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Cressi comanche 100

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pelogic thinker
May 1, 2003
Hello everybody!
I started shooting fishes last summer and hope to do that again in spring. I bought a sporasub aspic 55 just for fun but now want to get a bit more serious, so i thought i add another band to the 55 for small prey and get myself a new gun around 100cm. I also thought about a riffe metal tech 2,but waaayyy too expensive... What i could afford is a cressi comanche 100 or maybe an according omer model. What do you think of these, especially the cressi? Which omer model might be good?
I need a lot more range than with the aspic 55 (i work out often, so therefore i have strong arms to stretch a lot of bands). Is 100cm enough for average mediterranean fishes near the shore?

Any tips appreciated, thanks in advance, joe:confused:
Please check out the tread "Barrel Flex" and see my comanche 110 under some load. I'm pretty sure that comanche 100 will show similar symptoms. On the other hand, I like my gun very much and it is reliable and accurate.

Yes, 100cm is good for average med. hunting and I believe it is a good gun for you to develop your technique.
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Thx Memo

Memo, i just read your thread. I REALLY want that wooden gun now... Seriously, i would prefer to buy one of these wooden things, they seem to be more stable but they all have a hefty price tag.
Well the gun flex of the cressi seems to be visible but is it a problem? You say it`s a good and accurate gun, it does not seem to affect the performance of the gun and so it`s fine with me...
That`s one vote for the cressi then.

Greets, joe
Hey Groats,

I first had 100cm gun then i found its bit diffucult for some caves. Then i bought 75cm and now its enough for any kind of cave hunting (groupers,breams...) When i had 75cm gun, 100cm has no use for me, 100cm is ideal for both open shoots and some cave shoots. But not the best size for either of them. So i decided to upgrade 110cm now.

In my opinion you should first buy 75cm gun which is more suitable for shore dives, especially in winter which is lots of cave hunting involved in shallow water.Then you can buy 110cm. These two lengths should cover all of the med sea conditions.

You can buy most of the top euro brand's guns. But the barell flex is the last thing you gonna want on your gun. But for 75cm its may not be a problem. But if i were you i don't go for cressi comanche after seeing this barell flex issue. I already guess it has unreliable trigger also. My cousin had 75cm apache and used it for several use with no problem. They should be cheaper too...

Omer shafts is not good for shallow cave hunting they bent so easily. I upgrade my 75 cm guns shaft to cressi and it works perfect.

And yes those wooden guns are beautifull but pricey.
Thanks, Murat!
Actually, after having read all this, i thought i could add a couple of strong band to my aspic 55 for caves (i might loose a bit of accuracy, but for short distances this should be no problem) and build a wooden gun myself. I am not very good at handicrafts but my brothers and father are quite fit engeneering-wise, they could help. i know there are some people in the forum who have built their own guns and have written about it. Does anyone know threads on this? I would only have to buy the trigger mech. and bands and a shaft...

Greets, groats
Making a wooden gun is more trouble than its worth. You'll end up spending more money than you would buying one from a proper maker, and you'll end up with a gun you might not like too much. If you are starting up a 100 euro is more than enough. Any make (Omer/Cressi/Picasso/Rob Allen) will do nicely. Stick to single bands and a 6.5mm shaft. The barrel flex would only affect a lot if you have a rail on the gun. For guns without rail or shaft guide, a little barrel flex will not affect accuracy too much.
Making wooden guns need skill for sure. Finding necesarry tools and materials are another problem. May be you want to sell the 55cm gun and buy 75cm gun. Or just cheap 75cm gun and keep 55 on the float for back up. Then, when you are ready (both financially and skill) buy a good wood gun.

That my 0.02 TL:D
yeah dont make you hands dirty by trying to produce a wooden gun. As shane referred, barrel flex is not the greatest problem if your gun does not have a rail, but its a negative point for sure. If I were you, I would choose equipment which is suitable for my hunting style.

Personally I prefer hunting with aspetto and I really like the size of 110cm. If you are shooting fish between or under rocks I guess a smaller size is preferable for you.
Alright, no wooden gun then:head

I do normally shoot aspetto-style on relatively small size fish, which unfortunately are very shy so there`s some serious sniperwork required. For cave shooting i think i`ll do quite well with the aspic double banded. How much range do you get from a 100cm gun? Are there huge differences between brands? Are there maybe better omer models? I`m thinking comanche 100 or similar omer with cressi g20 rubbers (the strongest ones, whatever their name...) and the aspic with the same gums and a circular one through the hole in the muzzle. Good idea?

Ah, range! Erm, say 3 to 5m, something like that would be cool (latter would be cooool!).

Greets joe
I think 3-4m is the effective range that you could get with a comanche 100. Especially the small fish show some blasting reflexes to the incoming spear so IMO dont expect some very long shots... I also dont know the rocks structure in your region but if the rock cavities are small and the caves are shallow in depth your aspic will do fine. Otherwise you will need a longer under rock gun.

as I said before, just develop your technique and anaylze your style to see which type of equipment suits you much. Test your friends ewuipment as well.
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Hey Groat,

The range of a speargun is not depent brand name, it depends on the band and shaft config on it.

I recommend you the new omer power 18mm (black) bands with 6.3mm spear. This will work great for sniping little fishes. 6.3mm spear is very accurate high speed and power 18mm bands are more effective than 20mm (very hard to load) black top energy omer bands.

I had the 100cm OMER Alluminium gun with 6.3mm spear and 18mm band setup and it has kill range more than 4 meter or even 5 meter if you calculate parabola little bit. But of course this range is for sargo (bream) not for grouper.

So if you are hunting sargo type of fishes on a long range i recommend you this shaft band setup with 100-110 cm gun. But i remind you if you buy alluminium barell gun, tracking/aiming with 100-110cm gun may not be easy. But its depends on your budget to buy carbo or not. All i can say is if you can afford it go for carbon you will not disappointed.
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18 and 6.3? I`ll try that...

5 meters? Very good! And yes, i do shoot breams and stuff like that. Haven`t seen a grouper yet, that is why...

Thanks for the tip with the 18mm bands and the spear. I always thought that getting the strongest bands means most power and never thought about spear diameter actually. Sounds good. In the rocks i don`t need much more than 2m, so double banded aspic with a thick spear to prevent it from getting bent will do quite well.

Now i only have to get near the sea again, hope this will be soon. Until that happens i`ll dream of flooding parts of northern italy to get that swiss coast!

Greets and thanks for saving me precious time and money! Groats:)
No problem groats. Wish you a luck. Just aim well and don't hesitate to pull the triger when they are in range show themself broadside....;)
There are 3 spearguns that you should have: 75cm, 90 cm and 110cm. The 75 works in the caves and it would give you some ''long'' shots too. With the 90 you have a better distance, yet if you have practice with it will work in the caves. For more long shots the 110 works well, but if you are planing blue water hunting then you should consider a longer one.
The 75 and the 90 would work in bad viz waters too, but here the 75cm would be even better.

I would recomend you to use a single band in the speargun for the caves, cause the shot would be too powerful and it would have the tendency to get stucked in the rocks behind the fish that you shoot (and you will waste a lot of dives/time recovering it and you can loose some spears!). Only if you have big fishes in the caves then two bands would be necessary.

You can rely in Omer, and about the barrel flex, if you get used to the shot, it wouldnt make a big difference...you only need to shorten the bands a bit to get more shot power.

rcerdena: cant afford three guns, i `ll make the 55 a 75 and buy the average of 90 and 110...:D !

Thank you all, i`ll keep you posted! Joe
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And yet another idea...

I thought and thought what may be best for my needs, just then i stumbled over shaneshac`s thread where he uses that totem gun. I adore the look of wooden guns but cannot afford riffe or RA or the likes. Neverthless i checked the totem website and, surprise, found out that i might be able to gather the cash for one of these if i waited a little. I even had a look at their videos on the site and saw that they shoot the fishes i normally hunt as well. How about a totem tahiti 100? I mean its sheer versatility is a blast. With both of the bands loaded this must be a badass gun (5m range?) and when i`m not in full terminator mode i could use only one band at a time. Like, one band to the first notch makes the gun a 90 euro, to the second a 100 euro and both bands, well, a blastin` firearm! And it`s got a rail as well, doesn`t it? No barrel flex and a rail, i`ll become a sniper!
Before you ask, yes, i`m quite a bit enthousiastic about this shooter! But am i too much?

Sorry for warming up that thread again and again, and thanks again as well! Joe
Sure it will be one of the top purchases that you will ever make :D

but please think about the model of the gun in detail.. why 100cm? if you want real range, get a double banded tahiti 120 just like shane.!
Yeah, I think you're right Memo...

This kind of gun should be used in 110 or 120 lenght, That's my opinion.

Why do you only want a 1 meter groats?? I don't think that in 1 meter lenght a Totem Sub is really needed...well, I agree with you that Totem Sub spearguns looks marvellous and in wood!!! They are beautiful.

Anyway, I want a Totem Sub gun as well but in 110 or 120 cm barrel lenght.

My kind of preys are Dentex, Sargos, SeaBass...and Seriola as well (is it yellow tail in English I don't know, sorry).

ANd I would like a double rubbers bands because of the Dentex who just stay 1 or 2 meters behind the effective range of my actual gun...which is a 106cm barrel lenght.

I try a Teak Sea gun as well, with 3 rubbers band in a 115 cm lenght, that's an awesome amount of power and the effective range is about 6 meters with a maximum range about 7~8 meters even if I do not think the precision is really good
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Hey Groats,

I am thinking to buy totem also. I think about pelagos 110 which will give you better tracking and more accurate shoots for smaller fishes. I think its range should be 5 meter easily, may be even more...

Ask shane he will give you more detailed info about them.
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