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Fin Lineup - Any Questions?

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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How about those Sporasub Pure. Are they as easy to snap as they say or not????
Bigfoot reporting in...

No kiddin', Jon. The footpockets on the Turtles are dakine with the Uni Brute boots. And the Scubapro XL Gorilla Jetfins are still the benchmark.

But you can have those splits. For $40. ;)
Sporasub Pures

Originally posted by shaneshac
How about those Sporasub Pure. Are they as easy to snap as they say or not????

I'm not sure how easily they say Pures can break, but I do know that Jon snapped one of his. I have a vague idea of the details, so I'll wait for Jon to give the real 411.

The pures are quite soft (albeit, still not as soft as the Radicals), and should be treated gently, especially when you're jumping off a boat with em on ;). You could wear this fins all day; they surface swim quite well. These would be a great fin for someone with weaker legs, who still would like to try for some depth. Spearos should probably avoid these; in addition to the usual breakage issues, they are also quite long and not very maneuverable.

I got a pair of pure's for 70 Euros in a Spanish Superstore website. They made a mistake and gave the Pure the price of the H.Dessault plastics. After a long heated discussion they sent me the pair at the price on their website. I took them straight to my local dove store where they have been exchanged for a pair of BAT30. Still waiting for them though.
Thanks Ted,

I will think to buy new pair of fin when i become more "deeper";) I will let you know guys when the time comes :D

Somehow at last two dives which i used upper part of my 5mm wetsuit and 5kg weight belt i felt that afterburner power of my Gara 3000s had lost. Probably coz of extra weight. And i also felt that they become more easier to kick for me. I don't know may be my legs adapted to it after few dive, as a result i see that now they became softer and underpowered for me. Those are my first pair of long blade fins, when i switched from soft scuba ones to the gara 3000 they ruined my legs at first few dives. Is this thing always happens....

Take care...
The Pure's are "smooth as butter" when it comes to kicking. The first time I tired them I thought that they were broke because I felt no effort on my legs, then I saw how far I was moving. ;)

I could surface swim all day long in these things. I have used them for shallow spearing. I know that they are overkill for that, but I have them and they are very comfortable to swim with.

They do not give me the power to swim up for depth with that I like to have. Nothing has compared to my C4's for that- yet. I did notice yesterday that they give quite a bit more thrust than my Radical's and don't seem as "floppy" as the Radical's do.

Durbality is another factor. I broke one of my blades in half on a dive trip a few years ago. I was diving down to this sunken wreck and laying in the sand doing statics. I went to kick up to the surface and it felt like my fin just went forward and stroked the bottom. THe next thing I know I have one good leg kicking me up and one piece of broken blade flappin' in the wind. I made it up just fine, but I was ticked! :vangry I was only 3 days into a two week trip and had another week to go when I would be freediving with whalesharks. My secret weapon was now broken and I had to use my back-up fins which were not up to the task- a pair of 10 year old Avanti-HP pool fins that I brought along for my wife to try over her 6mm boots. I tried duct tape to hold it together but nothing worked.

In the end, SCUBA STORE replaced the fin for free, even though they had no warrenty. I coudn't complain about that, but I have never totally trusted a pair of carbon fins since then. I also put me fins on in the water, or sit down on the dive platform and do a seated entry. I wouldn't take the chance of breaking one by jumping off the boat feet first- head first is another story.:D

Sven, You should be able to get WAAAYYYY more than $40 for those fins on E-Bay. ;) :D

Originally posted by OceanSwimmer
Round of applause for Ted and Jon
Great research and well done, gentlemen!! Bravo!

I've found my finning style has had to adapt somewhat with the Cressi 2000HF; would you let me know your impressions, please?


I couldn’t agree more. Great thread. I would love to have a few days playing around with that fin collection.

Regarding the Gara 2000hf fins, I have had a pair for ages. I quite like them for CW diving but I always struggled while surface swimming.

This wasn’t a major issue until I started to do longer surface swims. My ankles were taking strain to the point where I was getting really uncomfortable on the swim back to the beach. I tried different techniques but just couldn’t get the strain off my ankles.

After reading through the DB archives, I ordered a set of Sporasub H Dessaults with the black blade. What a difference they made for surface swims.

I did about double my normal distance this weekend and I was still going strong at the end of the day.

The softer blade and the footpocket angle are definitely more suited to me on the surface and I didn’t notice a major loss of thrust in CW dives, although I haven’t done anything deeper than 15m with them yet.

Now if only the Sporasub foot pockets were as nice as the Gara footpockets, which fit my feet just perfectly.

Oh well...my Specialfins mono arrives soon. Can't wait to get it in the water.

I would love to have a few days playing around with that fin collection.

If you can make it to Freedive-apalooza you can get your chance. Plus, a chance to use all of the masks and spearguns that we can scrounge up. I would still like to be able to offer a pair of demo Fluid Goggles for everyone to try, but Eric F. hasn't taken me up on that yet.;)

Originally posted by Jon

I am not sure if Jyri wanted me to sheare this, but here is a shot of Maritn with his new Special Fins monofin. I have a softer version of the same thing. After watching the Cyprus Reloaded DVD I could see Kirk using his new monofin as well. If MArtin can do 93 meter's with C4's, just think what he can do with a monofin.



Jon would you be able to tell me where I can get that Cyprus reloaded dvd from :)

Have I been led astray, or did I just belive the hype?

OK: I've got a pair of Turtles, I use them for dry suit only as they are the only thing that will fit the boot. I have a pair of Gorillas, I have kind of set them aside since I got Atomic split fins. At first I didn't much like the split fins, but they grew on me as I used them with light, recreational equipment. So, they've been fine for reef diving with maybe a camera as the biggest piece of equipment being carried. After doing some lobstering and attemtpting to spear last weekend, I may have to reconsider their effectivenss! There were several times when I felt like I have to work too hard to make small adjustments to trim, depth and direciton. Maybe I ought to think of pulling our my old Gorrillas when I am doing some sort of hunting. Y'all are gonna make go back to the quarry soon to test this out.

Sven: have you ever used the Atomic's? I do a lot of frog kicking, even in the quarry (enough crap gets stirred up there without my contributing) and they have seemed to be OK with a frog kick. Also, they are good for quick bursts of speed.

Actually it was very noted photographer David Doublebailout (he get's sooo bent with that nickname :D ) that clued me in to wearing splits. When the Scubapros came out he was sent a pair to get his endorsement and he was allll over them. On a job in Palau, we were wearing these things and I'll admit for frogging and just the small adjustments like backing up, they're OK and all, but if you gotta get somewheres, they're too much lower leg, bicycle for me... The best thing I've done for me and others is to shitcan the splits buckle setup and go to the regular Scubapro style stainless loop. Plastic blows.

I've not worn Atomics, being a tried and biased Scubapro kinda guy.
fin report

Jon...It is a sad day here. I have developed a crack in my beloved Sporasub Radicals. The crack runs horizontally on the blade in the top 3rd. It appears to go through the first layer of glass as I can see the inner carbon layer when I flex the blade. Thinking about putting a little resin on the crack, I mean it is fiberglass...any thoughts?

I think I banged one too many rig legs...those things are gnarly:naughty
Originally posted by OceanSwimmer
I've found my finning style has had to adapt somewhat with the Cressi 2000HF; would you let me know your impressions, please?OceanSwimmer/Cynthia

Guess I missed this :confused: .


There are methods to making the Cressis 'work' for surface swimming, but nothing ever made em as good as my sporas. And even if you do get around ok with em, you're sure to burn out faster. Anyway, here's a couple thoughts.

1. Get on your bike. Bend your knees on the downstroke. This creates the angle the fins are lacking. Once the fin is submerged, complete the stroke with a pushing motion (straitening the leg). Use your normal upstroke, but cut it a little short. If you don't bring the fin out of the water, your following downstroke will be that much easier.

2. Lay on your side. This is probably the fastest way to get around using Garas. Lay your head in the water (on the side without the snorkel ;) ), and do your normal kick. Your head should be almost completely submerged to create the least drag.

3. Roll over. Lying on your back, do a kick that would resemble whatever kick you use for deep diving. This is the slowest, but very relaxing, way to get around.

*edit: The downside of the latter two methods is that you aren't peering into the water. I guess this brings us back to the question that bt brought up on the 'Paul's article' thread (good read btw, Paul).... Are you a freediver or a skindiver :hmm?

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I think that squirting resin in the crack will not do much good, since the crack suggests that the fibers have snapped, and that accounts for most of the tensile strength in that layer of the blade. The epoxy is unlikely to have anywhere near the same degree of tensile strength as the original fiberglass and it will probably just crack again with use.

On the bright side, there is a repair trick for snapped guitar necks that might do the trick for your blade.

You can get carbon fiber material in tape-like rolls, and a thin skin of this over the crack should restore the integrity of the fin (i.e., paint epoxy resin on the surface, roll the tape over the crack, press it into the resin bed).

Not pretty but supposedly very strong (I have no first-hand knowledge of this) and not terribly expensive.

If you come up with a solution, it would probably be of general interest.
kinda what I meant...sorry for my poor description. The outer layer of the fin is fiberglass and I have loads of fiberglass mats laying around(the life of a captain...)I am thinking about patching it with a small piece of mat and resin. I think the crack is far enough up the blade to not hamper the flex????
Mike- Rough up the repair area with some 60-80 grit, wipe with acetone and split some 3/4 oz mat in half so it's really thin and lay a strip of 4 oz cloth on top. Squeegee and let dry.

Don't sweat the hairs- they'll be easier to remove after the thing goes hard. Much as do most things with hair. :p
Here's a quick dive trip fix:
I cracked my OMER's in Miami just before the PFD Clinic. I took a few extra Holiday Inn Card Keys and cut them to fit into the channels on the blade. I splinted the crack with black duct tape and key cards front and back. This was in February and they are still as good as new after 75+ days of diving since then, much of which around rocks and wrecks. I'm holding out for a set of C4's, and these will continue to be my shallow diving fins....duct tape and all.

Good thread guys. I currently use Waterway #2's on OMER pockets. These have no blade angle but coming off of three pairs of Cressi, I can hardly notice the difference. These blades are extremely responsive. The Cressi would push through the water whereas the WW snaps; really cool feeling. I think I need a little stiffer balde when diving deep but for blue water and dinking around the reef these guys work great. I have read some great reviews about the Special fin series with the bent fin angle. Definitely will try out a pair later.

As far as kicking technique, well I don't know what to say. All the longblades that I have tried seem to have very little angle. I think my kicking style evolved to accomodate this. I do know that the Cressi are ankle busters. During long dives or while fighting stiff currrent my ankles start to ache. If given a chance I flex my feet upward and rotate them in circles a few times. This usually loosens my ankles enough to keep going. There were time when I had to use a bicycle kick or even get on my float and paddle with my arms because my ankles were shot.

In regards to footpockets I like the fit of the Cressi more than the OMER but that is where it stops. The Cressi are soft compare to the OMER. I didn't realize this until I tried the OMER. Cressi pockest would flex at the top near the soft rubber. This resulted in lost power and wasted energy. The OMER has a very rigid band going over the top of the foot pocket. This helps with energy transfer and gives the fin a more solid feel. I never tried the Sporasub pocket yet but have heard some good things about them.


Regarding pockets, the sporas fall in between the Cressis and the Omers. Sporas are made out of rubber that is very similar to the Omers (Cressis have their own thing going on). But that 'saddle' of extra rubber you see on top of the omers....that gives the top of the pocket its stiffness? That is not on the sporas. So the sporas give just a bit on top of the foot. While technically, this may equate to loss of energy, it also makes the pockets light-years more comfortable (to my foot anyway). If the top of your foot is flat, and naturally fits the contour of the omer pocket, you'd be golden. But if the top of your foot has an irregular, convex shape (like mine), with a high bump over your big toe, you'll be happy to have that slight flexibility of the spora pockets. This allows the entire top of the pockets to put equal stress across the top of your foot. The omers simply did not give, and thus, I had only a few points of contact.

Sven mentioned in another post about breaking in his omers, and to be fair, my sporas were NOT as flexible and comfortable when I bought them as they are now. Maybe the omers just need to be broken in as well. But I was not willing to suffer through that while I had a perfectly comfortable pair of spora pockets at my disposal.

If any of you have positive testimonies to the omer pockets (or negs about the sporas :waterwork), I'd appreciate your input. I hate to make the thread sound so one-sided.

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