 45 degrees up from his body, mostly due to the lanyard pulling on them I guess.

Mayol used to descend very slowly due to difficulties in inverted equalizing. It also took a while at the bottom, I think, to get the low-tech liftbag inflated.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
yes, i pointed this out to Ben Gowland after watching the DVD. i was even more impressed that Martin made that dive. 45 degrees is no exaggeration either. it was rather ironic in a way. he was extending his arms to reduce drag, but at that angle he was actually increasing his drag. i wondered how much deeper he could have gone had he simply let his arms relax by his sides... another 5m perhaps... maybe even 7m?

Eric maybe you know but doesent Sebastien murat still hold the unofficial record of the deepest constant weight dive ever at 105m ???

Do you think Martin will try and beat that, does he even know about Sebastien murat :confused:

Ya, what about seb Murat? His 100+m dive has been eluded to a few times on these forums. And I havnt heard it ever disputed.
I was supprised he wasnt even nominated on the 'greatest freediver' thread. Considering his no-limits dives alone he should have been the sole candidate on that list in my opinion.

His lack of profile is his own fault to some degree (though he doesnt seem to care)- it's hard for people to get excited about a dive when they dont hear any details about it at all. But if the stories are true I think he should be getting some sort of unofficially official recognition, on these pages at least.(and maybe also by the PFD team in claiming the first 100 in training)

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Pipin Ferraras 87m (monofin+samba) (2002

I thinK pipin could had done this better with bifins,,, I think he didn't like the monofin IDEA in my opinion
Pipin did 76m CW with bifins, with a samba, just days before his 87m with the mono (also samba), so even he did better with a mono!

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
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