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First Freediving Mask question

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Hey guess I have another question about my new suit. I'm getting a few small creases-sp.
in certain areas of the suit like from right shoulder down the shoulder blade and on right side of my the neck area and few other places. I don't think I'm packing it to tight in my wetsuit bag. When I fold up the suit I lay the hood over the chest then the arms over the chest and fold right at the cage line then right in the bag with the pants. They look like stretch marks on skin, there about .5mm to 1mm deep. Any thoughts what I might be doing to suit to cause this? I've heard to avoid creases-sp. at all cost, so this kinda got me itchy. yes I do use wide shoulder hanger when I hang up to dry or for storage. how do you guys pack this things when you travel or when you go out diving to avoid such things?

You'll have to bare with me guys with all my stupid questions I've always been like this with new gear. I was the same way with my SeaKayak when I got it. I was sure I was seeing cracks in the fiberglass hull that weren't there, but then I just don't worry anymore and go on my way.

BladeRunner OUT
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the snorkels i have i wouldn't necessarily suggest as the better of the line for freediving. they're the mares profi. got them from scubastore/diveinn. if you're interested in good/comfortable snorkels get yourself either the omer zoom or the sporasub bonzai. both are great in my book. :cool:


or be totally :cool: and find a lengendary Farallon snorkel :inlove
The true mark of experienced and sultany smooth panache. Eh, Bill?;)

Don't sweat the creases, just keep it clean and dry vetween uses and you'll be toasty. Often the rubber is still in a semi cure state when the suit is made then stored a lot less carefully than you'll do in it's lifetime.

Re: tubular!

Originally posted by icarus pacific
or be totally :cool: and find a lengendary Farallon snorkel :inlove
The true mark of experienced and sultany smooth panache. Eh, Bill?;)

Maybe one of you wags could scan and post a picture of this snorkel I keep hearing about?
Erik Y.

It'll have to be Sven. I tried a float test on my last one this month. It failed. I know about where it is though. If I ever have any bottom time in 61 meters maybe I'll see it again.
You can't believe this place. Yesterday, Swedes swimming at the deep rope, huge Canadian contingent comandeered the middle rope and the mainland members working out the kinks with 'only' 60 meters of depth. Two great sunsets in a row and everyone got a sample of Hawaii today. It just doesn't get 'mo bettah' than this.
P.S. My new, 19 yo dive buddy did a 130 meter dynamic, without fins.
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My preferred snorkel is the Beuchat Tub- Air ; not smooth looking at all ;) but a great performer .

Bill , seen any of the South Africans splashing around ?:hmm
You'll probably laugh, but the best snorkel I've found till now (tried only 5 or so in my life) is one with a valve near the mouth for emptying, I just figured I'll shut the valve when it starts to leak, but it's been 6 months and it still hasn't. It's called a "cyberdry", i'm not sure it's from a brand name, but it has a good shape and composed from a lower-half silicon and higher-half flexible plastic, and has a kewl bright-green and radioactive-orange colors. and it cost 8$ or so. :)

What's so great about all your snorkels? I mean, what do I want from a snorkel except reliablity?
Sven I tried the acetone well I tried my GL's fingernail polish romover that has Acetone but I still have the same problem but it just happens slower. I'm guessing the Acetone wasn't strong enough in the polish remover to do the job I guess. Grrrr I should have done the job right the first time!!!

Hey Sven and Anderson what do you think about that Mares Mariner single lens. I posted something about it. I'm planning on getting one, any opinions on it?

BladeRunner OUT:)
Great tips guys. I've been having this problem with my new stuff and I definetly will try some acetone before I head out this weekend. Only been out a few times and still haven't speared anything, but i'm loving it nonetheless!!
Trust me.

Don't ask how I know this, but... most nail polish removers have some oil in them and that's whats leaving the schmeg on your mask. If you're out of acetone, white gas, the kind for a lantern will work as well. But ferchrissakes, wash the thing out well with soap and water and dispose of the rag in a manner that won't get you on the 10 o'clock news.


My samurai was foggy no matter how many times I brushed and flossed it :D (even used baking soda paste - extra grit). The acetone seems to be working. I haven't had a chance to test it in the water, but I've been wearing it now for about 10 minutes with positive results... Seems to be good advice. Do you suppose engine starting fluid (ether) would work too? I think that's a solvent that evaporates quickly. If so, as with acetone, you'd better make sure you put out your cigarette before you use it, or you'll need to find a sharpie to draw your eyebrows back on.
yeah mine did they same but when I got inthe water it just fogged up again it just took half hour to do so! I'm on verge of tossing the mask and getting something that I don't I have fight with so much!!!

BladeRunner OUT

guys, try a drop of liquid soap on the inside lenses before you dive. smear it around and lightly rinse it out (enough to keep xcess soap from getting into your eyes).

andrsn :cool:
Roger that andrsn!

I also found somewhere to mix 50/50 of rubbing alchol and baby shampoo was suppost to be a good one to.

Hi, Blade Runner!

Try to put some toothpaste, after this, fresh water.

A hug,

From Brazil
Nitroglycerine does the work for me, a couple of drops, and it's the last vapors you'll ever see from this mask. :D
last night i got my brand new samurai elite, with the extra smooth tinted lenses:cool: .i was about to christen it with its first toothpasting, but the refelctive coating has made me wait for some advice. it seems that one lens is made, for the left and right side, because on the one side the T is on the inside, and on the other side its on the outside. i'm worried that the toothpaste, acetone or nitroglycerine, or whatever is reccomened by the experts, will take the coating with it. please put my fears to rest.

i was going to get the mares xvision because of the majority of diving i do <20m, average viz, but the samurai came to me with an offer i couldnt refuse - a quater of the retail price
:) i'm really looking forward to using it. havent ever dived deep with a low volume mask. the silicone is pretty stiff, so its not as comfy as my old cressi, but its definately way out in front in terms of style points. it didnt win any points with the lady though. the first thing she said was "the sharks wont see your eyes" :hmm

I went to town on my mask, using everything under the kitchen sink, and it never lost any of the mirror effect. Personally, I don't think any of the solvents were particularly effective. And I can tell you that acetone will eat up the plastic molding. A day after I 'washed' my lenses with the stuff, I noticed a brittle hole/crack between the lens and the frame. Apparently, I wasn't able to wash it all out of the cracks :duh. A bit of aquaseal made it good-as-new, but now I have no chance at reselling the thing :(. A bummer since I never use it. I just can't bring myself to wear it, since my Occhio is so much more comfortable and fog-free. Guess I'm not such a slave to fashion afterall.

I plan to take it with me on my next vacation, and see if I can't find a dive guide that will let me tag-along on his boat in exchange for the terminator mask. I mangaged to hitch a ride for a mere TUSA snorkel a year ago :D.


and BTW, my #1 chica wasn't all that impressed either :eek:.
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this is too easy...

Originally posted by unirdna
my #1 chica wasn't all that impressed either.

You really ought to stop being so hard on yourself, Ted. Just tell her what she wants to hear and have a fat billfold. They're all putty after that. :chatup

Or not. :crutch
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