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Comments on Cressi Big Eye

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Aug 30, 2002
I currently have an AQA Mantis mask. This mask has been very good to me. I do feel that I need to use a lot of air to equalize it. I currently dive between 10 to 60 feet. I would like to eventually get down to 100 feet. Would the Cressi Big Eye be a good choice or would another low volume mask be better? Any comments?


hi austin

my favourite low volume mask is the cressi minima. i used a dacor bandit before. but i prefer the glas lenses of the cressi mask, plus it´s a lot cheaper (here at least) and it also fits me better.




I have the Cressi Big Eyes mask and really enjoy it for diving less than 60'. Great visibility and very comfortable. This is the main mask I use for shallower diving.

For deeper dives, I prefer a smaller volume mask (like the Cressi Superocchio or Sproarsub Samourai, for up to 100').

I'd buy the Big Eyes now and when you start going deeper and you realize that you need a little less volume, buy a second mask then (I'm basing the dual purchase advice on deeperblue/diveinn prices and not those at US dive stores).


P.S. I also have the Dacor Bandit but, due to its limited visibility, only use this mask for my pb depth dives (and sometimes not even then).
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Thanks for the comments. I forgot to mention that I mostly spearfish.

Scott I was thinking of getting both at DiveInn/DeeperBlue at the same time. Should I get both and use the Superocchio when I know I will be doing deeper dives?

How much of a difference does using the Big Eye vs Superocchio in water deeper than 60' make?

immerlustig, how is the field of vision with the minima compare to the Superocchio?



I have used the Superocchio for 10 years and it is a great mask (if it fits your face properly). It is one of the older models but you certainly can't go wrong with it: low volume, good field of view and good price. I have changed to a Beuchat Mundial now but the Superocchio is still an excellent mask

As a spearfisherman, you will probably prefer the Sprorasub Samourai Elite with the mirrored/tinted lense. It is the same volume as the Superocchio but I think the spearos prefer the tinting (or so I've been told). I have the Samourai but prefer using the clear Superocchio, as much of my diving is done in caverns/caves and I need all the light I can get.

As far as the difference in deeper dives with the Big Eyes vs. the Superocchio/Samourai, I can really tell the difference (particularly when diving over 70'). This may be just me, as I think Anderson uses his Big Eyes for dives to 100' with no problems.

My diving lately has been strictly with two masks - the Big Eyes for pool and dives less than 60' and the Superocchio for dives deeper than 60'.

Hope that helps,

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i have to say first that i don´t spearfish, so i don´t really know about prefered field of vision.
but i´d say the field of vision of the cressi is better than that of the bandit.
i think i dived with a superocchio before (but i´m not too sure) and i also had a similar mask for quite a while: mares tana.
those masks were great until i got the minima.
since the lenses, even though they are very small, are so close to the eyes i´d say the field of vision is rather comparable.

in any way i can definitely suggest that you at least try the minima.
one of the 2 most comfortable masks i ever dived with.

there is also a noticable difference on deeper dives. low volume masks make a big difference.

hope that helps some


hey austin,

i do like the big eyes. the only draw back is that i give up some bottom time and depth w/ it. aquiles had it down to 120' no problem, but he spent little time at the bottom. the comfort level of having the big eyes on kinda out weighs the volume(although it is quite low for such a wide field of vision mask).

personally, i've gone back to the cressi superocchio because of the volume and surface area that covers my face. i don't like masks w/ too big of skirts because i like to have my face in contact w/ as much water as possible(dive reflex issue).

i'd suggest staying away from the mirror tinted lenses unless you're hunting the shallow sandy areas with lots of sunlight. think of them as sunglasses and not a tool for hunting. aquiles and i have set our samauri's back in our bags cause we've realize how important a diver's eyes are in determining their condition. also, the flight response said to be diminished w/ the mirrored lens is a bunch of garbage. it's your posture. any experienced spearo will back this up any day of the week.

good luck and stay safe,
My 6th mask is definitely going to be the Minima (after reading Roland's review)!

My opinion

When I'm not using goggles I use a minima. The bandit has a lower volume, but the bandit is unreliable (often leaks when squeezed), and it gets totally scratched and fogs easily. The minima, however, has a CRAPPY STRAP! My strap broke in half the other day while gearing up. not only is the strap weak, but it is too long, and you can't tighten it enough, and the tightening thingy slips a lot. Erik Y. took his bandit strap and put it on his minima, which I will do to replace my broken strap.

I also have a cressi big eye. I have taken it down to 45m or so, but I definitely waste air equalizing it. Also, the nose pocket is a bit tight, making it harder to re-inhale on the ascent, and that's a major issue because with such a big volume re-inhaling becomes essential.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

The Minima does sound good. I think I will give it a try once I break the 100' mark.


Sounds like if you had to pick just once you would go with the superocchio. That might be what I need to do. Also the price is great at DiveInn. Also do you know if they charge extra for shipping to Hawaii?


I think the price of the superocchio makes it look more appealing than the Samourai. And Anderson says the tinted lens is overrated.

Eric F.,

Thanks for the comments. I think if I start going really deep I will give the minima a try. Been hearing a lot of good about it, except the strap.


I don`t know if its releated with the thread but i am wondering about something.As i read from fluid googles description you don`t need to equilize.But is it mean you don`t need to equlize the pressure in your ears?
Equalizing & Goggles

With fluid goggles, you still need to equalize your ears!

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
It's impossible for me to find a mask that will seal. The problem was easily solved but, for 20 years I've tried every mask that I could find. The Beuchat Mundial is a sleeper, I think. For me it is very comfortable, well made, has good vision and measures a lot lower on the volume than it looks. I've worn it to 40 meters without packing.
AQA here too.

I recently started re-using my AQA Mantis with the yellow tint for the shallower and dimmer dives and really like it on all accounts. For deeper and longer stays, the Superocchio fits the bill, if I remember to smear a little silicone grease to help the thing seal. I wish the Beauchat of Bill's would fit; I think it's about the best overall mask going. And using the tint or mirror lenses in the sunlit kelp is pretty friggin cool:cool: , posture or no. It makes the night dives later al lot easier on the eyes after not having to squint all day in the water.

Cressi Bigeyes

Hey Austin,
I'm a big fan of Cressi masks. I own the Horizon, Minima, and the Focus. The Horizon is just like the Bigeyes mask, except it has two small, additional peripheral lenses. For SCUBA, I've never used a better mask than the Horizon. The 30 degree, downward tilt of the lenses, coupled with the noticably longer glass allows me to see every gauge, buckle, and clasp on my BC. However, for freediving, I found that the Horizon demands more of my air than I want to give it ;). I use the Minima for freediving and spearfishing. The minima does lack good peripheral vision, and as others have noted, the strap is a little flimsy (note: I have not had any problems as a result). But the frontal (ever important) binocular vision is much better than any other of the Cressi Masks I've tried. Additionally, the mask is very comfortable, lights, and inexpensive. On the fashion tip - Try on the black-skirt version - You'll look just like the Lone Ranger :).
I'm a Cressi fan as well. My wife thinks I look like Robin, Batman's sidekick, with the black skirted Minima on.

I've heard other comments at the pool as well but who cares. I like it. Low volume, GLASS lens, good fit. I've not had a problem with the strap, yet.

When I had a pair of Big Eyes a number of years ago I was sold on the view and fit.

Have had a pair of Cressi Big eyes for almost two years now. They are the most comfortable mask i've ever owned. I agree with the point above however, I have the clear skirt and wish I'd opted for the black.

Based on comments above I will be purchasing the minima's next.
I own three of them and have bought many of them for other people. To me they are the best mask for spearfishing giving you the best of both worlds. Vision and a small enough volume to do the deep dives.

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