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florida freedivers

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Lake Lanier

Laker Lanier in the summer is really busy boat traffic so the water is not the clearest in the world. In the Late summer, fall, winter and Early spring the water at the surface has viz about 10 to15 then opens out to 20 to30 after 40 ft. The temp goes from 72 to 68 in the summer to as low as 44 at the surface during the winter. That was taken on a day where it was like 25 air temp with a cold wind and rain, it was actually freezing a crust on the deck of my kayak that morning. At depth I haven't the chance to check that yet but when you hit the thrermo, there is a big temp difference, can be pretty shocking at times. The lagoons range from 30 to 50ft depending which one I paddle to. I know this is easy depths for most people on this forum but I'm a beginner with no dive buddy and the only training knowledge I have is off the net. So this is good depth range for me at this time. There many nice place that I can go with deeper depths but I will wait untill I'm ready for that deep dark depths in the lake.

Greg the water level isn't a real big problem unless your diving days are regular dives past 110 or 120 you won't have a problem.

Greg please tell what that Hashing thing is? If it's what I think it is don't be surprised if you come finning up to me on the lake and you see the business end of my speargun point at you because I do that kinda stuff, sorry.

I know that sounds harsh everyone but I have strong feeling about such things as dope smoking.

Laxson OUT :D
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I was afraid folks might not be familiar with the term "hashing". So for all those who don't know, it's a type of cross country running event that was invented by the British Military during the early1900's. It's a lot of fun and a good way to stay in shape provided you don't drink too much beer at the end. Other than the cold, malt beverages, it involves absolutely NO drug use.

Hope I didn't scare anyone too badly.
Oh damn I really feel bad now

I'm really sorry greg!

NOW I will give you the speargun and let you point it at me now :D

no hard feeling I hope?

It figures I might have found someone to freedive with here in the moutain then say something stupid like this HUH!

Laxson OUT
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Don't worry. A truly honest mistake. So, anyway it's just a harmless bunch of beer drinking runners...most of which are scuba-heads.

So do you have any spots mapped out on a chart? Anything close to Buford Dam?

what kinda of depths are you looking for Greg or what depths do you regularly reach on dives. I don't have a place near the dam yet. I spotted a couple but I haven't tried them yet, two of them are under mountains/hills. The only way you can find them is on a clear sunny day when you paddle along in one more open areas of the lake, you see a slight color change in the water. I thought about rigging my spare deck paddle with my rescue paddle float as an outrigger. I could put my wetsuit bottom on before leaving the put in then paddle to the spots and quicking put wetsuit top on and fins and swim down and use my dive float anchor to secure the kayak. This is a tricky area to pull this off because of the large waves wind and boat traffic. It would be a cool place to try because the water drops off really deep on all sides of the of the little underwater mountain. It's easier to see what I'm talking about with the underwater elevations map I use.
Hey there is also another place I found but it has a little driving involved with it. There is a place in Alabama called Madison Quarry, It doesn't look like much but they have some neat stuff in the quarry to dive to and also newbie scuba divers to shock the hell out of. You go cruizing by them and they just look at you in disbelief in what there seeing at 50 feet.

here is the webpage: http://www.rockdivers.com/:D

BladeRunner OUT
Hey, Bladerunner:
I'll check that website. Quarries could be interesting...I think. It must be a different water quality than the lake, right? Anyway, so far, I'm good to the 80' - 90' range. I say that, but it's been over a year since I was diving last, and that was with Scott. Since then I've only been doing casual dynamic apnea stuff in the pool. Needless to say, I am really looking forward to my trip in November.

OK, I'm in. The quarry looks pretty cool. I can work with 50'. Any idea of the water temps?

Your description of Lake Lanier in the winter is pretty grim. What is the current Lanier "surf" temp?
I was actually out there today doing an advanced kayak rolling class with an instructor and spent good part of the day in the water. It wasn't bad really once you got inthe water but it wasn't 72 degree water that it was in mid summer that's for sure. Needless to say I didn't improve my Kayak roll, I think instead paddling all over the lake on the weekends I need to spend more time practicing my sea kayak rolls and hey I can practice my static breath holds at the same. I can kill two birds with one stone that way :D

BladeRunner OUT
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80' to 90' huh, well beyond my depth at this time. you would have to take lights down with you if go down that deep in the Lake. I know Lake Lanier is not a so called Freediving paradise but I'm happy that it allows me to enjoy my new venture into freediving, so I won't complain.

BladeRunner OUT
Absolutely! I'm just kidding with my comments...although I am a big wuss when it comes to cold water. I need a better suit. I'm no "Scott" when it comes to diving in frozen water with swim trunks and a t-shirt!:D And, truly, it is a beautiful lake, especially when all the traffic has died down. I've spent a number of years sailing there and at one time was very familiar with most of it.
Regarding my florida visit, my brother informs me that I am too busy to go diving:( We'll have to reschedule. I was looking at the map of Florida springs...maybe we could coordinate something around Jennings some weekend? it's only about 4 hours away.


No problem about rescheduling. Just let me know when.

BTW, Just retrurned from some panhandle freediving with Jeff and it was great. Got trips planned for October 25-26 and November 29-30 if you (or anyone else) is interested.

Greg did Tec get send you an E-mail about getting together to do some training in the Atlanta area. I'm interested in getting started how about you?

BladeRunner OUT
great pics Jeff! we met in the fall up there once, I was there with my girlfriend diving, and you lent me your light, if you remember. Probably I will go back up there sometime in the spring too. It was a really nice spring, that's for sure. Perhaps we could arrange a day to meet there? I would really like to go while the manatees are there.

Where to rent wetsuit in Orlando?

I will be visiting Orlando in couple of weeks and would like to rent full wetsuit (3-5 mm) and weights for a weekend to do some freediving in the springs. Can someone recommend a good local dive shop that rents suits? I need to pick it up on Fri afternoon and return Sun evening or Monday.

Thank you guys for help!

Wetsuit rental

Jeff, thanks for help. I called a few shops in Orlando that you suggested, and found several that rent wetsuits. The most helpful seemed to be NW Divers at 9318 East Colonial Drive. Anyone dealt with them before?

Thanks for your offer for the weight belt. I will try to rent it too, but if you don't mind, you can bring yours along.

I will contact you privately about the details of the trip & itinerary. Looking forward to meet you!

-- Milan
Tampa Area or Beyond!

Hey I'm coming down to Tampa for Gasparilla Festival with my step brother and I want to do some freediving. The festival is from Feb 1st to 2nd. I'm going to try to get Friday 31st off and leave late Thursday night. I want to dive Saturday in a spring near Tampa or further out, I don't mind driving alittle but not to far. I'm basically a beginner so I can only reach about 30ft. with breath hold about 1:15. I would like a dive partner if possible because I usually dive alone and like to be able to push my depth and time and just dive with someone in general.
I would like to try for about 40ft or more

I have all my gear so I don't need to borrow any gear. All need is a great diveable spring and a Buddy to dive it with!!

Any Help would be appriated

BladeRunner OUT
Hey I was looking Weeki Wache springs that 's pretty close to Tampa. How easy is it to be able to dive there and how deep is the springs? and who will join me?

but let me make sure I can get off like I said before!


I was looking at the webpage it sounds like your limited how long you can dive anyone have any info on this?
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No Weeki Wachee


Weeki Wachee will not open for swimming until the spring. Not many good springs at all in the Tampa area. I would drive over to Blue Springs north of Orlando. Just full of Manatee right now.

Just FYI, we just had a big weekend diving at about 10 springs this weekend with guys from the forums (Jeff, Chris, Milan, myself and two others). Ended up at Blue Springs and Milan got some great photos. I'll post some later this week.

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