Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Camo Wetsuit -How much benefit???


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Nov 22, 2013
I am lucky I guess in that I dont get anxious around sharks. I am usually quite happy to continue spearing fish around them so long as it is controlled & they are well behaved. I'm prepared to kill them if I have too, I rarely do, but this is my attitude & it works. I was blue for a couple of weeks after one coral sea trip last year where I had been "shouldered" several times by sharks whilst fighting tuna, but not bitten. Was it just luck or something else? The sharks had no interest in me, just the fish. I also can never recall a shark biting another in a "frenzy". I have often seen sharks turn quickly from being passive to agressive as soon as an anxious diver enters the water. The colour of the wetsuit isnt important, it is the attitude & behaviour of the person in it which matters. If you are anxious around sharks, they will pick it up quickly, no matter what colour wetsuit you wear.
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Bill McIntyre

San Clemente, CA
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Jan 27, 2005
San Clemente, CA
Hi guy,
When looking for the best spearfishing wetsuit, it is imperative that you select the most appropriate thickness.

The subject of this thread is whether or not camo really makes a difference. As far as I can tell you didn't directly address that- you're just trying to sell a brand of wet suit. If so, maybe your post should be in Goods for Sale forum.
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Mr. X

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Jul 14, 2005
Sunny Britain
I don't think camo makes much, difference, if any, versus black. Although one possible theoretical advantage might be that camo breaks up your outline a little, to make you look a little less like a big ol' seal (I had a big ol' seal check me out spearing one day, nibbling my fins and all!). Might help if you plan to hide in varied, weedy rocks or weed beds, if you are otherwise smooth and quiet.

Bright wetsuits

Bright/contrast wetsuits probably make you more visible to fish but fish can be curious creatures and they may choose to investigate you or ignore you if you appear non-threatening. I have heard of yellow (with regard to wetsuits & boards) being described as "yummy yellow" in some sharky, tropical areas. Member Portinfer memorably, long ago, posted a photograph of a sea kayak with the front tip broken off, supposedly bitten off by a shark; the kayak was white with a red tip section -- like a huge "red-head" fishing lure! Not sure if that was a genuine incident but SA spearo Miles does favour the red head pattern in his sea fishing lures.

I wouldn't generalize too much about things like shark behaviour. Wild animals, like people or dogs can vary a lot in behaviour, habit, temperament, psychology and circumstance. For example, hunger can really change the behaviour of an animal/person. Sharks don't get issued with a rule book. They try things, and experience pain or pleasure or indifference and learn accordingly (or not).
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Jan Kaspar

Sep 5, 2017
Oakland Ca
I have had great success with Polosub out of Rome if you’re in the market for a suit. The custom nature makes the fit amazing.
For a 5.5mm full suit and 3.5mm legs it cost me roughly $400 shipped to California.
The dive suit will be much warmer than a surf suit, and if you go custom (which I would strongly recommend) it will be even warmer because of the fit quality.

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Mar 10, 2018
camo is works but mostly that depend from the area
in some wide place like Maldives islands you don't need camo, because most fishes did not see any man more over spear fishers before in their life, and fishes a very interesting to see CLOSER new object in the water, camo is bad for that case, be more visible to them ) make you self interesting like a flasher ;)

but in heavy pressured by spear fishers water like Mediterranean sea any black wet suit will warn fishes to stay away from you

i made paint for open cell neoprene by myself and play many time with it on my wet suit is not easy to find out appropriate camo pattern which is work and it must the same colour pattern like rocks underwater in you area ...but if you have appropriate camo it works! like fish come closer 1/3 to you, if you keep calm
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