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First Trip to Coz

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I am hoping to hook up with the spearo who has two scooters. Last yr we freedove with squadrons of eagle rays. That was amazing.
Hey Ted,

I'll just get in line here with the congrats! All the best man!

Thanks for the video! That's the one I'll be showing people now when they ask about freediving! It puts "2 minutes" in perspective. That's a long time to be exploring. That video sums up freediving better than any other video I've seen. Have some Karma.

Happy new year,
Originally posted by unirdna
I'm not shy saying that I was pretty pleased with myself.

You're going to be doing a lot more pleasing of yourself once the marriage settles in...:head Actually, great shots Tedski and congrats on finding a great gal. :inlove
Congrats on the engagement and like everyone else i loved the vid.. About how deep did u dive?
Thanks Milan, and welcome to DB!

Some of the first footage on the vid shows me coming up from ~80 feet. On the last dive I flattened out around 50 feet, slowly dropped to 70, and climbed back to around 50 before heading to the surface. The deepest I went was 122 feet. And that was by accident. I dropped to 80 to check out the 'wall' (dropoff). I was looking at 4-5 foot-high sponges that were clinging to the underwater cliffs when I saw some sparkles out of the corner of my eye. I angled my fins to roll me over to see a scuba fleet gauking at me (the leader was flashing me with his light). I think they thought I was a sinking (dead?) snorkeler because I was enjoying the 'flight', not making a move. When I saw the leader start to make a mad dash for me (if I was really sinking/dead he wouldn't have had a prayer of catching me), I finally made some movement so he would know I was OK. I looked at my D3 and was surpised to see it read 122ft. Since I didn't have a reliable spotter, I had never planned on going this deep. Still, I had to take it in, since I knew I would be too careful to allow myself to do this again. I looked up and couldn't make out the waves - "man, that's a lot of water above me"). I looked to my left and saw my first real look at what 'blue' water really is. Nothing....as far as I could see. No bottom....no end....200+ ft vis. I hung there for 5-10 seconds [that felt like 5-10 hours]. I've never felt so small....and somewhat....in debt (?)....for being allowed to visit such a place - and leave unharmed. I got back to the surface without any problems, which made it even harder for me not to return. Oh, what I would have given to have a buddy to meet me at 50 feet. :eek:

Maybe one day, I'll be comfortable bobbing up and down at that depth, but for a guy who only two years ago had never been below 15 feet, and has only been in salt water one other time, I figured I had better play it on the safe side. Not so much for me, but for that #1 gal who just got her finger 'iced'. Here begins the long road of selflessness. Jon warned me about this.

Imagine how the scuba people will re-tell their version!

"we saw this unconcious snorkeler sink over the wall way past 100 feet! I flashed him with my light, which revived him... ;) and he headed for the surface! Totally unbelievable!!!"

Of course the story will probably get better than that over a few beers! :friday


Amazing story mate sinking down a vertical wall in BLUE water just beautiful :)

Only problem is I cant seem to make your video link work, I have no knowlege with computers so I can't do it. Does your video show the 122ft dive.


I just checked the vid link....still working ok ;). I originally tried to hyperlink (click to download) the file, but it didn't work. So what you have to do is copy and paste this link....


*edit: Hey hey. The hyperlink is working. Just click on it, and follow the directions below.

...into your browser window, and hit enter (or Go). A screen for ibackup should come up prompting you for a password (in the upper left). Type 'deeperblue' (just the word - no quotes ;)) into that box and hit enter. Then just click on the Cozumel_Dec_2003 file, and your computer should prompt you to save it to your hard drive. If that doesn't work, try right clicking the file and drag your cursor to 'save target as'.

My big dives were not on the video because my camera'man' was too spooked by the deep water. She needed to stay where she could see the bottom... So all the deep moments are stored exclusively on my 'soft drive'. I kinda prefer it to be this way, to tell you the truth. I think the experience earns more mystique by not allowing its review.

Last edited:

Thanks for the directions Ted it seems to be working as the video is downloading as I type :cool: Hopefully my Crappy computer can handle it.

On the next episode of Bachelorette...

Originally posted by unirdna

I just checked my link....still working ok ;).

My big dives were not on the video because my camera'man' was too spooked by me going deep. I needed to stay where he could see my bottom... So all the deep moments are stored exclusively on my 'soft drive'.

Glad to hear your link is still working Tedski.:crutch Soft and all.:t

Ted after my computer downloaded the clip, I went to watch it and only the sound came out there was no picture. The song is pretty cool, never heard it before but it would be even better with some diving in the background. Any ideas why the visual wouldn't be showing :confused:

Make sure you have the latest codecs. If you are online while you start up the video, windows media might automatically connect to Microsoft and update itself. If it doesn't, visit the windows media page at microsoft to see if you can download them. My computer did it automatically so I can't give ou the exact link.

You video came out perfectly! I especially like two things. First the music's timing of when you plunge into the water along with the lyrics. I don't think a pro could have done it better. The second part may be hard to grasp as it depends on how one "sees" the scene. At the beginning of the last long dive, the bottom doesn't resolve clearly for a while, and somehow I unconsciously "translated" the scene turning the faint bottom into diffuse clouds and the blue sea into sky. That of course "inverted" you and instead of swimming downwards it looked as if you were swimming upwards, finning through the sky, to the clouds, making the whole thing incredibly lyrical. And no, I hadn't taken anything. :D

The quality is very good, and it is great for me to see what one can do with the camera. Now I'm going to learn your system of getting the best out of the video function. Very inspiring, I'll be looking forwards to further installments of your dive stories.

hehe. Andrew, you have more computer issues than anyone else on the forum ;). The movie was encoded using wmv v.2.0. You will need this codec to view it......translation: go here http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/9series/player.aspx and download the appropriate version of the new windows player for your operating system. The player comes with a crapload of junk that you won't need (playlist, weblinks, etc), but fear not. You can make the player nice and tidy by playing with the controls and removings all the extras. The player is anywhere from 10-15 megs, depending on your OS. Downloading this player will most likely fix any/all vid problems you've ever had, since, when you try to play a movie which you don't have a codec, the player will go to the microsoft website and download the codec for you (unless it's an illegal codec).

Good luck buddy :).

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Ted - thanks for posting the videos.

That's some really nice footage from that camera. I've put one on my wish list and when I look at the online prices in the US, it's not all that expensive compared to NZ retail.

BTW – I really enjoyed your post about the 122ft dive. Stop frightening the poor scuba divers though, it messes with their air consumption:D

Hi Ted, AMAZING photos, sounds like you had a great time. Are you back to diving in the freezing lake again yet? I'm coming back out to Madison and would love a spot of ice diving with you and Jon! Hopefully catch up with you guys again, bye for now,
Lookit the Ted!!

you mack Daddy!
Lemme see you get the missus to take pics of you two. :blackeye
hi ted, amazing clips bru! i especially like the choice of soundtrack.
thanks for taking the time to put them together, and making them available to us.
congrats on the engagement.

Ted I finally got a new computer and managed to download your second video clip the first one says something like there is no downloads left.

That was awsome man I must ask how deep were the dives on the second one and was the video on the surface.


The first drop [on the second coz vid] was to about 100 feet. My camera[wo]man is on the surface. She's battling 3-4 footers, and that's why the frame is a bit jumpy. Most of the other dives were between 50-80 feet. On the 2nd sequence, you can see that when I hit the sand, I turn to motion to my buddy that the bottom is at 50 feet. He was trying to hit the bottom, but because the viz was so good, the depth was deceiving. He thought it was only 25-30 feet deep, when it was actually 50. I saw him make many u-turns at 35 or so with a bewildered look on his face.

On many sequences, the camera was on zoom. I later told the lady to stop doing that because it creates a jumpier picture, and helps to destroy the true 'feeling' of the dive.

I've updated the links, so both vid files now have 'recharged' download-ability ;).


as usual: password = 'deeperblue'


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