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Dentex calling or aspetto? Mediterrenaen spearos

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New Member
Mar 31, 2002
I'm from Ýzmir-Turkey,and spearfishing regularly 6 months yearly for 30 years at hte Aegean coast of Turkey.But I have just noticed the fish calling technique for two years. I want to know if anyone knows, which kind of sound do you use in the aspetto or calling of dentex dentex.
Sounds for Dentex.

I find that most breams become very curious if I grunt (make noise from throat) whilst lying completely still on the bottom. It has worked well with large Gilt head breams. Try and conceal your face as well as these fish are very quickly frightened if they see you looking at them.
Thank you very much for your advice shaneshac,I will try this kind of grunting,I've heard that for every kind of fish they were using different noices,and tricks ,etc. Where is Gibraltar and for how many years you are making aspetto?Thanks...
Murat ben Sargoz deðil sinariti kastetmiþtim ama sargoz içinde bir trick biliyorsan kabulumdur,selamlar:head

Gibraltar is at the very south of spain. The entrance to the mediterranean. We have migration into the med from all sorts of fish. In the last three days I have caught two sea bass over 3.5kgs and one over 5kgs doing aspetto. Bass come when you tap the handle of your gun on the bottom. Gilt Head breams come if you crunch a few stones together with your free hand when at the bottom. Be careful as they will nearly always catch you off guard, especially the big ones.

Genellikle evlerinin (magralarinin) etrafinda dolasirlar ve seni farkettikleri an deliklerine girereler.Girdikten hemen sonra u dönüsü yaprak baslarini magradan cikarirlar.Eger hemen onlar magralariana girdikten sonra iyi bir zamanlamayla peslerinden gidersen onlar magradan baslarini gösterirken cok iyi bir atis ani yakalarsin.Yok eger yetistiremezsen tek çare fenerle bulman.Bazen 5 dakika beklersen kendiliginden disari cikiyorlar.
Knowledge grows up with sharing

Thanks for all the advice,I will try these tricks ,and i believe I'll get benefit from these . I must eat so much bread (its a Turkish term) to get experience . Again I see that there is always somethings to learn.Thanks and greetings from the east side of mediterrenean:)
Murat sana da çok teþekkürler,eðer bu hafta sert poyrazdan fýrsat bulursam shaneshacýn önerilerini uygulayacaðým,bye bye.
Re: What was that????

Originally posted by shaneshac
Murat please explain:confused: :confused: :duh :duh

Nothing important man; i just give some wellknown tricks to amevsim about one of our local fish.I am sure he already knows what i told him.


Bol sanslar gelisme olursa yaz.Sahsen daha dentex avlaycak kadar derin'e dalamiyorum.Duyduguma göre 25 metre ve daha derinde yasarlar.Poor Me
It is a shame that this thread was never continued. since aspetto is probably the most important technique in spearfishing.
i think learning to do a proper aspetto is the key to getting some fish or not. i encourage everyone on this form to contribute to this thread. what ever info they have about aspetto techniques. i here alot about grunting for bream but i dont know why for me it doesnt seem to work for sargos. i dont know what im doing wrong. the best way i found to get sargos to come close enough for a shot is to literly hid yourself while doing aspetto. i noticed that when i hide myself for example in neptune grass or a small sandy patch sarounded by meter high neptune grass. this really sets of sargos and dentex cuoriosity.and they come running in to chech me out. i also after doing an aspetto leave my gun on the bottom while i do my breath up for a second aspetto .this usually keeps the fish in the area cuorios. and they stay aroud looking at my speargun from a distance while i prepare for my second asspetto.i know you guys prbably already know these things but im just trying to get this thread moving again. sine it can be very imformative and a very important technique for productive spearfishing. anyone know any good techniqies for dentex.peace people and happy fishing.
Have you watched the Dapiran Movies "Aspetto dinamico al Dentice Parts 1 and 2"?

Or Tutto Dentice by Gianfranco Donati?

These show dentex spearing at its best.

I will be spearing with Dapiran this september and i am sure i will learn a few tricks

I will keep you posted.
i have only seen laguatto profondo so far a relly go to see the other too
shane nice dentex buy the way.
you are really lucky to be spearing with daparin. i spear with the maltease champions sometimes you might now them criss borg cardona and kenneth bugeja. criss is in a movie called Techniche Di Caccia Subacquea. this movie is all filmed in malta. its a great movie
Try and see those Dentex movies. They are like the Dentex bible.

Everything you will need to know is mentioned.

Dentex senses are very acute. sometimes even moving one meter right or left can be difference in them coming into range or not. Make sure you are not facing the sun and that you are not below the thermocline as they do not like the cold water
thanks shane i didnt know that about thermoclines. i will have to see those movies. it is a shame that they are only in italian i can understand why the movies are not i english aswell. there i a market for these movies i cant understand why the producers of these movies dont make english versions aswell. its not like its going to cost them mellions to have it translated. oh well guess il just have to learn italian.
i will talk to him about the translation when i am there.

We may try to organise that and sell the vids.

Learn italian.

It will open a whole new world in spearing
ya i guess ill have to learn. shane have you been fishing anywhere other than gibraltar. ever been to malta.
i heard there are alot of maltease people in gibraltar is it true. heard there are quite a few in government is this true.
There are loads of maltese ppl here.

My wifes surname is Grech which is maltese.

Not sure about government but that does not really matter.

90% of ppl in Gib decend from Genoa (me) or Malta
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