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favorite trigger mech?

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.
While we are on the topic.

Does anyone know how to disassemble the RA handle. it looks to me like the top piece flips up, but i havent risked pulling it apart yet, but if its a piece of cake then i'd like to have a look-see.


If I remember correctly there is a well camouflaged pin somewhere on the grip that has to be knocked out before you can disassemble it .
using the durable RA

Hey griff,
Thank you for correct observation the single 16mm. I like the 6.5 shaft too, but to be honest I am also thinking for my situation I might start using a 7mm shaft. See I don't use boat. To carry extra shafts. And baracuda bones arn't as soft flesh as tuna and billfish. Today we got 60kg of fish in the strong currents at the point of the Island. And a big fish bent the spear a bit. If I have no time to bend it back on my knee I will try 7mm.
You know I think a 120cm gun is a bit to long I will get some 110cm . I would like to exchange some real ideas on spearfishing intead of problems.
I like that you are goin to shoot some TUNA griff, I want to go anh hunt big fish too, like 40kg fish.
How would a 7mm shaft work on a 16mm rubber, should the shaft be 10cm shorter then.
Welcome to my world.

I went out diving today vis was 1m couldnt see the end of my 110 hey dolphinxtc when I get my damn new Ra 150 im sick of waiting I will exchange ideas its comming with a 7mm shaft I will test it on some good mackeral, or Maori Wrasse and see how the spear holds up.

Hi Dolphin,

If those are the size of fish you are taking, 7mm shaft is not that thick too. If the fish loves hammering around the rocks even 8mm is too thin. A detachable head will cause less shaft bending. I ruined many 8mm with fishes less than 20kg, not the water resistance but the fishes going wild for the rock or wreck. There is one video I saw, can't remember which .......of a guy shooting a 7mm Hawaiian shaft on a quite big fish and the acceleration and the water resistance alone bent the shaft a little. I think the shaft length was like at least a 140 cm.

Hi Ivan,

Even though Maori Wrasse/Napoleon is considered on the way to be endangered species cause of the Hong Kong sea food market demand, if you do shoot a 20+ kg on a 7mm Hawaiian shaft, let me know what happened. This fish has one of the toughest king-kong sized scales I even seen. The RA with 2 x 16mm should not have problem on the penetration, I am just afraid ur shaft will look much different after that. :D :D

Good luck both of you.

nice fishing

hello ivan and IYA,
dolphinxtc here from aruba
I will keep using 6.5 shaft then until I it bends to often I already have a spare 7mm shaft.
The CONO vis like big makerel they pass by some fast some slow when I have a flasher. One should then also go slowly thoards them. The cono vis was a pair like 22kg.
Ivan with the napeleon aim for the head from close by not the slower half of the body. They are very strong fish.
Thank you guys in welcoming me to your discussions.
Monday I will go to the piont of the Island again with the flasher and I am very content with the results.
I am getting some carbon c40 tuesday from spain And hope to be sleeker.
If I was Ivan I would also go for these fish just if I was sure of the shot and to develop these experience with these big fish.
Oh, yes hold on!
I think god quality 7mm shaft or 6.75 or 7.14mm Riffe shaft can handle up to 40=50 kg fish.Ok may be your shaft will bend but who cares if you land 40-50 kg fish.All you need is exta 100 dollars for extra shafts.You can understand this better if you live fishless areas.
here trigger, that's a boy.....good boy.....sit......stay........

best trigger....good old basic.. built like a brick shithouse....Aussie sea hornet....used them
totally...and I do mean totally....overloaded for years now....still as smooth as a babies but on the release....only mechanism I've found that actually ejects the shaft in unloaded state.....same release when loaded...same release when totally overloaded.
The other Aussie gun mechanism....which has suposedly a better world reputation is the
undersea brand and you can load that one to hell and back if you replace the sear with hardened metal....but I really don't like the cramped handle position and the release is sudden
both guns are american style multi rubber guns...if anyone is interested....shaft in an open track enclosed muzzle sort of deal....basic solid reliable and most important safe.
downside.....heavy and they kick like mules when you sling em up with loads of bulk rubber.
but they do go where you point em...and at speed with more punch than you need.
fit the tips with JBL (same standard thread size) tricuts and it'll make a fine workhorse.
hi guys

Ive shot one wrasse small 24lb my dad has spered them at 60lb plus and they absolutely mangle the spear as they plough through the coral.

7 mm with one 16

Hi Dolphinxtc

at the moment i'm using a 7mm shaft with 1 20mm rubber, but the wishbone is a bit mangled now. the notch cut it up a bit, so i'm putting my 16 back on until i can get the wishbone replaced.
when i got the 7 mm spear, rob allen said that 1 sixteen is a little weak with the heavier shaft, but maybe using a 1400 instead of a 1500mm shaft length will do the trick. i'll let you know how the 16 pushes the 7mm spear, just as soon as my replacement fin arrives. been 6 weeks now :(



Hi Abri
No, i havent tried the dyneema yet. i went for cable because my last wishbone was cable and it hardly had a thread broken. it cuts it when i realign the rubbers so that they are symmetrical, something i used to do all the time with no hastle on the ast spear. i guess i wont be realigning anymore

do the dyneema work well? i heard that they dont like rusty spears too much.

Mark ,
I've used them since they got on the SA market (5 yrs. ?) Haven't had to replace one yet:D
Stealth Railguns

About the Stealth Railguns that Ivan was talking about.
I was talking to one of the guys who started the whole stealth railgun idea. he said that the grips they use is a crib of the sporasub, like the ra is to picasso. so there's another option for a quality grip. he also mentioned something about picasso bringing out a new handle, with interchangeable grips for different moods, like fat or thin or rubbery etc.
btw, the stealth railgun wasn't highly reccomended.


ps abri, i'll give the dyneema a shot. i'm tired of bleeding because of those pin sharp strands that fray on the cables.
Yo Griff,

Dyneema should be as gentle as a princess skin , it feels the same to Kevlar, both are aramid fibers. Do get a thicker one like 2-3mm , not cause of strength but thin ones are so 'flabby" it "swims" in the water and avoid the loading tabs.

Dyneema ( spectra ) also doesn't mind UV from sunlight, unlike Kevlar.

600 lbs dacron like the Riffe uses is also good, stiff in water so load to the tab easy.

Do tell me why Stealth Rail gun is not reccomended ?
Please x 1000.

A bit of a long story

The guy who i spoke to said that he and his brother came up with the stealth gun idea. they then shared it with someone in capetown because that guy had better manufacturing faciities. this guy from capetown took the idea as his own and cut the inventors out. they hadnt patened it or anything. i'm telling you this sad story because i only heard this guy's side and so it is probably biased. A lot of politics etc. anyway, the guns have problems like rusty spears, leaking barrels and rails that are stuck on skew. he owns a dive shop and he gets a lot of comebacks from the guns.
so the criticism is questionable, but i'd rather not take the risk.

Last edited:
hi guys

So the Stealth guns trigger mech is sporasub. Griff is this mech much better than Ra's, also don't you hate getting cut up by the cable wishbones by the end of the day I cant close my hand they get so cut up. Today i took the 2 16mm rubbers off my Ra 110 and fitted it with a single 20mm band 50cm long I just wanted something different. Im sweating on this RA 150 Im sure im going to fight the New australian importer if he cant get them in soon its been over 3 months since I ordered it. Griff what you said about Stealth railguns makes me happy im sticking with my Rob allens. Oh yeah do you think I should fit my 150 whenI get it with a single 20mm band or 2 16mm rubbers I want the most range and power I can get.

Hi Ivan
I dont know anything about the sporosub handles besides what you told me those guys in the auzzi dive shop said. i havent even seen a stealth railgun. whatever i say would be speculation, so id rather keep quite.
About using the 150, i dont know what the best setup would be, but i think that 2 sixteens is more popular. abri would know .at the dive factory,all the long guns that were waiting for shipment had single sixteens on them. i think that a single 20mm would just be too hard to load with that long gun, to get the same power that you want. like you cant bench press 100 kilos just because you can bench 50 twice ;) . you said that you welded a loading tab on to the spear? id avoid doing that because the weld may weaken that point, especially when the spear is going to be around 2m long.
and you say that you put a 50cm 20mm rubber on your 110! man thats very short. thats the reccomended lenght for the 16mm.
i went from a 50cm sixteen to a 75cm 20mm on my 110. the sixteen was hard to load, but do-able, but the longer 20mm is much tighter. unless the rubbers are different. i have seen two types of 20mm rubber. the one we get from dive factory is black outside with clear latex on the inside, the hole for the wishbone is the same size as for a sixteen. the other type is all black rubber with a bigger hole.
so if the rubbers you are using is the same as ours, then thats incredible, even with a loading tab. ask SASpearo about the 20mm on his 120. :t

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