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cuda killer

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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uh, hey ladies...

Hey! Take a minute from getting all your panties bunched and check out the Caption Contest and then stroll over to the goods for sale section and check out the wood! Sultany smooth! :king

I’m sure you will understand why I am saying this, but I would like to end the discussion about inflatable floats and broadheads until I have chance to test more and then post pictures and descriptions.
Hey A...Don had some real good photos of the tip on another thread recently in fact I believe the whole thread was about this tip...Don, I did not intend to curb your info sharing as I really do enjoy contemplating the ideas spurred by this forum...especially yours and Iya's...
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i was wondering if you guys are ever worried about getting biten by a cuda after you have shot it. when im at home (bermuda) during the summer i bump in to huge cuda's but reserve shooting them becuse i hear stories about them turning on your and biting you..... the other reason could be that we are only allowed to use pole spears which means that you can not put any space between you and the cuda after its shot... its more the teeth then the size that i am worried about..
I hope you eat those, and not just hunt them.
we are talking about baracuda's, right?, I just didn't know they're also on the other side of the food chain.
freshly caught and cooked with Kentucky Chicken type of flour, it tates good.....yep Barracuda.
I had the head of one clamp down on my fingers once . AFTER I had removed the head. we shoot a few from time to time, they don't taste all that bad...cigitara and all

there is no cargus posioning in bermuda.. well non that i have heard of. so whatever you shoot you are pritty much coll to eat it
I have only heard of a few instances where a cuda turned on a diver after beeing speared. That was a friend who lives in Barbados. They regularly shoot cudas and have adopted an interesting method of doing so these days. For big cudas he and his buddy would shoot the fish simultaneously and swim in opposite directions, stringing the fish between them. This guy was pretty hard core--a 5'6" local with enough cojones for all of us. Fished for sharks off of his surfboard, road 30' waves on a 6'6", some pretty insane stuff. I have only shot one cuda and it stayed away from me the whole time, though we put an insurance shot in it for good measure. The trouble would seem to come when you tried to stick a knife in it's head at the surface. No thanks, I'll pull them into the boat for that.

I heard once a tale about a dead merlin cutting off someone's arm... :)
Possible? I don't have a clue if or how sharp is the "sword".
Wasn't Merlin a magician? Never hear of him cutting off someone's head with a sword though. Especially while being dead. Excallibur maybe?
Oh, you know what I mean. yes, a Marlin.
and by "Sword", I meant his bill, I took that word from "Swordfish", I just heard it's pretty sharp, and once it...
I just wanted to know, if it's really that sharp (never mind the stupid tale).
Originally posted by DeepThought
Oh, you know what I mean. yes, a Marlin.
and by "Sword", I meant his bill, I took that word from "Swordfish", I just heard it's pretty sharp, and once it...
I just wanted to know, if it's really that sharp (never mind the stupid tale).

rofl comedy at its best. DT, i'm not laughing at you, but w/ you. :D i've heard swordfish doing the most damage out of the billfish species. :blackeye
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Hi DT , sounds highly unlikely . The bill of a marlin is rounded , though sharp . the surface is rough , ideal for grabbing onto when subdueing the fish , but wear gloves ...;)
The swordfish has a sword and the WhaleShark eats whales..rofl rofl rofl

tales of the ocean...;)

Actually the sawfish does have a bill that could be used as a saw.. styrofoam maybe..:hmm
As i know there is no Marlin in Med. seas.I saw 1 or two swordfish in local newspaper cought by net fishers during the recent 4-5 years.As you see even the swordfish is rare in here.So if you have a chance to shoot one sometime with proper gear don't doubt.
BTW this in my opinion and i dunno anthing about how they will threat you if you put spear through it's head.But at least try to hit from vital zone.
we got marlin around bermuda, bt they get to 1500 lbs, dont know if you have the cahuna's to shoot somthing that big with a polespear, or any spear for that point. two were carught on line last year, 1100 and 1200lbs in the same day.REALLY BIG FISH but not good to eat, or so i hear
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