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Diving Movie Reviews!!!

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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samdive said:
Lara Croft as Joanna but change the script so she's not such a b****y bridget jones pathetic piece of womanhood

and I can't be a****d with invisible ink sorry


rofl rofl

lol! As long as Lara Croft learns to speak proper Spanish and has a lip reduction
those would definitely be a snorkel cruncher!!

Michelle Pheiffer as an 80s actress.. oh yeah...
Kate Winslett.. noooooooooooo Titanic all over again.. pleassse dont...

i agree with Sam, for looks, Jean-Marc Barr can stay, after he's been to drama school. :D

And for Enzo.. yeah! Papa Smurf would fit right in there... now I am just waiting for sinkweight to reproduce the The Deeper Big Blue photograph :D
sinkweight said:

as for the new wave talent for the making of Big Blue Tue

1. Kirsten Dunst

YES YES YES. as long as she stays a redhead :D best thing about spider man movies :D
There is a movie from 1991 called “Atlantis” by Luc Besson, it is not a diving movie as such, as there are no humans in it, but more underwater scenery with some easy going music.
The shots are from all over the world showing everything from lizards at Galapagos to the busy tropical warm water reefs. It is a nice little film that reminds you of all the wonderful stuff that can be found just below the surface.
Adrian said:
THE BIG BLUE: I love the photography but found the acting a bit shallow. One thing that pissed me off was seeing a tropical environment underwater (the scene with Mayol as a kid feeding a moray) while diving in the Aegean!

Adrian I couldnt agree more. On the surface its Greece (Karpathos) and underwater its the Bahamas (if I remember the the movie credits correctly). Another mistake in the same scene is that although Jacques is presumably diving alone in a desolate area, notice the background when he makes a hurried ascent after being frightened by the dolphin: You will clearly see an anchor rope probably from the boat of the film crew!

As far as the movie goes in general I liked it very much for the reason alone that it conveys the relationship between the heroes and the sea as one of passion and tragedy.

Beyond whatever inaccuracies and incompatibility with the true events I think this movie was a success because it made no efforts to conceal or justify Jacques defective personality.

For all purposes the movie shows Jacques as a complete idiot, inadequate lover, whose only fulfillment is derived from his underwater activities. That is what my girlfriend pointed out after seeing the version longue of my favourite movie. My reply was that being stupid and indifferent can be vital in achieving good relaxation and maintaining low heartbeat for someone that descends -100m, where a flicker of strong emotion can kill.

In this respect the movie was a success since it tells the story of a man who is unmoved by the demands society, a friend, or a woman, make on him and resorts to give his life an "artificial" purpose and measure of achievement by pursuing depth. "Artificial", because I think, diving served as a form of sensory suicide, flowing from an inner need to distance himself from the world and anesthetising himself from perceiving his flawed personality and emotional incapability.

A very prophetic movie one might say, in many ways we shall never fully understand. Perhaps Luc Besson himself is still baffled by the way events in Jacques life later unfolded and perhaps not, but in retrospect I often recall a sense of premonition whilst watching "The Big Blue", about the real Jacques Mayol. God rest his soul.
There is a movie from 1991 called “Atlantis” by Luc Besson, it is not a diving movie as such, as there are no humans in it, but more underwater scenery with some easy going music.
I have that as well...well it was suggested by Amazon. Their suggestion robot makes really suggestive suggestions.

Hold it, kids, how's about a Deeperblue Fun-time game!:eek:
Try saying "suggestions" 10 times, really fast. You start to sound like you're drunk at first, but then you sound like an old Oldsmobile 4-4-2' crankin' on a dyin' battery.

what was I saying?

oh yes, as for you, Ms. Island,...
I thinking more of Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

now I am just waiting for sinkweight to reproduce the The Deeper Big Blue photograph :D

Hmmmmmm... *scratching chin*
"Open Water" is the same as "The Perfect Storm" based on bull dumps 'cos no one knows what went on. I am very critical about movies like when you see a shot of a mountaineer, from above, being the first to climb to the top of the mountain. Heck, the cameraman got there first. In Open Water I like the way the female was going to check on her husband's leg so she submerged by letting all the air out of her BC and as a result slowly sunk into the water. That was after she had dropped all of her weights off her belt.
I went to see the Life Aquatic last night and it made me so nauseous I had to shut my eyes and eventually leave and throw up... something about the colours and the way it is filmed (and having flu)

has anyone else seen it? I was really looking forward to it but was disappointed to find it (apart from sick making) a bit too short on comedy and plot and the dive scenes were total rubbish - not even funny rubbish.... anyone agree or am I missing something?

My granddad was one of the first ever scuba divers and had a red hat on his head all the time and lots of mad schemes - I reckon he'd have made a better movie than this!
I loved that movie. It's not Anderson's best. It's not a diving movie at all. It's just supposed to be about a type of Jaques Cousteau surrogate, who's becoming a has been, pressured into making a terrible loss of a dear friend into a last attempt of a mission to regain popularity.

Definitely a dark, sad comedy...if that makes any sense.

Not as funny as the Royal Tennenbaums, but I still liked the movie a whole lot. I think my favorite part of the movie is when [Murray] Zissou goes berzerk and massacres the pirates to save the accountant [Bud Cort].

See it without the flu, Sammy.

As an artist I found the colors fun. Especially the pink tuna that attracted the, what was it, the Jaguar shark?

And how could you not like a David Bowie soundtrack!?. Especially when half of it was a Portuguese acoustic version.
the soundtrack I loved! and will definitely buy...

Bowie in Japanese... inspired... let's just hope it doesn't make me queasy

"flourescent groupers" I think they were
Anyone seen James Cameron's Aliens of the Deep 3D ( IMAX )? I'm off to see it on Saturday and wondered what it's like....
It fell short of my expectations. That might not have happened if:

1. I had never seen an IMAX 3D movie before
2. I had never heard of 'Black Smokers' and the concept that they may be able to generate life without sunlight being involved
3. I hadn't seen footage before of deep sea exploration / life
4. I had more imagination to be able to get my head around a scientific documentary that ends up with science fiction pixar graphic images at the end.

I'm still glad I saw it though, and the animation sequences were excellent. To sum it up, it's somewhere between The Blue Planet and The Abyss...in 3D.
I want to see a remake of The Big Blue. But without Arquette or any annoying love interest.

Cayman 2005 - Freediving World Record Event

... Joining us on the boat is Sky Christopherson and his film crew. They are shooting a movie called "The Greater Meaning Of Water". A freediver movie that gets away from the usual themes seen in most movies. This one should open in June and hit the film festival circuit. We're providing our record attempt infrastructure as a movie set when we're not using it, which is usually at set up and break down...

This looks suspiciously like a realistic 'documentary' style depiction of freediving action. Anyone seen it?
I hope Roseanna Arquette is in it, not!
I Loved the life aquatic - Hilarious and whimsically twisted.

Greater meaning of water looks promising if it doesn't slip too far into twinkulance.
gtb has a new one in final stages. We got a chance to see the roughs a couple of weeks ago. Personally, I thought the best scenes were in the kitchen! But then, what do you expect from someone like me? :p
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